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Pearl Jam


Right now they are the greatest American rock band.
Pearl Jam is the modern definition of Rock Band Legends! They are what Rock is all about and are definitely a top ten rock band of all time and top 1 or 2 all time alternative band. They just got some kind of magic that when you see them live they become larger than life, they are a huge part of my life as I doubt there's a day in the last 20 years that I haven't listened to at least one of their songs... PEARL JAM Rules!
45? Pearl Jam deserve to be well higher than 45, and I can't believe they were even 57 at one point! Ok, Nirvana were the greatest grunge band ever, but they weren't THIS much better than Pearl Jam (although even Nirvana should be higher than were they are). Anywhere Nirvana are on this list, Pearl Jam should be no more than 5 places maximum behind them. I have been listening to their songs non-stop for days and I'm still addicted to them, even my mother loves Pearl Jam!
Seriously, 30? Pearl Jam is one of the top 5 for sure. They're my favorite by far. Everyone should like Pearl Jam, they have everything - weird stuff for weird people (bugs, stupid mop), great melodies and harmonies (yellow Ledbetter, red mosquito), harder rock stuff (blood, spin the black circle) and everything in between. Anyone who doesn't like Pearl Jam doesn't know enough about them.
This list is a pile... and is totally unrepresentative the majority of voters are a bunch of wannabes listening to douche rock such as breaking benjamin, all time low, creed and other dreadful bands who claim to be things they are not... Hipsters! Rant over..

Pearl Jam on the other hand deserve to be much further up this list they are in it for the music they have stood the test of time on continue to produce original amazing tunes look to reliable sources of ranking bands such as the rolling stone
Unfair like crazy! Pearl Jam is one of the greatest, most influential bands ever, far superior than many in the list above. ask guys from a non-English speaking countries who are into rock, pearl jam and nirvana are bands 4 them all.. zeppelin of our generation, both music and lyrics wise.. Linkin Park, 30 Seconds above Pearl Jam, Van Halen? Please!
Disgusting, this should be in top 10 at least. Please vote for it and at least get it into top 5! O many fantastic bands to choose from, but these stand out more than any. Absolutely wonderful range of music that has something for every emotion. Mayonnaise kills me every time.
Pearl Jam is much better than it is listed as. Eddie Vedder's lyrics are just beautiful poetry and the music is nothing short of amazing. It's awful that this band usually gets overlooked when people talk about the greatest bands of all time.
Although Pearl Jam may have cashed in on the success of Nirvana, they were the most successful American rock band of the 90s. They kept classic rock going and contributed with their own incredible talents. Their 60 million albums sold argue that they are better than no name bands like X Japan and L'arc en ciel.
Pearl Jam. Oh my god, this band, just oh my god. Every little detail about this band makes them the best band of all time and anyone who hasn't heard Pearl Jam should go listen to Black or Jeremy or Unthought Known or Corduroy. I'm not kidding, do it! Right now! Don't think I don't notice that you haven't done it yet.


In addition, they just rock so damn hard. Hands down, they should be number one. 15 years on, still crafting undeniably powerful songs that creep right into your soul. Unbelievably talented musicians. Anyone who's ever seen a live set would rate them off the charts - a step above the rest.
Please look at the previous bands, listen to their samples, then listen to Pearl Jam. 57 is where bands like Paramore should be, bands with uninspiring music and very little lyrical meaning. Pearl Jam is the greatest band on the face of the Earth.
Their commitment toward make the world a better place through their activism is one of the main reasons they are the best band in the world. Also the fact they do things on their terms and not get caught up in the bull that runs rampant through the record business.
Listen to a Pearl Jam album and afterwards you will be scrambling to jump on the computer and vote for them. They are most definitely one of the greatest bands of all time. This list has WAY to many bands in front of them that should not be.
Gimme a break. The "rock" bands above like Evanescence make this list a complete joke. Pearl Jam has kept it going for 22 years and they are better than ever. Eddie Vedder has best rock voice ever and Mike McCready is a guitar god.
Pearl Jam has 10 amazing studio albums. Plus an uncountable amount of live albums that are better then every band above and below them on this list. Possibly the worst list ever with linkin park in the top 10. Haha
Ranked number 40, but definitely number 1 in the fans' hearts. Just overall an amazing band with a beautiful, electric chemistry live. I can't thank my dad enough for showing me them, because they have definitely showed me what good music is. Pearl Jam is just so hearty and one of my favorite bands. Their music is indescribably perfect.
It's amazing how many bands are on this list because of one or two songs. Pearl Jam needs to be higher so other bands can marvel and be inspired by their talent. It will be the best thing for future music.
Slow, fast, heavy, deep.. You name it and they have a magical song to fit any of those. Combine this with magical lyrics and a singer who seems to be the pied piper of emotions there's hardly a band to match them. And oh yes they have done what they have done for almost 2 decades! Seriously these guys are magic.. Definitely in the top 5.. And if I wasnt such a big fan of Metallica, Green Day ^^ LZ.. Would say these guys are number one outright
This list is ridiculous! Avenged Sevenfold ahead of the who, the doors, AND PEARL JAM! Pearl Jam is the best rock band of the last 30 years. Their live shoe is better than 90% of the list and I would know I have seen almost all of them.
To have Green Day in the top ten alongside the typical over-rated bands (Metallica and The Beatles) is shocking. Pearl Jam should be up there for the sheer originality of their albums and message.
Pearl Jam should be MUCH higher than 29. They deserve a lot more respect. The awesome guitar riffs, and Eddie Vedder's awesome vocals team together to make ONE AWESOME BAND! They should be higher up!
This list is a flat out joke - metallica is #1 over Queen, the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, the Who, are you KIDDING ME! The fact that Pearl Jam is this low shows how pathetic the rankings are.
PJ are the greatest! How they can be at 62 is beyond a joke... They should be No. 1!
What are people thinking out there - Avenged Sevenfold at no. 9! Hahaha unbelievable.
Yeah I look at this list and it shows that most who voted 1. Know nothing about what to factor into this poll. They don't take ALBUMS into consideration, only "hits", which is sad

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