Motley Crue


When the hell wasn't motley crue on this list. My chemical romance, fall out boy - really?
Motley crue is one of the biggest bands in glam metal, with songs like live wire and girls, girls, girls!
This list is terrible someone sort it out!

WHAT THE HELL? Motley Crue has everything a true rock band need - great vocals, perfect and full of energy songs, huge experience. This list is very unfair, don't let 13 year old girls vote. MOTLEY CRUE CHANGED MY LIFE. I LOVE THEM! Number 1 in my life.

DUDE #80 what?! MOTLEY CRUE is the best Band in the world! Every single motley crue album is good, even the one without Vince Neil. Their first 5 albums were also key for the development of Metal. MOTLEY CRUE is the true definition of Rock 'n' Roll!

Where is one of the biggest glam metal bands on this list.
Motley crue had a huge impact on rock and should be high on the list. I'm shocked to see that it wasn't on here in the first place. Someone sort this list out, its rubbish!

Classics like Girls, Girls, Girls, Wild Side, Dr. Feelgood, Shout at the devil, Live wire, Home sweet home, Too fast for love, and new songs like Saints of los angeles can not be forgotten when voting

84!? What the... I mean they're amazing not #1 material but 80's? Wow these guys should REALLY be much much higher. I really think you should rethink making these amazing artists high

This band is awesome. Vince Neil is my favourite vocalist and their music is really powerful. They have risen Glam Metal to the popularity and killed those "New-wave clowns".

Dr Feelgood is the greatest metal album out there. Motley is still setting trends by doing residency's in vegas.

Motley crue is the #1 rock band of all time look up motley cruel home sweet home it's the best

This is correct. The best hard rock band of a decade.

motley crue is one of the greatest bands ever!

they ruled the 80s, the Zeppelin of the 80s

How are they so low? Guess folks just forgot how fantastic they are!

dude really 82 motley crue is the best ever way too low on the list

they started metal along with the ozzmeister and def leppard! - metalshallneverdie

It should be above fall out boy
and MCR
For me its Top 10

His should definitely be a LOT higher on the list.

They really are the best and the internet sucks

Let the song "Kickstart My Heart" do the talking.

Best Rock band EVER!

Motley crue started long time ago and they become good awesome stars here are some names Nicky six, Tommy lee, mc. Mars, and Vince Neil look up on YouTube home sweet home, Los Angeles,situation, ani animal in me, and wild side all by motley crue and they have more songs

They should be WAAYY higher than 132. And that's coming from a thrasher.

Woah, woah, woah, Kickstart My Heart man, because I see Motley Crue so far down the list I almost had a heart attack.
These guys defined hair metal and should be up in the top 10, so should Guns N' Roses and AC/DC.

Motley Crüe needs to be on this list. Nobody defines Rock and roll like motley crue

Seeing where the crue is on this list, leads me to believe a bunch of Tweens put the list together and maybe one or two of their dads voted for led zep and the Beatles. Mötley Crüe is legendary, they took everything rock and roll and hit the overdrive button. The drum solos, the vocals, the pyro, the chics, the drugs, the booze, the Harley's... These boys are the best rock band to ever grace the earth. And they are still touring to sold out shows 30 years later. Even their new CDs have solid tracks. Only negative... John curabi... Which they made up for.
Dr Feelgood is the best rock cd... Ever... Zero filler tracks... All hits, all great tunes.
This list blows dick.