Best Rock Bands of All Time

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You've got to be kidding me. A band that influenced almost every decent grunge band, as well as multiple different alternative rock bands that would go on to influence even more bands, and you can't do it any more respect than 113. this world and everything on it.
The Pixies were not the most successful band commercially or on this list. As the average person is an idiot this is one of the many reasons why they are the greatest and coolest band ever...
THE Best! The bast band on this stupid list. With them The Smiths and The Who are only good! REM, the jesus and the mary chain, Velvet underground, frank zappa have 0 votes!

102Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention
It seems that most people who vote on this list don't know about FZ at all. Great intelligent lyrics, incredible music, in many styles (we call this: Zappa style). Most underrated guitar player. Fantastic live entertainment. And also: the good humour on stage. Just take a look of youtube videos in the 1973 era: Jaw dropping musicianship. Great musicians played with FZ, but he made them performing to their best. 63 official albums. No compromise. No bull. No substitute. Still sound fresh after all those years. Thank you Frank.
sorry, but Zappa in 171 place? Has anyone voting in this pole ever listened music or they just hear. Zappa is an innovator in music, from music to lyrics to stage show. He was a real musician who had knowlledge of synthesis and of his instrument. I see groups in this pole that are not bad but they have no history to back up their existence.
NUTS! Zappa is only here because most people have never heard his terrifyingly awesome music. Frank was a musically savant so far ahead of his time and beyond us normal humans, its difficult to capture his genius in a few words. I'll just say WOW! Thanks so much Frank. You were the Mozart of your time.

103Dave Matthews Band
Under the Table and Dreaming, Crash and Beneath These Crowded Streets are three of the best albums ever made. Crash is absolutely brilliant. There is not a single song that you want to skip and every song on the album could be your favorite song on the album at some point. It is a testament to the quality of work these guys are capable of that their recent albums, although they are not all that bad and do include some radio hits, are very disappointing to anyone who has listened to the first three.
I have an issue with DMB being 33 on this list. There is no sound around like their sound. Live performances are spiritual experiences and they can play absolutely any genre of music like the best. Dave gives the music such a unique vocal sound and every single one of the band members are greats in their own right. Greatest Jam Band of all times - no doubt
Dave Matthews band... They are the greatest band ever. It is just extraordinary the capacity Dave has to create bread taking songs out of day to day experiences; and also be able to create social complains against injustice politics and so... Crash into me, Dream girl, Spoon... And they donÂ't need no monumental scenarios they are Art, simple, and everlasting.
[Newest]Great musicians and great performers. And amazing lyrics.

104Stone Temple Pilots
STP Must be in the top 20
I've always love STP's style over any other band. They should be higher.
Plush - the bes grunge song!
[Newest]Best band hands down

311 is one of the most underrated bands in USA. Beautiful Disaster is a great song! This band with Social Distortion is the best Punk Rock bands in history.


They have the funk like know one else has


What can I say... They have arguably one of the greatest songwriters in existence, one whom I personally would put next to the likes of Edgar Allan Poe and William Shakespeare (Sing what you can't say, forget what you can't play/hasten to drown into beautiful eyes/walk within my poetry, this dying music/my loveletter to nobody; Beneath the candlebed/Two saddened angles, in heaven, in death... One light for each undeserved tear... Beneath the candlebed/Two souls with everything yet to be said). Their guitarist, unlike most others in traditional rock bands you see all over the place right now, actually knows how to play his instrument, and despite being more of a melodic/rhythm guitarist who plays alongside keyboards he sure knows how to shred when he wants to! The keyboardist himself (who is also the main songwriter) plays pretty much everything in concert - the piano, the keyboards, and the orchestra, and despite being more of a metal band, because of those aspects, they've created some of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard, Ghost Love Score being the first masterpiece that comes to mind. In addition to that, their former lead vocalist's voice is gorgeous - opera trained, in fact, and to this day she possesses more talent in one finger than most other vocalists could ever dream of having. Their album Oceanborn is basically a classic in the Finnish metal scene. Now tell me, how many bands do you know have an opera trained lead vocalist and still manage to make their album a classic?

Of course, there is much more to the band than just the musicianship. They've experimented with other genres: Folk/Celtic/Worldly, Opera/Musical (because of their cover of the Phantom of the Opera theme), and Smooth Jazz, to name a few. Because of the frequent use of orchestra, some songs could be described as listening to a metal concert and a movie soundtrack at the same time. Many of their songs are fantasy oriented or about other cultures - Egyptian mythology, Greek mythology, and apparently even an ancient water ritual (gar tuht river, ger te rheged), for example. They have epic 7-14 minute long tracks, a quality I believe most other bands dangerously lack. Heck, even though their songs are primarily in English, they've got their fair of songs entirely in Finnish (a beautiful language, if you ask me) and even a song that includes a guest speaker speaking in Lakota. And let's not forget Dead Boy's Poems, easily one of the most emotional songs of the past two decades... Why aren't they more popular, again?
The music is just amazing and the singer makes it all the best!
I'm so sick of seeing them being compared to female-fronted bands like Evanescence and Paramore. Nightwish are completely different in terms of musicianship, vocals, and songwriting, and they have much, much more variety; listening to Wishmaster and Imaginaerum is like listening to two separate bands. Of course, despite their popularity, there are too many mediocre alternative/hard rock bands out today that are even more so, and because of this I doubt Nightwish will even be voted onto the first page of this poll.

107All Time Low
All Time Is a great band to listen to while your out and about, and the lyrics really get you kinda thing
Alex and Jack have saved me. Therapy, Time Bomb! Are you saying that those lyrics don't make you cry because they make me cry
[Newest]All time low brings modern punk rock to the table and makes it sound amazing. They should totally be higher on this list!

108The Black Keys
Somebody get that higher
This is a great band and they are one of the little bands of today that can still rock.
Amazing sound.
Amazing band.
Listen to all of their albums. NONE disappoint.
The Black Keys are badass
[Newest]I don't even know ho to describe this band it is so amazing

109The Allman Brothers Band
They are improving as they get older which is ridiculous, and the talent they have had at guitar over the years is staggering... Duane Allman, Dickey Betts, Warren Haynes, and Derek Trucks. All of these guitarists are in the top 100 guitarists of all time.
Duane Allman was voted by Rolling Stone magazine as the no 2 guitarist of all time. Wayne haynes and Dicky Bets who also played with the band wore in the top 30. The band it self is in the Rock and Roll hall of fame. Don't you think they should be on this list.
After nearly 40 years of great music, this band sounds as good as ever. 7 musicians with talent like no others. "WITHOUT A DOUBT, THE ABSOLUTE BEST 'BAND' TO EVER TAKE A STAGE. "


110Sex Pistols
YEAH! they made a before and after in the world, ALL rock, punk and even pop! are ALL in some way inspired by the pistols and not ONLY music but attitude and looks etc...
they broke all the music rules and social rules that make our day now free
jonnhy rotten and steve jones were the first on earth to swear on TV! they did it on the bill grundy show jonnhy said "s***!" and then Steve said "you f****** rotter!" to grundy!
they are legends and without them the world wouldn't be the same!
when you think punk, you think the pistols.
In the 2 years they were active.. They started chaos around the world JUST THROUGH THEIR MUSIC.
[Newest]And Green Day is on 11...

I wanna say that Placebo is the most deepest band in the world. They make me feel happy and sad, make me cry and laugh in the same time. Their music is really wonderful and breathtaking! Love, Russia
I listen to all sorts of music, but Placebo is forever my number one. I've been a devoted fan since 2005 and I will forever be. When bands keep selling out and going very much mainstream and pop when they rocked like no tomorrow just a few years ago, Placebo stays true to themselves. Their music has changed over years, of course, you can easily differentiate earlier and latest stuff. But the mood, the unique style, Brians signature voice are forever there. Much love from Russia, Moscow.
[Newest]Common, people. They must have a much better rating.

112The Grateful Dead
Really, there is not nor has there ever been a group like The Dead. Unlike most bands, The Dead never played the same show twice - they had well over 100 songs in their repertoire and few, if any, dogs among them. Because they didn't get much air play and the recorded versions rarely captured the "live" sound, they probably didn't win over many fans through those venues. But, if you saw them in concert and got to know some of their songs, then you know that The Dead rate at or near the top of this list.
Numbers don't lie.. Beatles are #1 for records and Grateful Dead are #1 for live concert shows.
Other rankings are obviously affected by age groups, old folks know Aerosmith = Led Zeppelin of the 90s, same with Pink Floyd and the Warlocks who don't even show up on this list. Ah wall, just enjoy what you like!
I strongly feel that the Dead and Beatles should be tied. Not looking at album sales or concert revenue, although if I did, the Dead would ultimately be second to the fab 4 in album sales but NOT concert $. But, both bands equally contributed to the rock archives.

I can't believe you people don't see how great incubus is. Even if their new stuff is kinda soft, anything they make is better than anything a combined effort of all these other bands can make.
Incubus represente the real music, and I just wish that Incubus hit The LEAD of The Greatest Band EVER
Love the instrument, whether rock or slow it's still easy listening. The lyrics also represent our daily life, very match. The best vocal ever with gorgeous vocalist
[Newest]Flawless band, until the early 2000's

Hahaha yeah right, motorhead is apparently the 294th greatest rock band in the world... Right?
people are stupid these days, I'm 18 years old and still rocking out to classic motorhead everyday
Only way to feel the noise is when it's good and loud...

Go and see them finish a set with Bomber, Ace of Spades and Overkill
Then compare it to any other 15 minute setlist from the band you rated.
The best rock band on the world.

115Panic! At The Disco
P! atD has THEIR OWN STYLE! Not many bands can come up with something completely original and be successful at it!


How couldn't they be awesome? They had so much success when they were only 17 (most of them), they didn't sound the same with their second album, which makes them a unique band since nowadays, most of the bands always sound the same despite their years of career, for example: Green Day; and also, even though there are only two of the four members, they keep making music and amazing many people with their energy at the shows.
Panic! At The Disco is such a great band.
Brendon Urie has an amazing vocal range, his voice just demands attention
Their style is unique and with every album their is something new
Not to mention Spencer Smith is such an awesome drummer!
[Newest]This band is AMAZING! Should be in top 10!

212th place? Everyone in this whole band has talent, and it shows in their shredding in every single song. This list isn't that good anyway; bands like Metallica and a few others in the top are pure metal. Dragonforce is a mix of power metal and rock.
Just hear their songs.
-Herman li is the best on guitar.
List of musics to hear:
116th?! These guys are better than a lot of other bands ranked higher then them on this list. And considering how much praise Through the Fire and Flames gets. I'm a bit shocked its this low

117ZZ Top


Zz top is probably 1 of the most influential rock bands and quietly crack out hit after hit... Don't believe me try getting front row tickets for 1 of there concerts
TRY top 25, at least

118Nine Inch Nails
Nine Inch Nails, comprised of Trent Reznor, has got to be the most original band out there. His dark, self loathing, and ambient beats are something completely unheard of when he started out. Trent's not in it for the money, he just does what comes to him and he'll always be remembered for that. In short, NIN rocks!
Nine Inch Nail's lyrics can connect with most people in the world, on a personal level.
Nine Inch Nails is the band that psychologically reaches the fragile heart of human being. When a heart broken, they'll get it fixed.
[Newest]NIN is probably the best industrial rock band there is. How are they all the way down here?

119Cheap Trick
The Name is Cheap Trick, But not "Cheap" enough to get into 62nd place. They Kept the name so that others can get "trick"ed by the name because they don't want other dumb heads like the ones who voted here to praise them. As they don't deserve to praise them even
The first 4 albums are just classics and should be in anybody's rock collection. Zander one of the greatest voices in
Rock but also the band were also one of a kind. Their quirky raw pop punk melodic rock was very original and copied
By many since! Yeah they had the pop albums with hits but they were still good and they always put on a good show!
Many bands suffered from record company crap and they were one of them but their songs still sound great today!
They've been rocking better than anyone for nearly 40 years. Can some of these idiot bands like Linkin Park or Avenged Sevenfold make that claim after 10? I think not. And unlike these pretenders, Cheap Trick can actually play their instruments. One of the best. Loved in the U. S. , immortal gods in Japan.

They are the BEST! Think they actually saved my life a few times, whenever I'm pissed off or sad I just play some of their songs. They're way to unknown!
For being from South Africa, a place of more native and traditional music, they help bring great hard rock and relatable lyrics and melodies to their listeners. I believe they deserve to be listened to and be agreed to be top 100 at the least.
This band should be more popular, awesome vocals and lyrics and powerful guitars, drums
Lot of energy you will with every song
They deserve to be at the top 100


[Newest]They are one of the best bands of all time

I don't think I have to say something about them... Just listen to them and you'll know why I was so shocked no one thought about them!
Come On guys! R.E. M on 123? They made awesome songs for decades! Love them.
they created they're own style.
[Newest]How is R.E.M. not higher than Paramore, or Linkin Park, and only a little bit higher than Black Veil Brides? Go listen to Losing my Religion then listen to something by Paramore. You will see the difference.

What a fantastic group! They're very nice and their music simply wonderfull... One of the best group of the world! (My favorite group! ). Their "live" album dating for the 4 december 2010 "ending on a high note" is magic! A big show representing their best music. Kiss from an fun since 1983.
They have my life, my heart. The guys are the most good-looking men and they have very special personality!
I love them very much! ! !
And also their family.

I don't know, what could I do without A-HA?!?! My life would be very empty...

Keep on, guys!


I wouldn't exactly call A-ha a rockband, but they are definitely one of the best bands ever. And they do know how to rock!


[Newest]They're the best band ever...

123Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
What an insult. Tom petty and the Heartbreakers should be In the top 10. Over 30 years of great music and their live performances are as good as if gets. Tom Petty is a brilliant singer and songwriter, Mike Campbell an AWESOME lead guitarist. Benmont Tench, a phenomenal piano and keyboard player. Ron Blair, Scott Thurston and Steve Ferrone complete this fantastic Rock & Roll band. I do miss Howie and I love them all. As the saying goes they just get better with age.
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers are such an amazing band. They are so dedicated to the music and have never tried to pander to the "Powers that be"
They hold over 50million records
[Newest]Holy tom petty is so talented so are the rest in the heartbreakers but I say they are top 20

124Bob Marley and the Wailers
Some say that Pink Floyd is the most influential band of all time, this is debatable. But,BMW is the band that embraces more culture than any band ever assembled (so far in history) just to be objective.
I really think these guys should be number one. Bob Marley and the Wailers aren't just a band. They give people hope when there is none. Their lyrics are so touching. And even someone with serious depression would be happy if they listened to their songs.
The further I go down this list the more my trust in the human race seems to slip away.

125Thousand Foot Krutch
Thousand Foot Krutch is the best hard rock band ever. First of all Thousand Foot Krutch is a Christian band so they have great lyrics. Second Trevor Mcnevan is a great singer, screamer, yeller, rapper, and song writer. Third, Thousand Foot Krutch is very unique and has a lot of different genres including Rock, Hard Rock, Hip Hop, Ballad, Classic Rock, Modern Rock, Heavy Metal, Pop Rock, Rap, and Punk Rock. Forth, Welcome to the Masquerade is one of the best Rock albums in the world. And fifth Puppet is the one of the best songs in the world it a great rock song and a great rap song.

I think Thousand Foot Krutch deserves a higher spot than 341. What don't they have that a great rock band should have?

By the way, why isn't Relient K or Hawk Nelson on this list? They are awesome rock bands, probably even better than Thousand Foot Krutch.
This band is just AMAZING. Trevor Mcnevon's voice is splendid. Their guitar riffs are amazing. The quality if their music is marvelous. Their songs such as welcome to the masquerade, shook, move, war of change etc are impressive and the music juts gets to you. If you haven't listened to them I suggest you should. Basically everyone over here just votes for the most popular bands and not the good one and listens to the popular ones only and hence bands like tfk are underrated.
Thousand Foot krutch is like Eminem, Linkin Park, and Skillet all combined. Except better! TFK rocks!
[Newest]Best rock band ever! Why it isn't in this list? Are you mad?

126The Smiths
Seeing The Smiths this far down doesn't surprise me at all. One of the best bands in the history of music indeed, they have influenced every single act that has come out of the British rock since 1987, but they wouldn't be The Smiths if they achieved mainstream success. The Smiths stand for the outcasts, for the outsiders, for the alternative. Morrissey's lyrics entwined with Johnny Marr's melodic guitar playing gives us the most prominent songrwiting partnership since Lennon/McCartney. However, honey is not made for the lamb's snout. Let them stick to Linkin Park and Chester Bennington,30 seconds to mars and Avenged Sevenfold while we listen to the real thing.
Morrissey's lyrics are just heartbreakingly honest and true.
The Smiths should make at least the top tens. They're perf! And Morrissey's lyrics and voice keeps sending me to heaven.
[Newest]Damn this is kinda sad how so few people know the smiths :/ hands down the best bad ever

127The Cure
The Cure best band ever! Love it since 1992. Great sound, lyrics, Robert is the best. Disintegration, pornography, the head on the door, kiss me kiss me kiss me, wish are a good example how good is the band. In the eighties they released their best albums, and in the 90s and new millennium still rocking!
Robert's voice is perfect, he is genious and The Cure is really GREAT! They have a style, Disintegration is perfect, but there are many hits from other albums.
they've had ALL kinds of awesome hits and no one's even putting it on a list!
[Newest]Because it was my very first albums I've listened when I was 12.

128A Day to Remember
Best Band Ever good Music, Lyrics, Band Members, Everything is good about this band nothing else better then most of the bands on this list.


This is an insult! ADTR is the greatest band of all time. There lyrics are meaningful and they sound amazing. This being at 126 is a crime.
Never heard of them and I know a lot of music. How long have they been around?

129Pierce the Veil
Their songs have meaning and are dedicated to the fans who are having troubles. I love their style of music!
This is an awesome band
Just a good rock band to listen to when ever
[Newest]My girlfriend likes this band

130T. Rex
The first ever glam rockers, Marc Bolan did something truly unique here, and who knows what they would have done if it wasn't for that car crash


Yes Whitesnake was around before 87's big hit Still of the Night and Here I Go Again was a hit in 82 for them in
Europe! It America a while to catch on to them! They band was a hard rocking bluesy band not the glam band with
Screaming guitar that came later. Coverdale voice was original deep and bluesy until he started the screaming.
The live album Live in the Heart of the City is a classic and start here if you never heard earlier Whitesnake. The
Last few albums have been awesome also more like early whitesnake but of course keeping their harder sound.
Jon Lord and Ian Paice from Deep Purple were in the earlier version! Too bad Coverdale has lost his original voice.


David Coverdale is the best rock vocal ever. Listen to Judgement Day. The guitar arrangement you can never forget.
[Newest]Definitely one of the best glam bands out there

2 good reasons why they use these masks.
-To scare off pop fans who would go insane after hearing their greatness.
-To stand out of a pack of other rock bands. In a giant clump of rock bands, it would be very easy to pick them out of the bunch.
For those times when you just need to release your anger!
Everyone in this band plays at least two instruments. they have awesome musicianship. Sid wilson is a great DJ, Corey Taylor can go from singing to screaming better then anyone else, Joey Jordison is the fastest drummer of all time and the best metal drummer. there guitar and bass is nothing special but it is far from bad. Listen to Sulfur and dead memories.

[Newest]This bad is the best band there is. Their music is so heavy and so blood rushing. Corey Taylor has an amazing voice and lyrically is just a genius and is able to keep some of that dark essence in their music. They are such a great band

Audioslave is the rock of all rock... Tom Morello and former lead singer of Soundgarden Chris Cornel
They are just so good. Every single song is a hit. They should be at least top 25


After listening to bands like Metallica, Maiden Pantera Green day and Audioslave for years, I feel this is The best rock band ever among all others
[Newest]No way is Nickelback higher than this!

What? ANTHRAX IS 168? THEY ARE AWESOME! Its like people wont even try and give them a chance! They have brought out amazing songs over the past years, as well as albums! I can't even see why no-one would vote for them :/
Best band ever. Dude they are the thrash metal pioneers. There songs are simply awesome. Whether it be I'm alive, in the end, caught in a mosh or indians THEY ARE ALL AWESOME. Can't believe THEY are not in this list.
I have only heard a few of their songs but they are relly good

136Black Label Society
Zack Wylde... Enough said

137Billy Talent
It is a great injustice that an incredible band such as Billy Talent is lower on this list than the Jonas Brothers. Their uniqueness should be embraced.
This great talented hard-working band is just amazing and unique! Plus, Ian, Jon, Aaron and Ben are awesome human beings who bring very much to their fans!
I like all of their songs and they just never get old. Good lyrics and an epic stage performance make this band worth the first spot!
[Newest]Been together for 10 years, many fans across North America and Europe, two multi-platinum albums, they are only going to get better, and should be much higher than #142

138Collective Soul
Some of the bands in the top 20 are pretty cool, but not having this one there was unbelievable! People, please!
If I could a long way to run! I love this band so much!
Such an underrated band! Great live band!
At least get the 7even Year Itch (greatest hits) or DOSAGE! Ed has an amazing voice! Been around 20 yrs & rock as hard as ever! -- Heavy, She Said, Run, the World I know, Tell Me Why, Gel, Listen, etc. They had 7 songs hit #1!
You guys need to be homeschooled!

139Dead Kennedys
Probably the scariest sounding band ever. And it fits them well too. The stuff Jello Biafra wrote is can mess with the sane part of your brain. Their lyrics had sarcastic dark humor that were extremely brilliant and focused on major social problems in America. Jello's voice is so weird and unique too. And East Bay Ray is a great guitarist. Add to that very good bass playing and crazy drum beats that will send your already spinning head spinning even faster.
A lot of their lyrics are still relevant.

140Bring Me the Horizon
The sadness will never end, diamonds aren't forever, and it never ends must hears
Can't believe I hadn't seen this band on the list before... They are AWESOME. Just try and listen some of their best songs
My favorite screamo band ever I highly suggest them
[Newest]This band saved me. Deserves to be in the top 50 at least.

141Burning Slow

Why the heck is Venom is this place, they should be in top 100 for sure. Anyone who doesn't know this band should hear their album Metal Black

I think Chris Jericho has very good voice,... Fozzy is one of the best heavy metal band ever
Fozzy is the best there is the best there was and the best it ever will be... There deserve a higher place
Fozzy is the best in the world... Just listen to Sandpaper!
[Newest]I added fozzy here
Please help me take it to the top

The hardest working band out there today.
Love all their songs!

145Marilyn Manson
W-O-W. I love MM, he and his band are pretty cool, whenever I feel down, it just picks you right back up with that sorta mellowed out evil sound.
manson's lyrics are so real so true. it gives you life when you are sad.
Marilyn Manson really does have some good music if you just give him a try. And I love his version of This is Halloween from the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas. I can't think of anyone better to cover that song. Nice job!

146Lamb of God
they are a very heavy band but they have great guitar and drums. their screamer is very good as well. listen to blacken the cursed sun and walk with me to hell

Hell yes, they are the best. They should be number one, all of their songs are good. They have a great drummer and vocalist.
My number one band...

147The Fray
In my opinion The Fray is awesome. The Fray's one of my favourite bands and I don't understand why they are number 203 now. They should be in the top 10! Because they deserve it. They make awesome music with lots of meanings in the lyrics. So I hope they will be in the top 10. Love The Fray.
Yes, The Fray is amazing and forever will be. I'm so glad I discovered their music! I love them. They should be on the top!
I love them so much! They should be number 1!
Isaac, Ben, Joe and Dave, thank you very much!
[Newest]Love me some The Fray... One of the best bands besides Nickelback and Lifehouse...

148Arcade Fire
Pure perfection. They have no bad songs/albums to date. Everything of theirs is golden.


The Strokes and Arcade Fire are so low on the list. Why do idiots have such a hard on for Coldplay and Muse
This band should be in the top 50 they don't deserve to be in 430 listing too tier songs wakeup the suburbs no cars go etc their one of the best rock bands of the 21st century vote now

149Barenaked Ladies
All of the bands in this list started with the Big Bang

150Imagine Dragons
Although they haven't been on the scene for very long, Imagine Dragons is a truly fantastic band. They have set the bar for future rock bands with their upbeat tempo and excellent blend of alternative and rock music. If you disagree with me, all I have to say is welcome to the new age.
They have already made a name for themselves in so little time.
Imagine Dragons have made great songs with great lyrics and a great sound.
Try to tell me that you can't help but to sing along to at least one of their songs..
Their sound is unique and it gets you going. I'd say it's inspiring.
They have such soul and passion.
They radiate amazing energy AND they know how to put on a great show.
I know they haven't been around for a while only about a year or two but some of they songs are truly amazing if you don't like them then don't listen to them just to make fun of them. But I think if want to insult them, then you should try singing as good as them and putting a record out. Then you can insult them.
[Newest]These guys are just epic. Their lyrics are very sensible and their melody is massive.

151Black Tide

152Duran Duran
A brilliant 32 years career (and counting), with countless top 10 hits.
Always surprising and innovatory, stylish and class.
Sold over 80 millions albums worldwide.
2 Brit Awards
2 Grammy Awards
1 Q Awards
1 MTV Video Music Awards
2 Ivor Novello Awards
1 GQ Lifetime Achievement
If you think DD is only Ordinary World, Notorious, Wild Boys, The Reflex, Hungry Like The wolf or Girls On Film...
Try and listen a few more DD songs and... You'll become a Duranie, just like me. :-)
My idols. My inspiration. The best POP, ROCK group.. In the entire world. Long live Duran Duran!
You must be kidding me
Who invented the video clip who made the change in the music industry
Which band started selling over the net
Its duran duran damn it
[Newest]The Greatest Band of all time
More comments about Duran Duran

153Franz Ferdinand
They don't get enough credit


Gotta be on top! Especially, their "Take Me Out" is perfect.
Take me out is amazing!

154Rob Zombie
I think rob zombie is great and awesome but holly cow is he far down on the list this proves this list is all opinions

155Stone Sour


Stone Sour is way underrated. They deserve more love, and Corey Taylor Rocks!

This is astonishing how Triumph is not higher on this list. They're the perfect power trio, and each of them are among the best in their respective fields, ESPECIALLY Rik Emmett. Seriously folks, if you think any other band but Triumph stole the show at US'83, you're simply wrong.
Love Triumph Rik is my fave guitarist. One of the best Canadian bands along with April Wine and Rush.

157Asking Alexandria
Asking Alexandria Has The Best Of Both Worlds! They Scream And Breakdown ^^ Sing With Beautiful Guitar Riffs. Their Lyrics Are Real And Intense And They Know How To Put On A Show!
AA 4 Life...
This band should be in top 50 at least because they are making an excellent sound and have amazing meaning to their songs

They have been doing so good, from the first time I hear there music I really fall in love especially with the track I GET IT, it also sound so good.
They should be in the top 100! No song they've made has ever been bad! They're way better than some of these other bands!
270th! They deserve top 100 for songs like the red, the clincher, vitamin R, jars, send the pain below. But I guess there more alternative than rock

159The Band
One of the three most important rock bands in history.

They may not be super popular but are definitely under-rated! They kick ass!
True! They kick ass! Definitely underrated... Hope they rise up soon to what they deserve
The best music today. Most bands will make the instruments quiet when the start singing, but not Godsmack, they will rock you face off to the very end. And they won't give it back.
[Newest]Good songs, that still stick out

Oh my gosh whats that 199?! Quensryche is in my top ten. Operation Mind-crime for ever.

162Beastie Boys
This is one of the biggest of the many insults on this list. A lot of you are like,"there so stupid there not even rock". Listen to sabotage, that'll answer that stupid statement. They had one of the most influential and inspiring impacts in music history. Linkin Park and Eminem both said The Beastie Boys were one of the bands they found most inspiring. Stop disliking because you can, and realize what the Beastie Boys of done. At that time, what they did was unheard of and completely new. Not many people can make a completely new style like they did.
The beastie boy's are legendary, it's pretty sad they aren't even in the top 100
I am so depressed. 165. these guys inspired every future musician. EVER.


164Queens of the Stone Age
QOTSA is the greatest band of all time. this list should be called best selling rock bands because that's what it seems like. the only reason QOTSA is so low on the list is because they didn't (and still don't) have a "genre hype train" to jump on. what I mean is: they are not "indie" (which isn't even a genre), they r not metal, they r not new wave, they r not punk rock, they r not grunge, they r not glam death thrash hardcore punk pop blues. many bands got popular because they had some stupid genre to be a part of like nirvana and pearl jam (grunge), Metallica (metal). I would just say "rock" to describe them. listen to SONGS FOR THE DEAF. that album...
Pretty tight band, shouldn't be this low, definitely one of the best modern rock bands around
Rated ARE and Songs for the Deaf are my favourite albums
[Newest]Best Band ever! Why aren't they in the top 10?

One of the greatest pop-rock bands of all time. Rosanna and hold the line are classic rock songs!
30-years this year, since Hold the Line, and still just getting better and better
My Favorite Rock Band
[Newest]Great singer and drummer

166Dark Tranquillity


168Sleeping With Sirens
Sleeping With Sirens should be on the top 10!
There so good.
Good music. Kellin, Justin, Gabe, Jesse, Jack are amazing!
There one of my favorite bands.
Sleeper ~
This band is one of my most favorite band evey like there lyrics are so true and kellin is a really cool and funny guy and his soon to be wife katlyin is really nice on twitter.

16910 Years

Four outstanding musicians including two geniuses - Jan Akkerman and Thijs Van Leer. What a band. The brilliantly insane Hocus Pocus, the majesty of Cathedrale de Strasbourg, the magical Sylvia, Tommy, House Of The King.


172Blue Oyster Cult
BLUE OYSTER CULT remains a band that though have been around for more than 40 ' years still just hasn't claimed what was undoubtedly, by all right its own- a top-notch place among the greatest bands ever. Alas! But it still continues to show its true, pristine colors by doing live shows throughout the U. S and thus always keeping up to its side of terms. And its followers, irrespective of how so few they may be in number, continue to worship them with an unbreakable faith. Buck Dharma to me is in the same league (if not the superior) to Frank Zappa, Van Halen and other unbelievably good guitarists of their contemporary era. For me, undoubtedly the MOST UNDERRATED BAND and LEAD GUITARIST of the 20th century. But I will keep on believing in them till my last breath. My Heroes-B.O. C and Buck Dharma.
these guys are actually the greatest band ever, people just dont know more than 3 songs by them. COME ON! dont fear the reaper is the greatest song ever and they have the greatest guitarist.
I don't know why this band is all the way here they one of the best bands ever and I know for a fact that a lot of the bands in higher slots are pure grade crap. Sure some of their songs are not that great but we have ones like (Don't Fear) The Reaper, Burnin for you, Joan Crawford, etc.

220? Really? Just listen and you'll move them to the top 10!

174Alice Nine
Alice Nine is the most rising Japanese Visual Rock Bands in Japan. Their music are always grows and they tried to add other genre and mixed it with Rock like jazz, blues, ballad and some synthesizer.. they're awesome!
Best band ever. Shou's voice is amazing! They aren't a legend, but they deserve for attention too. Hope you like this band
they're really and incredibly awesome!

To be honest, I listened a lot of rock ^^ Metal bands. Many of them, Many.. But to see a lot or J-Rock Bands here is really good and especially this band, Versailles! But number 194? Versailles deserves to be in top 10. Well even thought I listened a lot of bands I liked this band the most! Their style, their music everything about them is just amazing! I Love this band ^^ I'm pretty sure one day this band will be as good as other Western Rock Bands!
Versailles is a full package of arts.. with their music, looks.. and everythings so beauty and elegant all the time, their music sounds beauty and hard
Versailles philharmonic quintet is awesome visual kei band.. Their sense of arts is very good and their songs arrangement, musical skill, looks.. All sophisticated and beauty... If versailles philharmonic quintet is a western band.. They must be a legend now
[Newest]VERSAILLES let's move on even though you do not give a significant rank 102 you've tried...

Kamijo, HIZAKI, Teru, Yuki, Masashi. Aku will remember you until whenever

176The Stooges
This band wasn't that famous during their prime years, but their greatness was acknowledged later. come on they have influenced many, many of the bands in here.


Fun House-Probably one of the best albums ever!
What? The Stooges is a great band they created punk and garage rock.
Iggy is an amazing vocalist.

This Band brings power to my veins.
Just listening the songs Time, angels cry, rebirth and arising Thunder and you see that this band have the sound to be AT LEAST in top five

Firehouse is simply the best

179Pop Evil

180Mötley CrĂŒe
Ru kidding these guys r in top 25 for sure and where is Dokken, really everyone!

I love hearing Flyleaf, because Lacey sure knows how to get into your head, she sings, you have to listen.
pfffffff need to be higher!
great female rocker! =]
their music is amazing. you can't stop listening to Lacey's voice. and the meaning of their lyrics is so deep. greatest female voice ever
Just listen to flyleaf, you will never listen to another band again!

182Faith No More
160? are you serious? how can bands like A7X be above these guys?


Faith No More is easily one of the most influential bands from the last 30 years. Their music is so diverse, and almost all of it top notch, they at least deserve to be in the top 25.
Great band the vocalist are so good


[Newest]One of my few favorite hard rock bands

183Limp Bizkit
One of the most talented bands ever. Fred, Sam, John, Lethal are simply one of the best musicians. Wes & Mike are little behind. John has a unique drumming style. I don't know why people hates. Maybe they always use "that" word.


One of the best bands to ever blend rap and metal with their energy!
Limp Bizkit are awesome band
[Newest]Limp Bizkit is awesome!

Best live act around today

185The Cramps

186Mad Season
Awesome. Not plain & simple here!
Layne Staley + Mike McCready= Pure Awesomness

187Bad Company
Good lovin' gone bad baby!... From what I've seen from the rankings... Some ranking gone bad, as well... But I'm not a teenager voting... Me thinks this is a much younger poll... Cream, Hendrix, Ten Years After, Deep Purple, The Doors, Lynyrd Skynyrd, etc. are all but lost with the new generations... But, if you're part of the younger crowd and haven't checked out the 60's & 70's pioneers, be sure to... !
Hands down amazing, when I saw this I was shocked, I mean come on, shooting star, bad company, Feel like making love, Can't get enough, Great band should be way higher than this
Paul Rodgers has the greatest voice in rock. One of the greatest bands of all time and one of the first super groups

188You Me At Six
They're awesome and I really love their songs
What the heck they might not be too good but I do like no ne does it better'underdog'save it for the bedroom'loverboyand much more great songs they should be on the top 100 and how is all time low ahead of them they ttoatly not better than these guys rock on!

189Gentle Giant

My favorite song by them is orange


191Cold Chisel

This AMAZING band has an AWESOME history, has made WONDERFUL songs, won GREAT awards, is BRILLIANTLY unique and I simple love everything about it!
The Gorrillaz aren't even rock but they're still really awesome
This band is amazing. Legendary, compared to the crappy bands that made it higher than this.
[Newest]This is amazing, common

One of the greatest bands ever and had one of the greatest bassist and guitarist you could find
This is one of the greatest bands ever.
This band really is great!

It is a shame that they have to be pigeonholed as a one-hit-wonder band with the song - The Final Coundown. They have formed back up and reshaped their sound too, for example, on their latest album "Secret Society".

They have been criticised by many music critics, mainly because of that one song, and are way underrated.
Actually I love The Final Countdown: it always gives me a boost, in fact I always listens to it when I have to carry out a hard task. Not to mention other really explosive tracks, such as "Superstitious", " Sign of Times" and more recently " Always the Pretenders" or "Last Look at Eden".

195Coheed and Cambria
The vocals take some time to get used to but you get to realize that it fits the type of music.
The band is great and I recommend because they are quite talented and they are underrated.
They tell a story with their music, literally. The lead singer writes comics so you can read his books and then understand or almost predict what is coming next.

More of an Alternative Rock/Rock
Why Coheed and Cambria isn't in the top 50.
I think that coheed really makes it to top 50 at least. Know why? Because they have a natural talent
and then they have a great song.
"Welcome Home" is one of the greatest song that I've heard.
One of the most greatest bands of all time.
Hell of nice guys.
Amazing bass lines and guitar riffs.
Perfect vocals and drum beats.
I don't understand why they're not on here.
[Newest]Very good music specially claudios vocals. Many metal legends were rank very low, coheed needs to be in the top 100.


197Al Bird Dirt

198Red Rider

Never seen another band who can pull off what these guys do, every song sounds like it came from a different band. Also they have covered so many different genres too, From hard rock to pop to country to jazz, these guys can do anything!

200The Pretty Reckless
With a vocalist Taylor Momsen known from her role in the T.V. series "Gossip Girl". Great music, strong voice and strong songs! Seen them live and they are amazing! Love them!
Taylor Momsen is definitely the best vocalist I've ever heard... Live versions sound even better than studio!
The Best Woman (Hard Rock) Voice On The Word. The Best Choked Voice And Special Tone Of Voice On The Word (Taylor Momsen)
[Newest]A Better Voice Of all of the Band Rock

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