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441 Epik High
442 Mott the Hoople Mott the Hoople

The 528 bands ahead of Mott must be really good. Not.

443 Hawkwind

These Space-Rock pioneers have been touring and producing albums for almost 45 years, building a legacy which includes "Brainstorm," "Silver Machine," "Sonic Attack," "Uncle Sam's on Mars," and "AeroSpace-Age Inferno" among their dozens of classic non-hits. Ask any Hawkwind fan their favorite album, then watch as they cannot even condense the list to their ten favorites! - IgnoreThis

Hawkwind are a truly awesome band. One of the very first to venture into the genre of "Space Rock". I hope Hawkwind will always be remembered for their unique blend of hippy and punk culture.

I bet a few people know this but Motorhead's Lemmy was in this band before he got fired in 75 - LedZepp81

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444 Between the Buried and Me Between the Buried and Me Between the Buried and Me is an American progressive metal band from Raleigh, North Carolina. Formed in 2000, the band consists of Tommy Giles Rogers, Jr.

as far as instrumental talent, nothing else comes close

445 Cold War Kids
446 Finch

Very Good Post Hardcore Band

447 Sky Eats Airplane

its like a kick to your head

448 Atomship

science fiction music but seriously good and addictive

449 UFO UFO UFO are an English rock band that was formed in 1969. They became a transitional group between early hard rock and heavy metal and the new wave of British heavy metal.

This british band to me was better than Zep or the Who! Their hard rock sound was original and melodic without being
Wimpy like Journey or Styx etc... Albums Lights Out, Obsession, Force It and the brilliant Live album Strangers in the
Night is one of the best Live albums of all time. Their later albums like No Place to Run and Wild Willing and Innocent
Were also great even though guitarist Shenker had left. The bands newest albums also continue the hard rock melodic
Sound that most bands can't even come close! Vinnie Moore was a good replacement and has held his own. I've seen
Them numerous times from early 75 to 2009 and they still can rock any new band out! Should be in the RHOF!

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450 Doro
451 Mudvayne Mudvayne Mudvayne was an American heavy metal band from Peoria, Illinois formed in 1996. Originally from Bloomington, Illinois, they are known for their sonic experimentation, innovative album art, face and body paint, masks and uniforms.

Definitely one of the greatest bands out there and they deserve more credit.

My favorite song by them is "Do What You Do". - Gigan

452 Xutos & Pontap├ęs

Best portuguese rock band ever

453 Alkaline Trio Alkaline Trio Alkaline Trio is an American punk rock band from McHenry, Illinois. The band consists of guitarist and vocalist Matt Skiba, bassist and vocalist Dan Andriano, and drummer Derek Grant.

it's Matt Skiba, yo! His band has a great rock sound! -

I love this band
Beacouse Andy Biersack listen to this band too

454 Bill Haley & His Comets

He was the first one who started rock. I don't know why he isn't the King of Rock actually, because Elvis was after him and he was rock and roll. Bill Haley was soft rock in the 50's, but he was in a band. I should've put him as #1, but he is still up here at least. -

Who could be greater than the one band that started it all? Every one else is just a "Johnny come Lately". They were all original, innovative, popular and long lasting. All any one else has done is to and to or expand on what they created!

Oh, for goodness sakes. This band was one of the earliest bands in rock and was one of those who made rock popular which was what allowed it to expand and grow.

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455 Rev Theory
456 Band of Gypsys
457 A Perfect Circle
458 Them Crooked Vultures

Josh Homme, Dave Grohl, John Paul Jones, and Alain Johannes. Doesn't get much better. - Yabaecip

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459 The Monkees

This list is obviously flawed if the Monkees are in 399th spot... GIVE ME A BREAK!

Come on now! Being down here is ridiculous. They were a phenomenon even if they were formed for a T.V. show.

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460 The Stooges The Stooges The Stooges, also known as Iggy and the Stooges, are an American proto-punk band from Ann Arbor, Michigan, first active from 1967 to 1974, and later reformed in 2003. Although they sold few records in their original incarnation, and often performed for indifferent or hostile audiences, the Stooges are more.

This band wasn't that famous during their prime years, but their greatness was acknowledged later. come on they have influenced many, many of the bands in here. - zam67

Fun House-Probably one of the best albums ever!

Pretty much set the blue print for punk, deserves a top 59 rank

3 albums of staggering importance and greatness. IGGY IS ROCK.

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