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421Australian Crawl

The best Australian band

422Johnny Diesel and the Injectors
425MinistryMinistry is an American industrial metal band founded by lead singer and only original member Al Jourgensen in 1981. Originally a new wave synthpop outfit, Ministry changed its style to industrial metal in the mid-1980s.

Ministry is a great band. If only they were still together

Just one fix
Jesus built my Hotrod

The godfathers of industrial metal.

426Traveling Wilburys

Have all the best Tom Petty Bob Dylan Roy Oribson George Harrison and Jeff Lyne

Statistically speaking in albums sold as a group and in their respecyive bands, Wilburys are the most famous super group of all time. In two albums they accomplished what most bands can't do in 20. 252. This list is pathetic

427Our Lady Peace
428My Passion
429The Blackout

The Blackout, another fantastic band with front man Sean Smith screaming out the vocals and Gavin by his side, also with great vocals.

These guys are awesome, Sean Smith is one of the best screamers there are, Gav is a fantastic singer, Bob and Matthew are both really good guitarists, Rhys is insane on the bass and Snoz is a fantastic drummer. They are really under appreciated and should be a lot higher and miles ahead of the Jonas Brothers and The Strokes.

430The Black Lips

All their songs have a certain fun element that really captures the reason for music. To have fun. -

431The Flaming Lips

They're weird like me. Plus Steven Drozd was a major heroin adict the quit cold turkey one day and never had a relapse. -

Best American underground / mainstream band of the last 20 years. Can't pick a favorite album cause there are so many!

Not one bad album in a decades long career.

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432Streetlight Manifesto

The greatest ska punk band of all time. Most talent that ever came out of New Jersey. -

433Blood On the Dance FloorBlood on the Dance Floor was an American crunkcore group that last consisted of multi-instrumentalist, singer and rapper Dahvie Vanity and singer and rapper Jayy von Monroe, that formed in 2007 in Florida and disbanded in 2016 . more.

Every time I hear this band I want to puke - malamJONES

I just listened to this band... What am I doing with my life

This band is the worst. Besides, they aren't rock.

Worst band ever

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434Buck Tick

Why is Buck Tick so down on the list?! Atsushi Sakurai has one of the best voices I've heard (not just in Japanese rock, but general rock) and their songs are so amazing!

They're really one of the World's greatest bands. Their style changed a lot, but they've never lost even a fraction of their great talent and creativity. - saaarsdej

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I'm a fan of rock and K-pop, but what are DBSK, Super Junior, Big Bang, and Epik High doing here? Laugh out loud

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436Big Bang
437Epik High
438Mott the Hoople

The 528 bands ahead of Mott must be really good. Not.


These Space-Rock pioneers have been touring and producing albums for almost 45 years, building a legacy which includes "Brainstorm," "Silver Machine," "Sonic Attack," "Uncle Sam's on Mars," and "AeroSpace-Age Inferno" among their dozens of classic non-hits. Ask any Hawkwind fan their favorite album, then watch as they cannot even condense the list to their ten favorites! - IgnoreThis

Hawkwind are a truly awesome band. One of the very first to venture into the genre of "Space Rock". I hope Hawkwind will always be remembered for their unique blend of hippy and punk culture.

I bet a few people know this but Motorhead's Lemmy was in this band before he got fired in 75 - LedZepp81

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440Between the Buried and MeBetween the Buried and Me is an American progressive metal band from Raleigh, North Carolina. Formed in 2000, the band consists of Tommy Giles Rogers, Jr.

as far as instrumental talent, nothing else comes close

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