30 Seconds to Mars


This band really opens the eyes of the hopeless. 16th best rock band of all time, wow. But I think I'm not the only one that thinks they should be higher. Let me tell you why. For starters, they have the longest tour of all time. They went around the world more than once, & the tour wouldn't have gone that long if it was for popular demand. Now you can listen to one of their 4 albums & you can bring out 2 similarities. 1) every album has a specific concept that they never drew away from throughout the album. 2) their lyrics speak to fans in a way that no other band can speak. I went to see them in Dallas last September, & I can tell you that at the beginning of their set, most people were just waiting for Linkin Park. I saw a few of the Echelon flags in the front, I was sitting in the lawn area. As their set went on, Jared was able to draw more & more attention, so that by the time they got to the middle (and best part) of their set, everyone was singing & jumping. When you listen to their music, yea maybe they aren't the greatest band out there. But when you see them live, you feel the song.. You feel the chants & you feel the interactions. Then you begin to appreciate their songs more & more every time you hear them. This band changed my life. It changed the life of many others as well. Granted they aren't as popular in the United States as they should be. But if you go on YouTube & see them performing in places like Rio, Germany, India, & Russia, you can tell just by the reaction of the crowds that they are a global iconic band. If you took the time to read this, than you know what I'm talking about or you want to know. Long live the Echelon.

What to say about 30 seconds to Mars? They're are inspiring, creative, talented, unique, amazing. 30 seconds to Mars are about more than just the music. They are about the people, the experiences, the dreams, The Friendships and on top of all that they have created more than just Music. They have created a lifestyle, a family, a safe refuge for those who a lost and need guidance. Being a member of the Mars family, The Echelon, means never having to be alone again. Never having to worry about being excluded because you might be a little different. Difference is embraced. Never having to explain yourself, you are simply accepted and loved for who you are, no questions asked. 30 Seconds to Mars have such an incredible energy that cannt be described, it can only experienced. A 30 seconds to Mars concert leaves you completely exhausted but undeniably exhilarated and craving more. Their Music is incredible. No matter what your going through or how dark, miserable or angry you feel their songs will pick you up and set you right. The music talks to your soul and calms your spirit. Being apart of the music and belonging to this amazing family brings simple clarity, the realisation that no matter how bad things seem in that moment you know you are not alone. That is what 30 Seconds to Mars is. Some people get it and others just don't.

30 Seconds to Mars Deserves this award more than anyone. They constantly reinvent their sound. They never get boring... A lot of bands get into that rut of playing songs that always sound the same have the same message vocals are the same. The amazing part about these guys is the Vocals are insane the range there is huge. The music is ever evolving and changing. They are all about challenging themselves and their creativity. They write the music themselves and do the videos what other bands do that? If that was not enough I think they are the ONLY band I know that involve their fans so much during a show during their down time all of it. They call us family ECHELON. Its not just words either their actions actually line up with what they say. They pull fans on stage, get in the crowd, include them in their videos, VyRT, plus much more. They are truly one of a kind and that is what this award should be about. Fans make the business without them none of these bands would be where they are they don't owe their fans anything but 30 Seconds to Mars makes sure they acknowledge them. Finally down to the music... Its hard to find a band out there that puts so much of themselves into their music. Who can make people feel exactly how they are feeling to have that passion and intimacy come across so clearly. The evolution of their art aka music is astounding. They push the limits and create a unique sound all their own. For these reasons and many more I believe they deserve BEST ROCK BAND OF ALL TIME!

30 Seconds To Mars is one of those bands you will never get tired of because they keep reinventing themselves. Their music is amazing because it's theirs. They make music for themselves and the fans. That's another thing: their fans aren't just fans, they're a giant family around the world. The amount of passion and dedication they put into their music and their relationship with the Echelon is amazing and admirable. And they themselves, as people, are just as amazing and inspiring. They encourage their family to live their dreams and never give up, which is really something quite beautiful that you rarely get to see in this business, which has turned into nothing but a game of thrones.

1. Buy a 30STM album
2. Go home
3. Listen to the whole album
4. Die of excessive awesomeness!
30STM has developed a style of their own and deserves to be among the best of the bests. The sound of their music is as if it's divine, surrounding you in the mood they've created. Their music is definitely those kind of music that can get you moved and believe in their success.


30 seconds to Mars a much more than an amazing Rock Band! They share their music with us, that helps us to face our life! Their songs have something special to tell us... They are like prayers to us1! 30 sec to Mars changed our lifes! They are only for those who understand... Who believe... And dream... They also created the greatest family in the world... We love and care for each other... And all together we love 30 sec to mars! We are more than fans to them... We're their family and we are connected to them... There's no other band who has created such a loving family! They also help people... Wherever help needed... Without using this for commercial reasons... But only because they have a great heart and soul! WE THANK YOU 30 SECONDS TO MARS for changing our Lifes... For making us better people! We will always love you! Proud to be an Echelon! We're very excited about the new album...

30 Seconds to Mars are not just a Band. They created a world where all the fans are equal. They are so grateful for what there fans, what the Echelon does for them. When you have the chance to experience a 30 Seconds to Mars show, you'll know what I mean when I say its kind of a cult. You feel like home. You meet people you'd never met before and you feel like brother or sister to them. 30 Seconds to Mars is family to all of the Echelon.

30 Seconds to Mars made me believe that anything is possible as long as I dream. They brought me to my Echelon family, they made me a better person. Jared, Shannon & Tomo are dreamers & my idols. They built a new re religion & not many people would understand this, but there's something special about their dedication, loyalty & love toward their fans, excuse me, I meant their family. The music they make just relaxes me or makes me energetic.

The band is in my opinion one of the best in the world to stand in the foreground of awareness of the importance of that we live on a fragile planet - animal welfare - organic - vegetarian culture and that we are all from the same ancestor regardless of how we look at religion - nationality and skin color - we are a big family. They have committed a huge social network so that all their so-called "Echelon" can have contact worldwide. They are one of the best live bands ever and the ability to grip around their audience for intimate concerts and wins big in that they can perform the great and small events. Shannon is the best drummer - arranged - intense and a man who beats his drums with love. Jared understands just to perform - and he does in the highest class - you are not doubting the band's love for their Echelon it can be seen at the concerts. They are hardworking in their struggle for a better world for the future of youth among others and hence their motto: love - lust - faith - dreams.. Fight for the planet, and fight for your dreams.

They don't just play music. They give hope, love, dreams. But they give a family too, we all are a part of this crazy, sane insane family. No matter what will happen, no matter where we are, we're connected. Between us, but with them too. It's not just a band. It's not just a crowd of fans. It's the amazing Mars family 30 Seconds to Mars and the Echelon. And that's which make the difference between them and another band. Sure I'm not saying that the others aren't great. But they just give music et freedom. Thirty give all, more than anybody can imagine. Then, yep, their music is so good! Here in the crowd of one of their liveshow, free to be yourself, free to do whatever you want, you live. You live like if the rest of the time was the end. Singing, jumping and touching the sky. No seriously, 30 Seconds to Mars is definitely the best band you'll ever met!

30 seconds to mars... I would not say that it's the best rock band ever, 'cause every single person says the same about their favorite bands I would say that their music is the kind of music that can inspire dreams and begin revolutions and its being degraded by not getting the attention it deserves! It doesn't use improper grammar, it doesn't encourage kids to do drugs and I'm "sorry" to say but, it doesn't talk of "stupid hoe" either. This is OUR time, and this... This is our inspiration. ♥
Jare, Shannon and Tomo have such an amazing, wonderful and fantastic connection with their "fans " that we call " MARS ARM " or "THE ECHELON "... And to be one of the echelon is an honor.. PROVEHITO INALTUM

30 Seconds To Mars are so unique. Their music is so beautiful you can listen to it again and again and it never gets old. The drums in the music are amazing, Shannon plays the drums so passionately you can feel it in your bones. Tomo, with his beautiful guitar, gives it life. He plays beautifully in concerts, he jumps so high while playing his guitar he can touch the sky. Tomo also has many other talents: he plays violin and keyboards as well. Jared, what can we say about him? He's so perfect you want to shoot him. He has a perfect voice he can turn you on every time you listen to him sing, he can make the crowd do what he wants. He writes all of their songs. THIS IS A BAND THAT HAVE DONE A LOT JUST TO PLEASE THE ECHELON. THERE ARE NO BAND IN THE WORLD THAT CAN CARE SO MUCH FOR THEIR FANS.

I love their dedication to their family- the Echelon. And because of that (and I think I can speak in the name of all of us) we love them even more. The music is inspiring and has deeper meaning than we think. They created the band with a reason, they named it that way with a reason and their every song has a reason to be sang. Their music is guidance through your life.

No other band has become a part of my life like 30 seconds to mars did! They saved my life. Without them and their music I would be dead right now. They give me something no one else can. Every single song of them is at least great. Most are awesome. They reflect 100% of what I feel and think and have experienced. Additionally there is the Echelon. My family. No other band has accomplished something similar! 30 Seconds to Mars and the Echelon are my life!

What?! Tokio Hotel is one place before 30 Seconds to Mars? Are you kidding me? Anyway, my opinion to 30 seconds to mars: What they did, is REAL music, it's wonderful, you can feel with all their songs. They are funny, and all so awesome & talented! They really deserve the 1st price, and I'm so proud to be a ECHELON! Hope you vote a lot for 30 Seconds to Mars, they are the best rock band I've ever seen! '

30 seconds to mars is the only band that make me happy when I'm sad, that tells me what to do in some situations, that care about their fans, that have so mush contact with them.

Thanks to this band, I have a huge worldwide family that is called the Echelon, the Echelon make me feel like home, there's a place to run to, it's a never ending story, they all are a part of me and yes, this is a cult. Thanks to them and the band, I have the strength to follow my dreams and to try to make them come true, I feel that I'm alive.
No one can change me or my love to Mars and the Echelon, no one can tell me their music isn't good because their music is life, inspiration, something keeping every Echelon alive.

Their music is epic, their lyrics are poetry and their performences are amazing. I'm addicted to their music, which connect people from all over the world. And it is amazing to be a part of this. Being soulmates with amazing, crazy mofos... just like me. They are amazing it's a family for me and it is great that the band describe the memebers of the Echelon as family as well. They let me dream, with their music and make me feel that I am free.

I think for NOW it's the best rock band in the world.
They have gained their popularity is not in the antics of the tabloid press, and music, music, and once again the music!
A huge thanks to them for so close - family ties to their fans!

30 Seconds To Mars (Jared, Tomo ^^ Shannon), inspired me with their music! I can be hours and hours listening to their music! Usually we have some preference for songs of a band, but for me it is impossible to say what my favorite song. The lyrics and melodies are amazing, let me in ecstasy, lead me to another world. I love all their music! Inspired by them to live life and follow your dreams, not just a band, not just fans. It's all a family that supports each other's dreams.

They are from the few rock bands that have such a great music and they also make great shows! they have created a great family that follows them at everything they do, THE ECHELON! jared, shannon, tomo give their best at their concerts! I just love them! proud to be a member of the ECHELON community!

Say what, 30 Seconds to Mars stands lower than Tokio Hotel, what is wrong with the people! Mars is definitely the best rock band ever! They're so special! Their music just feels so real. A live concert of them is just like you're in heaven. They can change people's live! They taught us to believe and live your dreams, because they can come true!

30 SECONDS TO MARS is not just a band. We are not just fans. We are a family. We are linked to each others. When you see someone in the street whity a MARS shirt, or a MARS symbol or anything related to MARS, it's like if you already know that person. You are connected to her without knowing her. WE ARE ECHELON!

30Seconds to Mars, they've brought to the world an all new genre. The combination of Jared's amazing voice, Shannon the best drummer and Tomo the best guitar player it's just insane. They are awesome. No one can match Jared's voice. They have produced music that no one can ever forget. They videoclips are making with passion, love and hard work. I will love 30 StM forever

Their music is just amazingly awesome and when you watch them playing, Shannon with his drums sweating like a beast and moving like a wild animal, tomo playing hist guitar like if it was the love of his life waving his hair listening carefully but enjoying the moment, Jared singing like gods and having that connection with the crowd, the us the echelon we're part of them we're their family and support, we're not fans we're brothers and the love we share for each other is the best thing 30 Seconds to Mars has besides their music all the thing they do for people make me be proud of being an echelon I'm just very thankful
Sorry for the long comment haha
Love you!