Dir en grey


They are genius. They create different styles. There is nothing, they can't do. Dir en Grey will never fade away, they will live forever and nothing will make them go away. Number 1, for now and ever.

Dir en grey are the greates band who make me discover the music. they are so energic and emotional! Every song is unique and so powerful! Thanks DEG for all those experience!

Dir en grey and Iron Maiden my two favorite bands next to each other. :) We will get 1st and 2nd together.

Love this band such power, emotion and creativity.

Laugh out loud, at the ignorant person who is putting X Japan in the same boat as 30 second to mars. X Japan are the legends in Japan...

This band deserves to be number one. I have not heard one song of there's in their entire repertoire I have not loved and am happy to listen to over and over again. - lliandriall

Just listen to Kyo. His voice is like from an angel. And their music.. God!
They can make so much different music and ALWAYS sound AMAZING!


Dir en grey is the best band ever. No band can be better than them. They ROCK!

The most creative, and intelligent band that I have ever listened to. There is nothing that even compares to Dir en Grey.

Diru is just amazing and deserve to bee number 1! Their music is both inspiring and influential!

The best japanese band ever. They music is pure awesomeness. I love them

The greatest band ever ever ever.
Dir en grey is the best band in the world and will always be.

they may be old (no one cares) but they're the best they r! -

My favorite band in the whole world! They are amazing.

They make music you're not only listing to, no you feel it!

Dir en grey is incredibly the f-ing best Japanese best ever! Machieviallism is the best song ever!