The Jimi Hendrix Experience


I love the Experience, have 2 of their cd's but the reason they aren't up there in the list is because Jimi Hendrix IS the band, no disrespect to the other guys but they are shadowed, Jimi always had a back up band, and it wasn't always this, they are the best of his bands, but he had Band of Gypsies and a couple other groups at different times. This is why groups like David Bowie and The Spiders From Mars aren't in the list, because the BAND isn't noticed, the LEGEND is, and what a super legend is Hendrix! Rock and Roll hall of famer and The Rolling Stones best guitarist ever. - THEMASTER

Despite Hendrix being the greatest guitarist ever, Mitch Mitchell (Drummer) was one of the fastest drummers ever. Noel Redding (Bass) went on to make his own band (The Noel Redding Band). Metallica's Thrash Metal crap makes me want to puke. Hendrix would make Hammett look like a phony any day. - raiderfan372

I think people voting might not associate Hendrix's band with Hendrix himself. Anyway, this band should be easily top 3 with the Beatles and Pink Floyd. No one can play guitar quite like Jimi, and the albums he made are just so epic. The fact that this band is at #30 shows that most people have no idea what rock and roll is.

Ha Ha Ha Ha. I laugh at others stupidity. Hendrix should be #2 next to Led Zeppelin. But come on obviously people are idiots. I just recently looked and Panic! At the Disco was ahead of Hendrix. Name three songs Panic! At the Disco have... You can't can you. That's because they're no better than most of these other bands nowadays. I bet in three years they will be forgotten. Disgraceful.

Come on! How can I find The Jimi Hendrix Experience this far down on the list? The best guitarist of all time deserve a much higher place on this list.

Look at some of the bands above... How would any of them be able to beat the Jimi Hendrix Experience. Listen to "Machine Gun", "Voodoo Chile", "All Along the Watchtower" and then come back here. You'll see who really deserves the top spot of this list!

The Jimi Hendrix Experience are a supergroup. Panic! At the Disco are not a supergroup. Linkin Park are not a supergroup. Blink 182 are not a supergroup. I'm 13, and I know who Jimi Hendrix are. He rocks! He was a musical genius! Mitch Mitchell too! They should be at least at top 5.

The most incredible mix of talent Ill agree with Led Zeppelin being first but the Jimi Hendrix experience definitely deserve a place in the top ten Metallica are a good band but are definitely no match for Jimi and his band who shaped rock n roll with the most amazing ray of talent

You know that idiots are voting on these lists because Queen, Linkin Park and Green Day are ahead of Jimi Hendrix. Although his career was short lived. He deserves to be 4th. If you know music, and a lot of you do'nt, you know how difficult it is to play guitar like that. Besides that his lyrics are underrated. From slow, beautiful songs like "Angel" to brain shredding rock masterpieces like "Voodoo Chile", Hendrix deserves #4 - kpopcraze

They aren't in the top because the band as a whole wasn't awesome. Guitarist = sick but Noel and Mitch weren't the best ever (but still good) although I also heard that a lot of their material is down to Noel and Mitch and not Jimi as most believe.

Are you joking? 62? How can you place Lighthouse A7X and Fallout Boy over Jimi Hendrix? HENDRIX A GOD OF ROCK!

Electric Ladyland is one of the greatest albums of all time. EVERYONE was influenced by Jimi. You might not know it, but bands like Led Zeppelin and Queen were influenced by him. Every person who picked up a guitar and plugged it in was influenced by Hendrix.

The best of the rock Music, Jimi Hendrix the God Father of Electric Guitar the Inspiration for most of them, he brought fire in most of the bands and its disappointing seeing him this place which is absolutely wrong.

Jimi Hendrix is the GOD OF GUITARS. Without Hendrix, guitarists like Synyster Gates, Slash, and etc won't exist. This band along with him has produced great music. I like their songs "Purple Haze" especially

Linkin Park should be replaced. They're nowhere near the best rock band ever. They're not even rock. Jimi Hendrix was one of the pioneers of rock, he deserves to be higher

1)The Beatles
2)The Rolling Stones
3)The Jimi Hendrix Experience
4)The Who

This is one of the best psychedelic bands ever. Jimi Hendrix is an AMAZING guitar player and one of the best. Are You Experienced is a great album.

Jimi is my hero he is probably the greatest man invented so all you haterz can yall lay off

As a band, I wouldn't say the Experience were the best, but for sheer guitar playing talent, they can't beat.

I was about to vote for one of the higher bands, but then I saw this. Jimi Hendrix should be in the top 5 let alone not even in the top 20

Jimi Hendrix really is an amazing musician! I don't understand why people love Elvis more than him, Elvis doesn't even sound like Rock N Roll, I haven't seen him master the guitar left handed. I wonder what the world would be like if Jimi haven't died..

Innovated rock music! Enough' said.

Jimi Hendrix is the best guitarist ever and Mitch Mitchell (the drummer) is up there. this should be at least top 10

Really, the band was just about Hendrix. He should have just gone solo. Easily the best guitar player to ever live.

How did 30 Seconds to Mars get more votes than Hendrix? I just lost all faith in humanity.

How come are the poppish bands like Linkin Park above and a real rock band JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE so down