Duran Duran


The rock and pop innovators that most of today's great bands emulate.

Underrated New Wave band that crossed into mainstream pop in the early 80's. Have been recording and touring ever since 1981, with many hit albums and singles, including an Ivor Novello Award (Ordinary World) for songwriting and their own Hollywood star! Still going strong with their new hit album All You Need Is Now.

This band needs to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. They are great musicians and sound great in concert! You have to admire a band who have outlived the "boy band" label, write their own music, and continue to sell-out venues. Many of these so-called legendary bands don't even sound that great live. Duran Duran's sound, originality, and creativity are unmatched!

I love them because they changed my life, have made it infinitely more beautiful with their wonderful music. Duran Duran is the soundtrack of my life. They are like a drug, I need to listen every day to stay healthy... Duran Duran thanks to exist. You are the best of all time and I will love you forever.

Probably the most underrated band of all time. Amazing live act, wonderful and very original songs, truly hit makers, pioneers and innovators of the video era, great sense of style and fashion... Going strong after 30 years. Ultimately, best band ever.

They are my mates since 1984. Their music makes me happy! I hope they'll stay like this forever, singing wonderful song, being kind with fans, making as many concert as possible in Europe, especially in France and Italy.

Purely the best band in the world! The kings of new have from the 80�'s. Iremember seeing "planet earth" and "girls on film" in the early 80's and they were absolutely fantastic!

Great music, especially the B-sides and unreleased tracks that the casual listeners don't know; the tracks that are rich in substance and musical vitality! Duran2 are legends!

A band with longevity, having been together over 30 years, sold 100 million records, and set the bar high for music videos. Some of the best musicians in the world are in the band!

Underrated as a rock band even if they are seen as more of a pop group. Their live show does rock! They have had longevity in an industry full of one hit, one album wonders. All You Need is Duran Duran!

Is, was, always will be the best. Simon's vocals can rock it out one track and make you melt the next. John on bass and Nick on keys have been every shade of awesome. And they are hot hot hot... More so now as ever.

These guys rock with catchy pop and rock tunes, while giving us new material all the time. They never have comeback albums as they never left us. They may not fill stadiums anymore but they will rock an auditorium with new material and classic pop that has you dancing. Not to mention their videos. DD forever!

Their music is the soundtrack of my life! The best Pop band in the world for sure!
Great music, great videos and great shows? Do you need something else?

The best band ever all over the world!
Their music is brilliant and makes people feel good!
Duran Duran the band designed to make you party!

So great!
God save the Duran Duran!
I love you guys..32 years and you are beautiful again!

One of the best bands of all times still doing great music and memorable live shows after 30 years!

Simply great. Pop, rock, video, style, attitude, visual, art and everything in music involved.

THE BEST BAND! New romantic look, great video-clips, good boys and fantastic songs.

Duran Duran have been around for years and are totally underated... bloody love them!

Duran, music style and energy. Love them till the end...
I wanto them to be on the top!

30 years on, cool then and still cool now, just look at the names that work with them

I love Duran Duran they should be number 1 for sure!
They are my idols. Long Live Duran Duran!
Yes they are the Best Pop, Rock Group in the Whole World!
I love you Duran Duran, my total music inspiration!

Pops great innovators and still making music with their unique sound. AM

Only real Pop kings! Good music for over three decade!

The Greatest Band of all time