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U2 are still to leave their legacy.. Today still breaking all types of records; most grammy's, largest world tour (360), most tours in the top 10 of all time (3 x Popmart, Vertigo and 360)... And garnering more young fans than any other rock band... Took a photo of my 8 yr old in the golden circle at their SA leg... And behind her was a group of 8 teenagers... That's just insane!
This band should be number one. They have the most grammy's, and every single they come out with gets an award. Don't you dare try to tell me that they're not the best.
U2 are the most decent band in the world as they have made 12 albums and have sold over 650 million albums. There last tour was the U2 360 held six concerts in Australia and four in the USA. The places that were held in Australia are Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelade, Perth and Canberra. The places that were held in the USA are Chicago, Washington dc, New York and Los Angeles. U2 have made over 300 songs and 24 singles. There most popular singles were Beautiful day, With or without you, One, Sunday bloody Sunday, All I want is you, Were the streets have no name, I still haven't found what I'm looking for, Desire, Pride, Vertigo, Elevation, Walk on, and much much more. There best albums are Actung baby, Rattle and hum, The Joshua tree, The unforgettable fire, All that you can leave behind, How to dismantle an anatomic bomb, Boy, War, Under a blood red sky.
[Newest]Can't believe not in the top 10; their record speaks for itself!
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22Bon Jovi
Top 19? Are you kidding me? This band should be on Top 3 with much sold out concerts and I can't find any band playing with great harmony as good as Bon Jovi
What?! How can 30 seconds to mars, Tokio hotel or any other boybands be better than the biggest rock band?! Bon Jovi MUST be in Top 10!
The best band around for years, there songs are real and most people know at least a couple of them and they put on the best live shows, have got better with age like a fine wine.
[Newest]Hello: living on a prayer, wanted dead or alive, etc. Great band
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23Van Halen
Wow van halen #56 so sad that people think this, that tokio hotel linkin park did I see abba up there? Is really sad they probably wouldn't be a tokio hotel without van halen best hard rock band ever and one of the best guitar players of all time! God bless eddie van halen
Greatest American hard rock band period. Can't beat the originality of Eddie Van Halen and David Lee Roth, not to mention the amazing live shows, consistently huge album sales & #1's, humor, & catalog spanning four decades.
I'm ashamed that these great American rock bands. Ac/dc guns n roses, and van halen aren't in the top 10. They're the best of the best
[Newest]Eddie alone puts them in the top 25...not to mention Alex. The singer never really mattered.
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24Foo Fighters
Dave Grohl is one of the most versatile musicians performing for the last 25 years in top rock music. Foo fighters Are way better than most of the bands in this silly list
Foo Fighters are the best band I agree with the comment above they are sickest and should be #1 on this list greatest alternative / rock band ever
What is the foo fighters without dave grohl. There new album was the top album in the world
[Newest]Their music video is hilarious, especially the learn to fly and everlast - best band ever
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OMG, it's a shame, dear everyone. Muse not in the top 10? OMG. I must die. They are the best! The singer (Matt) is a very talented person, he can play different kinds of instruments, and his voice! The drummer (Dom) is an energetic, really happy person, and the bassist (Chris) is the best bassist forever! (And ever) Anyway, they are the best. They have the best songs. Love at first listen.
Muse are an extremely versatile band, the five studio albums they have released vary in genre with the central theme always maintaining the rock we expect. They seem to be capable of achieving great results and catchy songs in all the genres they tackle. They have the ability to play their instruments with passion and also produce a huge wall of sound although there is only three members in the band. I think they deserve the title of best rock band because not only do people enjoy listening to their music, they influence new bands and their lyrics make you think of things that you perhaps haven't thought before including conspiracy theories and a particular favorite of mine, thoughts of a dying atheist, which does what it says on the tin. I think that Muse are rock giants and two sell out nights at wembley stadium can't be wrong. Muse produce not so much fans as devotees, so although they may not have the most fans, I am proud to be called a Muser.
They got to be higher. They've got amazing songs such as Unnatural Selection, Butterflies And Hurricanes, and the rest of their songs. The guitar riffs are very good, and Matt has a very good voice.
[Newest]Muse is one of the most talented and creative bands I have heard in this century so far. I love that they blend so many different styles and that they are courageous enough to try new things, even if some fans might not like it. Other people who didn't like their previous sound have now become fans because they hear a new sound they like. If they stayed the same, not changing their sound or message, they wouldn't be truly evolving.
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26Pearl Jam
Um this is the most disgusting list I've ever seen. Pearl jam is the greatest american rock band of all time and is by far one of the greatest bands of all time. If you don't know pearl jam, you don't know music
Its hard to choose from so many awesome bands.. But I definitely didn't expect to find pearl jam at 57! I love ac/dc and rhcp and a lot of the other bands listed above but pearl jam definitely deserves a place above all of them! On the top ten at least.. I can't believe linkin park is on no.7! What bs! Eddie Vedder is way too amazing to be this low on the list!


I knew this list was BS when I saw 30 seconds to mars at number 3. I mean really, number 3? A band that is known for one song and their singer is better known for his role in Requiem for a Dream and Fight Club than his singing. Meanwhile we have the greatest American rock band of all time sitting at number 57. Total crap. You couldn't take the greatest hits from the majority of these bands make an album and it be better than a mediocre Pearl Jam album.

Obviously this list was voted on by people who don't know music.
[Newest]Pearl Jam is the greatest bands of 90's and is celebrating 25 years of active playing next week. Their shows are sold-out months ahead, they have incredible fan base and they have sold more then 30 millions albums in the carrier. What it takes to become amongst the top 5 of all time? I think nothing. They have it.
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If anyone doesn't vote for Radiohead, it's only because they haven't had the opportunity to listen to their music. I've always been a "radiohead", and as a result, I've listened to a very wide range of music throughout my years. To be real general, I'd categorize my taste in music as being eclectic, with a preference for any music that sounds beautiful and actually has meaning (given there are lyrics in the music to analyze). That means that there exists some classical music that I find amazing, as well as some present day "house" music that I feel just as passionately about. With that being said, from what I've personally heard myself (which I'm confident should serve as a solid foundation to base my opinion on), there have been no musicians or bands as close to perfection as Radiohead are as of the moment (keep in mind, Radiohead can only exacerbate how strongly I feel about this claim as time goes). I don't believe that the word "genius" is actually a word that can be attributed to any human being; we're all geniuses in one way or another, but colloquially speaking, Radiohead are genius. They're not Beethovens of the 21st century. Also, they are not the Beatles of the 21st century. They're better. They're more evolved, sensitive, and thoughtful. It would't make sense to compare a humanoid of the 22nd century to a caveman of the Paleolithic Era, just as it doesn't make sense to compare Radiohead to anything that has existed in the past. I'm convinced that, with some time (and a few more albums), there'll be a widely accepted acclamation that Radiohead have been the greatest band that life as we know it has ever been graced with. Not to be vain, but I'm convinced that my opinion should be regarded as being earnest. And if you happen to disagree with my opinion, that's fine, just please stay out of my life until you've managed to come around. I understand that it takes time for some people to understand certain things themselves.
Radiohead are the greatest band since the Beatles. Very simply, here is why. In the end, there are only three things you can really judge a band by: diversity, influence (NOT popularity or record sales), and longevity. I don't care what all you Linkin Park or 30 Seconds to Mars know-nothings say about "OMGosh Chester Bennington's voice is just the best" or "3o Seconds to Mars are just musical Gods, " that is not a logical argument. Aesthetic arguments about music (i.E. , comparing vocals, instrumentals, etc. ) just don't work. Now, to explain my point:

In terms of diversity, Radiohead proved they could do hard rock sing-alongs with their smash hit "Creep, " raw, beautiful acoustic works with The Bends, crazy, spacey, compact electronic vibes with Ok Computer and Kid A, and it's fair enough to say they've taken an even more creative route with their latest releases In Rainbows and King of Limbs. If you disagree with me, well then find me a band that can do more than that. You can't. Even from the most objective point of view, Radiohead are the most diverse group ever.

Now, for influence. As I said before, this has nothing to do with who has the best record sales or the largest fan base. Radiohead are not the most well-known band in the world, but no one can question their influence and impact on so many sub-genres of rock. OK Computer was truly revolutionary in its day, and talk to any good critic and they WILL tell you that OK Computer is the definitive alt-rock album and the standard by which all other alt-rock works should be measured. And it's arguably not even their greatest work, as Kid A in many ways exceeded it in terms of originality and concept.

Lastly, longevity. Name a band that hits their peak and, almost two decades later, nearly matches it again with a release like In Rainbows. In Rainbows has a sound unique from all their other albums, and one that will probably never go out of style for years, even decades, to come.

Everyone I know who has listened to Radiohead as thoroughly as I have shares my belief that basically, they were the most revolutionary and innovative band since the Beatles. Given another 20, 30 years down the road, and Radiohead will be remembered as the greatest rock act of their generation, and possibly of all time. Just watch. It's already happening, and the only way is up from here.
Yeah, Radiohead could easily be top ten. You will not find a more devoted band to their fans than Radiohead. Do you remember Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, The Beatles putting out an album where YOU, the listener decides what it's worth in cash? No? Radiohead has. And as far as meaning, this band is leagues above anybody. I honestly didn't look at the world as philosophically as I have ever since I began listening to Radiohead. It's a damn shame that "creep" absolutely ruined the band in terms of followers, but they've been together decades, and if you dig deeper than that one stupid song, you'll find they have some of the most thoughtful songs/albums of all time. The talent within the band is incredible, Thom and Johnny can basically play any instrument you put in front of them and make it sound good, Ed is one of the best background vocalist, Colin G. Has some sick bass lines, and Phil Selway really shines on a few tracks too. They were pioneers as well of electric music, they were one of the first bands to feature albums mixed with technology as well as physical instruments, and that started a wave of new music. They seize any moment they can and make it musical, Thom Yorke can watch a woman standing in a bar and write a song about her, and it will sound amazing and it's lyrics will be incredible. They put things into perspective very well with their laid out, intellectual lyrics, and for the first month I knew them they tricked me by having lyrics with no rhythmic value at all, but they flow so delicately and nicely within their songs, it's hard to notice they don't. Simply put, their musical geniuses, and intellectual geniuses in every sense of the word. They don't play so they can walk home with a giant check, none of them have trophy wives and big fancy mansions, they're the realest band out on the market. They produce great work even still after a few decades, and deserve to be at least top ten. For diversities sake, here's a few of their songs that vary in styles. "just" is possibly their hardest rocking track. "My Iron Lung" and "Creep" falls under a similar category (though Radiohead has come on and talked of how they hate the song, and, low and behold, wrote a song about how much they hate it. ) "Idioteque, " "everything in it's right place" Have very electronic sounds, as do just about anything from their album "Kid A. " Songs like "Pyramid Song" (My personal favorite by them) are very deep, introspective, and personal, very artistic and thought provoking. Songs like "Karma Police" "No Surprises" and "Fake Plastic Trees" have cleaner tones and are very easy to listen to. Songs like, "Lucky" "A wolf at the door" or "Life in a Glass house" all seem very English I suppose is the word, and very jazzy with kind of a Pink Floyd kind of sound. In the end, they have so many great songs, and really, looking at all they accomplished, personally guided me philosophically as I mentioned as well as many others, and pioneered for modern music today, they easily deserve top ten. My top 5, because I love them, but not everyone has my taste.
[Newest]After all this years I realized that music is equally great as it speaks to people, but not just to their feelings but deeper. Music is proportionally great as it speaks to your soul. Many bands do that. They connect to people's souls in many ways. But Radiohead is different. Cause their "music" IS your soul. Radiohead is the sound of people's souls. That's why I put the word music in quotations. Cause you can't define the sound of one's soul. It is felt, It is lived. Like every heartbeat in your chest, like every breath you have in this right moment. Like every beautiful thing that you've seen in your life. Like the feeling you have for the ones you love. It is felt. It is lived. No words to be said. No questions to be made. You just live it. Same's with Radiohead. The best band of all time.
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28System of a Down
Great great great band nothing to say
They are very good, lyrics are also fantastic.
Serj is awesome in concerts or music videos.
Good job guys.
I honestly think that they are true gods of alternative rock, and they have always been a few steps in front of others, their music is down to earth but takes you on a whole another dimension, lyrics that open your head and music that opens your heart!
Serj is easily one of the best singers of all time. Daron is great on guitar. John can play more that the same beat the entire song. And Shavo is more of a guitarist but is still awesome with bass. Their lyrics have good meaning... For the most part. Songs are just great, personal favorite is Question. GREAT band, its all about opinion I guess!
[Newest]Great, unique band with a distinct sound.
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29Three Days Grace
No matter what place they are on this list, they will always be the best band ever!
What! 11 three days grace at the 43rd? Are you kidding me? You gotta remove the 4 and make it to the 3rd position... Not a single bad song of the band... I hate everything about you, world so cold, break, pain, nver too late...
No one can beat them
They are the best ever
[Newest]They are the best!
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30Deep Purple
Seriously? Deep Purple, 69th?!
No I must be dreaming... Damn it the internet got into my dreams now...
This list only shows, that most of music lovers don't know where to direct that love...
The greatest!
Their virtuosity, mixed with their ingenuity in their compositions make their sound so unique.
Their legacy is important not only for rock, but for music history.
[Newest]The best family in hard rock history
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31Breaking Benjamin
One of the greatest. They don't just make you like the lyrics, they make you feel the song. Ben is just an amazing musical singer and guitarist. Aaron is a great guitarist and a funny guy. Mark and chad play very complicated parts and are very nice and selfless. They are some of the nicest people. One of the bands that proves that not all music is bad nowadays. If you haven't heard of them, go listen to them. They are amazing!
I love all kinds of rock, either its Apocalyptica, Metallica, Manowar or even Dragonforce, but when it comes to BB, everything comes together in one hell of a package, great lyrics, great sounds and mostly a huge feeling they gave me, hope the best for them. Peace!
Damn! Is this list even real?! I mean WTH is BB doing down in number 40?! Are you'll off your freaking heads!
[Newest]I'm a 16 year old kid, obviously I am going to pick a modern rock group. But you must understand that I grew up with rock. All my life I've loved Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Pearl Jam, Red Hot Chili Peppers, etc. I can gladly say my second favorite song is, "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" and my third, "Comfortably Numb". But my all-time favorite song is, "Failure" by Breaking Benjamin. They have a sound that is so modern and melodic that I can feel the emotion their music brings. If you haven't heard Breaking Benjamin, you should. Start with, "The Diary of Jane" and move on from there.
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I love their music! They are so peaceful and inspiring
It pisses me off that they are down this low, they are way better than X Japan! COME ON GUYS? And I am a 14 year old saying this, you guys have no taste in music.
Best ever. That's all there is to it. From their powerful songs like Separate Ways to a softer ballad like Faithfully, they did it all. And their lyrics were great as well. They're one of the best examples of all-time of a band that is popular and is also TRUE MUSICAL GENIUS. And they backed that up with skills that kill. Steve Perry's voice is amazing, and the band was amazing as well. Journey is top 5 of all-time, easily.
[Newest]Only 1 Journey! Definitely only 1 Steve Perry! One of the greatest bands ever. You can imitate but not duplicate the voice!
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3330 Seconds to Mars
30 seconds to mars is a kind of style of life, is a new religion, is something that people can't describe. 30 seconds to mars is a dream. And a lot of people believe in that dream, not only the band... Even the ECHELON
The most amazing band ever. Fantastic band to see live, the atmosphere is electric. They are the only band I know who have such an amazing connection with their fans. Proud to be a member of the echelon!
30 Seconds To Mars - is my life! Jared, Tomo, Shannon - they are my idols! I don't know what I would do without their music. It's the best rock band I've ever seen and listen. You should vote them!
[Newest]More than just rock! Music! Lyrics! Passion! These guys are the real deal
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The Eagles deserve to be on the top ten, there an icon in the rock and roll community.
Eagles! Seriously Eagles! Placed 78th! What is the world coming to doesn't anyone have some sense of music. Don't agree with me listen to Life In The Fast Lane, Get Over IT, New York Minute, Witchy Woman and the list goes on and on. Come on now get voting!
Wow I totally agree. They are extremely talented and great and CCR should be in the top list also... And the stones and fleetwood mac


[Newest]How are the 34. I expected them be at least 15
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35Rise Against
How can be Rise Against so low? These band is so awesome! The lyrics, Tim Voice, the guitar, the bass and the drums are all perfect! Listen to a few of their songs and you don't want more nothing... They are fantastic. (sorry for my bad english )
They have the by far the best lyrics I've ever heard. They are also politically active. They should be much higher up. Listen to a few songs and you'll be hooked.
Oh yeah, in my opinion they're the best "modern" band, I mean, a band that's quite young, I hope you guess what I mean.

I think it's important to not only focus on the tunes and the music itself, you also need to make great lines. And that's what I love about Rise Against. The lyrics are so deep, with like very serious and critical topics like society and war and stuff like that. Just listen to songs like Hero of War or Make it Stop and you'll understand.

Beside, just everything fits in this band. The lyrics, the tunes, the guitars, the drums, the bass, the musicians, the music videos and so on. I really can't think of any else band that has this fantastic atmosphere. The band members are so sympathetic, mainly because of their ethnics. There are so many reasons why this is my favorite band, I just can identify myself so much with their perspectives of the world.

Thanks for reading this, please excuse my bad English, it's not my first language as you may have recognized. I wish you all a good night.
[Newest]Easily the best melodic hardcore band out there. Sorry Bad Religion, these guys beat you by this much. It's a damn shame they're so low on this list
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36Alice In Chains
We live in a commercial-saturated, consumerist society hell today. If, like me, that causes you a lot of alienation and does not resonate with your own reality, then you need to have this music in your life. If you are suffering and all of the T.V. and youth pop culture, the disconnect between people, rampant materialism and empty, peppy brainwashing everywhere telling you everything's okay when you don't feel it is is making your fear and pain worse, then you absolutely need Alice in Chains' "Jar of Flies" album.

If anything else, it will really make you feel that there is someone who understands, and it will sooth you with its mellow beauty. It doesn't matter what the exact nature of the pain in your life is... These guys and Layne lived through hurt and understood it, and you can really hear it in the music. They excelled in both acoustic and hard rock and metal, with a sound all their own that... Well, you just need to hear it. So if you think you like those things, please- please listen to them.
This has to be the most inaccurate, crappy list I've seen yet. There has to be an over-abundance of 13 year old girls voting. Girls, how "cool" a band is. Or how black they can dye the ratty, unbrushed, product-saturated hair. Or how cute the bassist is, HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH MUSIC. (Please. Take a Sharpie, write that down backwards on your forehead and go look in the mirror. )

30 Seconds to Mars, Avenged Sevenfold, Evanescence, My Chemical Romance, Muse, ahead of Alice In Chains, Cream, Rolling Stones, Radiohead? My God, this list has "Keane" ahead of Nirvana! PEOPLE: If you have Rhianna, Miriah Carey, Nelli Fertado, Akon, Miley Cirus or 30 Seconds to Mars in your CD collection, please, do not vote. You don't have a clue what "rock" music is. Just go what your Gilmore Girls reruns and forget your were here.

Keane and Fall Out Boy ahead of Foo Fighters. How pathetic...


There are a quite a few reasons why Alice In Chains should be higher than just 44th. Their names happen to be Jerry Cantrell, Layne Staley, Sean Kinney, Mike Starr, Mike Inez, and William Duvall. If you listen to Facelift and The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here back-to-back, you'll notice that the guitar, lyrics, and sound is just as strong.

Jerry Cantrell, the mastermind behind all of the guitar parts & most of the lyrics, makes it a joy to hear the quick and yet dense solo sandwiched by the best voice in rock -- ever.

Layne Staley. The soul of the group, before and after his death. Listen to "Nutshell" and tell me you can hear that potent sound of desperation and sorrow. And despite his passing (RIP), William Duvall has done a great job of filling that hole. The entirety of Black Gives Way to Blue proves it.

Mike Starr had an undeniable talent for the bass, from the intro to "Rain When I Die", to the wonderful end of "Would? ". Unfortunately, drugs got in the way for quite a while. If only they could've done some of their new albums with him. Fortunately, Mike Inez is just as great of a bassist. Both Jar of Flies and the self-titled Alice in Chains album prove this fully. And he is just as strong now as he was then. Just try "Lab Monkey" or "Phantom Limb".

And last, but certainly not least, Sean Kinney. The drummer. Possibly the most underrated drummer ever. He is so good, but just like Alex Van Halen, is overlooked by the Vocals & Guitar. The "Love Song" might have been weird and funny, but this guy can seriously play.

I think every line-up they had/has has been simply perfect. Plus, what other band could make it through a 14 year hiatus? I don't need to point out the other bands' weaknesses, as Alice In Chains is just that great.
[Newest]They're just great! Love that Sound...
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Rated 97? Gosh you gotta be kidding me. They are amazing, I believe they should at least be rated 5. Jen Ledger's voice is amazing, So is John Cooper's voice, I have not heard one song from them that I do not dislike. So many songs that I love, and did not hate one song ever. They're amazing.
This is the best rock band
It is a very versatile band who sings song of almost most of the genres including rock, christian rock/metal, grunge, symphonic metal, alternative rock, and also electronic...
[Newest]They should be rated higher than 37. Seriously!?
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38Blink 182
Blink 182 was THE GREATEST BAND EVER! Even if you didn't know their name, you still knew there songs. And now almost every punk band is doing covers from them, the should definitely be in the top 10 bands in the world!
They just changed the punk/rock music for ever, without them some bands like nfg, all time low, simple plan and many more would have never existed
Greatest band ever! Each day I listen to at least one of their songs, and they are just so meaningful. Songs like adam's song and stay together for the kids are truly legends. Mark, Tom, and Travis are just so great!
[Newest]37? I can see how a few songs (ex. acoustic songs off of Take Off Your Pants and Jacket) might not float people's boats but they're better than 37! They're pretty great and they changed the course of pop-punk/punk-rock music forever!
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pretty good sound, when you just wanna let loose and be a bit more into the Metal.
Disturbed is the greatest band that there was, is, and ever will be! Listen to Indestructible and Asylum, and you too, will be a believer. I have never listened to any band more than this one in my entire life. Why? Because no one is better, and no one will ever be better, than Disturbed! We Are.. DISTURBED! We Are.. DISTURBED! We Are DISTURBED! WE ALL ARE... DISTURBED!
Down with the sickness all the way!


[Newest]Come on disturbed is great just listen to stupify, down with the sickness, or ten thousand fists
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40Judas Priest
They are able to go from very Queen-ish, piano songs like Epitaph to very aggressive, fast metal songs like Painkiller.

They are one of not only metal's biggest influences, but rock in general, having influenced countless of great bands such as Metallica, Megadeth, Van Halen, Iron Maiden, Slayer, the list goes on and on, not to mention they were the ones to bring the leather look into heavy metal.

They have 16 albums out right now (17th is gonna be released very soon), and STILL going strong after 40 years! Name another band that has done such thing, and although they may have had some average points in their career (Turbo, Demolition), they managed to come back with a killing blow.

Their 70s were probably their best years, having released 3 masterpieces during only a 3 year span (Sad Wings, Stained Class and Sin After Sin) which have beautiful songs with amazing melodies and harmonies, as well as very aggressive songs (Dissident Aggressor for example, an extremely heavy song for 1977.

Let's talk about the members for moment:

Glenn Tipton and KK Downing are the legendary guitarists having written lots of amazing riffs and solos (I'd have to say Glenn is the best between the two, although Downing is obviously great as well). The twin guitar attack really defines Priest, whether it's The Hellion, Dissiden Aggressor or Painkiller.

Rob Halford is one of the most insane singers, dude has versatility and range like no other; he can be singing deep, menacing 2nd octave vocals and then jump to insane 5th octave screams in no time. Just listen first to songs like Epitaph or Dreamer Deceiver (his best performance in my opinion, and probably one of the most insane vocal performance I've heard in rock so far. ) His vocal range is C2-C#6 yet it's all connected and sounds great. Great frontman skills as well, dude knows how to get a crowd going.

While some of the drummers they've had weren't superb, Scott Travis, Les Binks and Simon Phillips are all stellar. Amazing complex drumming by them.

Ian Hill usually keeps himself out of the spotlight. That being said, he's a good bassist for sure.
The original creators of Metal are so low? Sure Black Sabbath created Metal but JP took it and refined it into something more... Sorry but the Metal Gods definitely deserve to be # 1
They are the greatest Metal band ever existed. The most influential, the best voice, and the best guitarists team.
[Newest]Priest can still bring it with the best of them. They are the "Metal Gods"

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