The Doors


What... So many mediocre bands ahead of these legends. I will name a few bands that are ahead of these legends that have no business being near the top 10. Bullet for my Valentine, My Chemical Romance, Blink 182, Linkin Park, Foo Fighters, Evanesence, System of a Down, Muse, Green Day? ABOVE THE DOORS! The Doors at #46! You f*** kidding me! Come on, this is why I can't stand my own generation sometimes. No sense of history or in doing cool and fun s***! They were a personification of the rock and roll life: Sex, Drugs & Partying. Morons with no musical understanding vote for those safe, soulless bands with no depth, creativity or talent in their art. This list dismayed me with the Beatles not being number 1, Jimi Hendrix being ranked around 30, Linkin Park and Green Day being in the top 10, while the Rolling Stones and Iron Maiden are not. This goes to show the ignorance of peoples understanding of rock and roll. But to put the Doors at 46 is just moronic. Move the Doors up for the love of the music please!

Yes! Jim Morrison is the best! He finally gets honor

It is ridiculous how the Doors can be ranked number 23 while Linkin Park is ranked number 8. The Doors were gods among men during their time. Morrison's dark lyricism and moody vocals blended perfectly with Manzarek's driving organ. Krieger's flamenco inspired finger picking and Densmore's technical drumming accentuated the band's style even greater. They were the inventors of sex, drugs, and rock & roll. Their lyrics spoke volumes about 60's and 70's America and they inspired more thought than any group around today. In the Door's four short years as a band they produced countless hits and achieved commercial success while maintaining their different style. They also dared to be different, something you don't see with many of the bands higher on this list. They strayed from the traditional singer, guitar, bassist, drummer structure and incorporated a piano-bassist/organist instead of a bassist, and they made it work. The Door's also inspired many greats that are above them on this list, such as Led Zeppelin. Check out songs such as: "The End", "Break on Through (To the Other Side)", "Light My Fire", "LA Woman", "Riders on the Storm", and "People Are Strange." When you listen to these you can sense how great the Door's really were and how the mighty Lizard King, Mr. Mojo Risin', will never die!

The Doors are one of the most innovative bands ever, as well as easily being one of the best live bands ever (Roadhouse blues is just one, and probably the most well known example). The Doors worked so well because each member added something to the group: Robbie's flamenco and finger picking style of playing, Ray's classical keyboard skills, John's jazz influenced drumming and Morrison's poetic lyrics and mystical persona. They were one of the first psychedelic bands, and evolved into a softer jazzier band (WFTS and Soft Parade) before returning to their roots as a blues band (Morrison Hotel and L.A. woman). The lyrics of songs such as Break on Through and The Crystal Ship create such powerful imagery, and there are few bands that have the same effect with their songs. The Doors embodied sex, rebellion and drugs, and Jim himself dressed in a way that is now considered standard for rock stars. The Doors ended way too soon, but even in their short career have gone on to influence countless musicians. Easily my favourite band and it's a crime they aren't at least in the top 15

The Doors pretty much started the whole Sex, Drugs, and Rock N' Roll thing. Jim Morrison would write lyrics on Drugs, and they would be poetic masterpieces; Classic Rock and Blues hits. Jim Morrison gave insperation to so many up coming bands and fans. Too many to name, he also showed people how to party! Although they lacked a bassist, the doors made up for it with keyboardist Ray Manzarek, and Robby Krieger (not Keane) on Guitar. If you don't like the Doors, you probly haven't even listened to them.

It is very sad. The doors behind number44... It should be in the firth ten or I won't overdo if I say it should be in the first 5. Morrison was a genius. The doors' music have changed a lot of thing in the world. Their music was original and they sent a special massage for us. If you don't believe this, let me write a few titles to prove them. Let's search for People are strange, Riders on the storm, Light my fire, The end, The crystal ship, Roadhouse blues, When the music's over, Love me two times...

I cannot believe that The Doors are this far up the list. They are a brilliant band. They are unique and so different then any other band out there. They combined musical creativity with art and poetry. They opened up my mind and connected me with a whole new spiritual awareness. They gave me the power to become a creative individual. I am forever grateful for this amazing band and for James Douglas Morrision, my muse.

A list is as big a farce as anything...not putting the Doors in the top ten shows how we all have forgotten our roots for just pop-rockish monetary noonesense.Nothing beats the lyrics of jim,the keys of manezarak and the guitaring of robbie keane.
U cant put the kids ahead of there gran dads where else can they find inspiration from..

Best band ever PERIOD! I have no words for how much I love this band. From the most exiting lead singer ever known to man to the fantastic and unique sound they have with Ray Manzarek playing piano and bass a the same time to Krieger's intricate finger work on the guitar. Just amazing, they should be in the top 10 at the very least in my opinion.

I cannot believe that The Doors are at number 26. They deserve so much more and should be in the top three. Back when artists used to actually be masters of their instruments by practicing and putting hours and hours into what they loved. So much creativity, they completely changed music in ways that many will never know how. Morrison was a lyrical genius that had a voice that could only be described as godly. I'm 16 and lemme tell you, growing up around the amount of dumbasses

I can't believe The Doors aren't in the top 5, or top 10 at least. It saddens me to see how bands like Green Day, Linkin Park and 30 Seconds To Mars are higher on the list. Linkin Park in the Top 5?! SERIOUSLY?! Have you ever heard of "People are strange"? "Soul kitchen"? "Light my fire"? "The end"? "Crystal ship"? "Roadhouse blues"? These songs are LEGENDARY. The Doors are legendary! This list is a joke. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd and Queen. They do deserve their places. Nirvana should DEFINITELY be on the top 10 too, but they're not The Doors. They're not pure poetry combined with perfect melodies and the heavenly voice of Jim Morrison. Jim Morrison is GOD, everything about The Doors is perfect. The Doors gave us some of the best songs Rock N' Roll has ever created. And how are other classics, like The Who and The Jimmy Hendrix Experience so low on the list? Metallica, AC/DC, good but OVERRATED bands. I love Guns N' Roses but they do not deserve a place on a Top 10 that does not involve The Doors. AND EAGLES ON 37?! This is insanity. I feel the spirit of Rock N' Roll fading away and mainstream crap taking the places of GODS. Don't let Rock N' Roll die!

This list is only based upon the views of those who prefer the commercial bands and I am sure, the people who have voted otherwise are huge fans of Justin Bieber and One direction. Music today has no quality.. Jim morrison will be rolling I his grave if he saw this

I can not believe the doors are so low, they were influential to rock music and west coast music they had so many hits and were more than just musicians they were poets. They should be in the top 10 Tokyo hotel are not a rock band they are too modern and alternate this is a rock list

Jim Morrison was a poet! He may have been pretentious, but he had reason to be! He was a VERY smart guy! Manzarek is the one reason I reconsidered not liking keyboards in rock bands. (I like them now by the way) They weren't JUST about the music, they were about the poetry!

They're so deeply ingrained in my heart, with all the mystery Jim's voice and lyrics brought into their songs, as well as distinctive Ray's organ. Sometimes I feel like I could listen to nothing else but The Doors, and that's why I love them - for being with me all that time. I always immerse with them into the gloomy world of my dreams... - apouroiselle

What was that promise that you made?

That they would be way above number 58? THEN WHY'D YOU BREAK THE PROMISE?! Man, why aren't The Doors way higher up on this list?! Listen to "Touch Me", then you'll understand. I voted The Doors even though Queen is my very fave. See how nice I am

35... pathetic. the doors were one of the greatest rock bands of all time. and one thing I know is that ray manzarek is an extremely talented keyboardist, and jim morrison was a good vocalist and songwriter - pauler94

I can't believe my eyes what I'm seeing here. This band came out of all the conventional styles and the inner meaning of the lyrics is too deep.
Jimmy - my salute to you for making such compositions and no one in this can't beat or play.. This list is not for you and not for any of your fans out there.. I'll stay in SPANISH CARAVAN till I die..

When The Doors are #60... That makes the entire list a joke. Doors must be top 20 or else this list is garbage, there are also a lot of new bands that simply don't belong anywhere near the top 50

I'm surprised a band like the Doors isn't higher. They have infuenced the rock history like very few others, they were totally unique and innovative. They're songs are classics, each one of them special and majestic. Not only for Jim Morrison's wild persona, but for their really memorable quality, they deserved more. Because even the ones that dislike them, once they listen to The Doors, they'll never forget it.

I just cannot fathom how bands like Metallica, Linkin Park and 30 Seconds to Mars are listed as being a better rock band than The Doors. What has peoples idea of good music come to? Don't get me wrong, I like those bands, but they wouldn't be around if it hadn't been for bands like The Doors.

Likin park 16, the doors 27, you don't know what is real music - Slovak

the doors are the most influential band ever and without them music would ba a dull dull world jim morrison was more than a singer he was a poet and more then a poet he was one of the greatest poets ever, way better than the beatles

The greatest American rock band. Period. They were our answer to the Stones and The Beatles. What a helluva response! Right? You give us cute little mop tops and a poser who lets Ed Sullivan intimidate him, and we give you a monster. Black dressed in leather.

How is this so low? If you've ever listened to The Doors, you might understand. Jim Morrison is complex in his poetic lyrics, and the band compliments that with the brilliant instrumentals. I don't understand how this is below Metallica. Or Guns N' Roses.