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Avial (Kerala)
The very best band in the country without any doubt... Avial brings malayalam rock to the highest level possible... Nada nada, aana kallan etc are the best of the lot... You can never stop humming to their tones
Brilliant blending they do.. No indian language based band has their class and calibre! Rex vijayan the lead guitarist and mithun the drummer are the highlights of the band.. Even though I miss anand raj benjamin paul as the lead vocalist, tony has done a fair job in filling his void
Music is awesome... The lead guitarist rocks, the vocal is average... And DJ you deserve a throne dude... Excellent work in the film "SECOND SHOW"! Keep ROCKING AVIAL...
[Newest]When I see them live.. I say..,... Rex is the best.. Mithun stunning.. Benny classic.. And tony.. :) his vocal better now.. Avial no1

2Cactus (Kolkata)
A rock band with a soul... Each and every song of this band touches the heart... I guess this is what passion of music does to you... You end up creating music which people eventually end up listening every single day... Their live performance is better than the best... Way to go cactus
There's something magical about this band's music... It's nothing like the regular music you get to hear these days... It's so different- SO good that it can make a person cry in disbelief...Disbelief that such passionate musicians actually exist, that too in India...Amazing
7uparb & fantastic guys/! * carry ön your pas7ion high.. _/
[Newest]This is the best

3Indian Ocean (Delhi)
Indian Ocean is very rocking band. The main Rahul Ram is very talented. The album Black Friday is my favorite.
The song Ma Reva... I like it very much.

So... It should take first rank in Indian rock bands.
... Perfect combo of music and authenticity... :-)
I have been in Music world for more than 15 years. With all the experience I have, I will certainly vote Indian Ocean for their amazing Musicianship.
[Newest]They are the real rocker and genius

4Fossils (Kolkata)
Fossils by very far is the best rock back in India... Not parikrama.. Not indian ocean.. Not anyone else... The music and the lyrics, even though shares similarities with iron maiden sometimes, are original and the only sound in india that sounds true rock and roll. Hard rock, heavy rock. If you want soul music and soft rock, there's a separate genre for both. For true rock, fossils is the best rock band in india. And bishakto manush is the best rock song of all time in india.. And fossils debut album, fossils is the best indian rock album of all time.
Fossils is the best and top band in bengal because their music is so relatable. They literally draw life with the power of sound! For each mood there is a song which can give me some answers and make me feel better!. The lyrics of their songs who touch me inside. Their songs, a way to escape when I'm having a rough time and give me strength. They are next to me if I'm alone. For me FOSSILS are like a best friend and My life...
Man.. This is horrible, who has made this vote.. Did they have any sense about fossils... It is the band whre rock is at its best position in whole country... The pole is incorrect.. They have placed a band in 1st position who had cheated the audience in a live show by playing their records and doing only lip singing on the stage..
[Newest]My life my love fossils

5Parikrama (Delhi)
Awesome band.. Old mens you rock!
Without a doubt one of the premier bands of india. Been listening to them since school and they still don't dissapoint.
Awesome vocals, awesome guitars, awesome drums, awesome everything
There is no comparison! The list is all wrong. There are true rock band.
[Newest]I like this band very much

6Bhayanak Maut (Mumbai)
Its real rock and metal other band in list are like one direction and Justin bieber who are concidered girls band... And this band in band which deserve to be in list.. Its like Metallica, Bullet For My Valentine, trivium, iron maiden... Vote for this band... So Indians will also know what is real music...
Laugh out loud why is bhayanak maut on a rock band list

7Mother Jane (Kerala)
Awesome band.. They rock... The taste of south indian classical can be seen in their s
Awesome band..
No one can equal the classical style of the lead guitars...
The classical touch that they give to each of their songs is awesome..
Seriously? A silly bengali band at number 1 (No one understands the language well and anyways I've heard cactus's songs are pale and dumb)? Indian Ocean are just above this beauty of a band because they were instantly popular. Motherjane are the best band to come out of India and have produced the best guitarist of the country, Baiju D'rajan. Their drummer Deepu is awesome as well and Suraj Mani has a good voice. Definitely should have been number 1!
[Newest]Awesome taste of traditional plus Indian rock music

8Sifar (Delhi)
Alternative rock band just like nirvana
Supercool songs... you can't ignore once you start listening!
Great band. Their songs are like Pakistani bands. That's why they are awesome.

9Indus Creed (Mumbai)
If there was no Indus Creed (Rock Machine), who knows what Indian Rock scene would have been like. They shot Indian Rock to international fame at a time when rock was mostly unheard in India.


Indus Creed at 16 The people who have been rocking since the 90's Its just stupid
Clearly anyone can call there band a "Rock" band nowadays
List is long whereas there are only a few bands in India who understand and can "attempt" to play rock
The god & conveyor of rock scene in india, n still they aren't rated in top10, ! Whats wrong with the voters
[Newest]Such soulful songs. Listen "Fireflies" to know more what I mean.

10Lucid Recess (Guwahati)
Awesome three member band... Truly awesome
They really have a genuine and full sound to their music and no doubt they are one of the best out there who should be higher in the list,if u don't agree then just go to YouTube and listen to one of their songs.
One of the best bands performing live I have ever seen
[Newest]Awesome band... We rock

The Contenders

11440 MHz (Jamshedpur)
Best band ever, rocking around for years spreading inspiration to music lovers
Waiting for your next show guys
Best Band I've ever heard... D 1 band nly that play all genre songs
[Newest]Would like to see your live performance in my home city

12Eccentric Pendulum (Bangalore)

13Pentagram (Mumbai)
Rocked Cult a way 2013
This band was os cool

14Euphoria (Delhi)
Your song, compositions, music are just deserve a better rank
They should deserve at last on top 10. what they doing in 21..
Obviously the best and the greatest. Their songs have been very popular among the youth since the late 90's. I used to listen to them daily. The lead singer and composer Palash Sen is simply the best. I don't know why this band is so behind in this poll

15Underground Authority (Kolkata)
Fabulous band performed last year in our college NIT Raipur.

16Thermal and a Quarter (Bangalore)
Bangalore band! Really good music!
Classic music composition! If there is anyone who manifests guitar playing with the spirit of Karate, Mr. (Bruce Lee) Mani is the man!
We required English Rock band at Hyderabad for recently upcoming event.

Please contact...

17Scribe (Mumbai)
The BEST rock/metal/hardcore band the country has EVER seen.

Talk about non-conformity.

Best live act in the country as well.
Real Hard rock band

18Cassini's Division (Kolkata)

19Agnee (Pune)
I love these guys
Love your voice Mohan

20Acrimony (Bhopal)
Best in everything.. Each composition is worth listening
Best from central india
Soulful compositions they have!
[Newest]Very distinct, simply the best.

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