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I am disgusted by Nickelback only being 57th. They sound as amazing live as they do in studio. By the way what are some of you people thinking. Some of the other bands in the top 20 makes me sick there higher rated then not only NB but other amazing bands such as Blink, the rolling stones, u2, the eagles, CCR, Lynyrd Skynyrd to name a few.
I can't believe Nickelback isn't #1 on the list! They are the heart and soul of hard rock/post grunge music! They are a lot like Metallica in ways, but in my eyes 10,000,000 times better!
Nickelback speaks for itself I don't see why they aren't number 1 there are so many crap bands ahead of them that no ones heard seriously what is Alice in chains that sounds like a crap band come on people you need to be a retard not to see this wait a veggie dude I am retarded and I can see their genius perfect mix
Okay. In my personal opinion, Nickelback deserves to be AT LEAST in the top 20. The songs that Nickelback writes can connect to everybody. Whether it's about getting drunk or having a good time or even lost and found loves and second chances, Nickelback deserves to be higher on this list.
Oh lord! They are on 56... What a big joke. They are awesome band I ever heard. Nickelback "faraway" "when we stand together" there is "something in your mouth" to "burn it to the ground"
Seriously they need to be higher on the list. People say that they are unorigianal, but I bet most of them have just heard their stuff on the radio. People should check out their earlier and/or heavier stuff. Like Do This Anymore, Where? , I Don't Have, Breathe, Saturday Night's Alright, This Means War, See You At The Show, Next Contestant, and Cowboy Hat.
Such a retard list Chad sings every song with a feeling unlike others just yanking out loud. This band has each and every type of songs emotional to hard rock to inspirational to post grunge man oh man this is the best band I've ever seen...
Below Oasis? Really? They are the best band in the 20's and deserve to be number 1, not number 55. Although I love most of the bands in the top ten, I haven't even heard anything by X Japan and I think there might be a reason for that.
They deserve top 5 at least because there music makes sense and is awesome and their singer has a good voice in which he can sing smoothly and hard
Guys hello,
They should be on the top 20
Chad voice rocks!
I like other bands too, but they really deserve at least under 20.
Nickelback songs really rock!
A band that has songs as:
Never gonna be alone;
Far away;
Savin 'Me;
How you remind me.
Has to stay in the top 100!
These guys are very underestimated. People think they are a ballad band cause that's all they hear on the radio. They arnt. Witth heavier songs like Animals, never again, and fight for all the wrong raseons these guys desearve to be in the top 20. Yhey have an original sound. When a nickelback so is played people know right away who they are. These guys are amazing and probably put on the best live show ever. Damn, Chad is hilarious and an awesome singer/songwriter
Why is Nickelback so low on this list? They have great songs. Sure they have some crude songs, but they have some really great songs swell! I don't understand why people hate Nickelback so much.
This band belongs at rank 5 with acdc at 4 and santana at 6 really 48 lets get this band to1 cause it rules and irocks there the only rock band on pop radio channels it rules it is great and should be in the rock and roll hall of fame my dog dances to their music Well honey here comes a lullaby your very own lullaby its awesome long live nickelback
Top 55?.. Come on rock fans! Nickelback has something unique with their songs that no other band can copy... Metallica is on top because it's old, not good as Nickelback!
Nickelback are 100% in the top 10 I reckon the top three they are amazing. Nickelback I apologize for these people not realizing you should be higher!
I know their music style is simple, you'll never hear a facemelting guitar solo on their songs, but the lyrics, the rithm, the voice and the beautiful melody fusion they make just takes you higher up the ground!
These guys have a unique style, with Chad's aggressive deep voice.
I honestly believe they should be on the top 10 of this chart
This list is kinda weird... Nickelback is on #55?! This is totally surprising, NB "MUST" be in the top 3.
The best band ever should be in the top ten if not first. It's a big shock that they are so low down man
Best band to ever come out of Alberta, and as someone from Alberta I have a local connection with the band. Kick ass party rock no doubt
how did they get beat? they are the greatest! who else can get so many exclaimation marks?
I don't know about you guys, but this is my most favorite band ever! I can't believe no one mentioned them, I'm disappointed
Nickelback is one of the best rock band of all time! Never heared a band with so many emotions in their songs, especially in the voice of Chad Kroeger!
I am confused about the rating.. Nickelback should in the top 20s..

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