Tokio Hotel


I have already been a fan of this band for more than a year. all I can say is that they're a great band in general. I'll admit that I greatly adore the lead singer, but it's not just him that makes the band in total great. their songs can strike. they talk about life and sometimes love. I'll admit that some songs aren't my type, or don't have good meanings etc, but not all songs of an artist is good. still though, they have good songs.

all I'm saying is that check before you bash. :| please, at least find out a little more about the certain artist... if you're bashing just because of the weird looks, then I don't find it reasonable. but if you're bashing cause something happened when you listen to them, or they remind you of something horrible, or yeah something like that, then that's probably acceptable. I'll admit that I'm bashing justin bieber because he gives me a bad day whenever I just hear his music.. he even gave me a nightmare :|

it's such a special band for me! and I can't replace it for anything or any amount of money in this entire world! they have been part of my life for 3 years and I think that would never change! most of their songs I've heard from them is according to my mood! there's one special for every single moment in my life(hapiness, sadness, lonelyness, foolness, etc.. ) that's why I love them! they are such an important part of my life that I just can't easily remove from it now! =/ also, because that special man that is the vocalist in this band... mii belliiziimo Bill Kaulitz! & and his strange but nice look and way of being! and appart from that.. they don't have an specific type of music and style! they are just what the way they are and do what they want... and that's awe-some! (almost for me..! ) :) that's all guys(i guess...! )

they're underrated, that's all. people don't like them because it's mainstream not to like them nowadays. they're maybe not the best band ever, but they are good. please look past the lead singer's feminine appearance, the guitarist's retarded gangster outfit, their whole 'teenie pop band' stigmatism and just give them a listen. like other musician, they got some songs to be good, the other sucks, and the other to be simply amazing. about the lyrics, I've translated a story once and it's really a hard job to do, with maintaining the emotion and all. and now TH did it with a song - there's ryhme to be considerate also. their original german lyrics are much better.

just give them a try, or if you don't want to lose your cool by simply listening to them, just please stop bashing them like 'omg they suck emo metal forever' blah blah. Real music is not just in one genre. if you want bad music to criticize so much, justin bieber is out there for god's sake.

I have never encountered such a band that has so much heart felt music and performs all the time like there is no tomorrow!
They are the most passionate band I have ever heard and not many artists in today's world brings so much emotion n honest thoughts into their music as Tokio Hotel does and has.
For this reason among many others: I LOVE THEM.
They've helped me through a lot even though they personally don't know me and they've given me room to think on a broader scale and not be narrow minded like other people and artists out there.
They have assisted me to be who I am and not let anyone put me down because I'm not afraid to show my real self, my real personality.
So if you want a real worthwhile band: At least consider them because I did and that's gotten me FAR

TOKIO HOTEL IS THE BEST BAND IN THE WORLD! Why? They are very different. Unlike other singers or bands who just sing or make songs for mainstream so that they'll get famous, TH produces THEIR own sound to their music. They truly share what they feel even though how weird it is sometimes. They EXPRESS THEMSELVES and that is the important thing in a band. TO CONNECT THEMSELVES WITH THE FANS and TH, nonetheless, CONNECTS TO EVERYONE'S HEARTS THROUGH THEIR SONGS!

I Love how, they don't give off one image, they give off four. I also love how, they are who the are. They don't try be some one else Who cares if Bill wants to dress a little feminine, & who cares if Tom wants to dress all hip pop. Who cares if Gutav wants to wear shorts all the time, Or if Georg doesn't want to cut his hair. It's about the music, sure there music is a little sad, but it's true, & honest. It just shows how much their human like us. They put up with people critizing them, day on day, to make there fans happy. Sure they make mistakes, we all do. & if your able to look past the looks & rumors, you'll see/hear what I mean. They really are great. {:

They helped me to pass through all the stuff in my life. They were are and will be my idols forever! I love everything about them. When I listen for the first time "Ready Set Go" (this one was the first song I heard) I completely fell in love with them! And from then on I keep listening to their songs all the time. I really had a fight with my father about them... But I didn't cared at all. I won't give up on them because of what people say. They have that "something" that make you feel so special. They are not like the others. They are the "Black Question mark" (hihi) I keep saying:


I'm 18 and I know Tokio Hotel is a young band, so.. I don't wanna say they are the best rock band ever, but I can say, for sure, they are the best for me. They've changed my life. They' give me strong emotions and their lives are AMAZING. And please, stop criticizing them, just because of your prejudices, which are mostly about their amazing frontman. Care more about their music, pay attention to it and believe me, it's worth listening to them. Or at least, if you don't like their music, then you could eventually misjudge them for it, but not for their look. Tokio Hotel I love you! Go on this way, 4ever ;)

They have saved so many lives. Just by being themselves they give thousands of people all around the world a place to belong. I don't know if I would be alive if it wasn't for Tokio Hotel. Their music and their huge passion for us fans give us strength to carry on even when life is hard.

A lot of people don't like them but they haven't even listened to their music! Give them a chance and you'll see that their music actually means very much and they do have talent. To me, they are the best band ever.

They've been the reason of my happiness since more than 5 years now, I'm so proud of them and I just can say that they are the best for me I love them and I love their music, and for those who says that their music is plastic, there's a quote from Bill Kaulitz: "Music, It's an emotion: If you're just a puppet, how can you put your soul in what you do? For my part, I believe that I put my soul to it, so I get angry when people think that what I do is plastic"

I think for me Tokio Hotel is the best band in the world. I have been a fan of them for 3 years and I will always be a fan of them until my last breath. they are all unique in their own way. they are the best German band in the world. I like how the four boys are so passionate about their music and fans. I like how in each song there is so much emotion put in it. this band actually change my life and I am glad I got to listen to their music and realize that some musicians are caring and make real music, not like some other singers who have no meaning behind there music. they will always be in my heart. I hope they win more awards because they really desirve it. TOKIO HOTEL FOREVER!

You just don't know the love we have to this band! It's the best band ever, they make us really happy with their music... I just wanna tell you that you should listen to their music, because you will feel that that music describes you and your feelings... When they came to Peru, I cried days after days... I was crazy! I get to know them on a Meet & Greet, I have a signed album! and I think that I'm ready to die! I MET THEM! I'M THE HAPIEST GIRL IN THE ENTIRE WORLD! But until that happens... I'll continue waiting for them! FOREVER!

I love them, loved their music before I even knew what my looked like and I still love them to this very day! They're lyrics speck simple and of the emotional issues that some teens face and as they grow up so do their fans and so the songs get deeper and not as depressive but they never were to start with, they promote a better mind by getting young people interested in another culture and country- they're the most successful German band in some 20 years and they've only been sighed for 5, lets not end the ride now people!

Sixth? Only?
Tokio Hotel is the best group I've heard in my life. They are so talented, it's a group of four friends that people do not separate. They are so... There are no words to describe them. They have changed the lifes of many people in the whole world, and no one can ever equaled. They sparked a madness. Four little boys with dreams full head. No one can ever replace Tokio Hotel in my life, not even all the gold in the world. It's been four years since they are part of me and I think it never will change. They are not like any other group, they have something extra special, I think. They each have their own style, they have not changed in their minds, fame has not reached. They do not talk about sex and parties. They talk about the realities of the world, life, etc.. That's why I think they deserves all the stuff what happened to them and they deserves to be one of the best group of all time! All the people in the world gonna be remember them..

This guys have a lot of talent and we can see it, they won with their music around the world. But some people don't like this guys and are always joking with their name and they just talk bad about their style but they don't even know what music they play. sometimes this people can like Tokio Hotel music, but it's Tokio Hotel so they think that they can't say or hear TH music. that's stupid, you know, but whatever. Even if Tokio Hotel do not stay on the first position or in the Top Ten List in "Best Rock Bands Of All time", 'cause here have a lot of good bands too and at the same time bad bands, they already win for everthing.

Tokio Hotel are the reason for our union, aliens :]

I kneel down, I kneel down on the floor for the best rock band in the world for me... TOKIO HOTEL!
They have been with me in many difficult times in my life, their songs with me and the angelic voice of Bill Kaulitz singing to appease me from being hurt... they are angels. "Sacred" always make me cry.
Tokio Hotel are 4 different people who are judged hard by the world, because of their looks. Their looks are awesome btw and their songs just get into my soul not a second after the first note.
They are the best band in the world. People are too bad to be fans of these angels, but some of them are open minded and like to take TH's hands... and help them fly!

Tokio Hotel is one of the best bands ever! They have conquered Europe, USA, South America, and almost every part of Asia! They are definitely phenomenal! People don't like them because of the way they look but they're not here for their looks. The guitarist isn't here to promote his "retarded gangster" outfit. They have their own styles. What makes them so different is that they all have their own styles, yet they compliment each other very well.

I love them, I respect lots of bands here... But for me Tokio Hotel is a way of life, so that's why I'm voting for them, they have changed my life and I'm so thankful whit them... I'm so proud of being their fan since 5 years ago. People say that they don't make music, but they're based on what they see on T.V. , and in the appearances I wonder if these people had ever give them the chance and watch a video of Tokio Hotel live, and by the way... Monsoon is not their only song. You guys shouldn't judge anybody just for their appearance. I love and respect Tokio Hotel because even when half of the people in this world hates them, that wasn't an impediment to make them stop doing what they love...

Tokio Hotel surly earns the title of best rock band. Their music is soulful, meaningful, lovely and powerful. All four of the guys put so much effort into what they do. Tokio Hotel is Bill Kaulitz, Tom Kaulitz, Gustav Schafer, and Georg Listing. Their live are dedicated to their music, and to their fans. Their music helps me and others through tough times, hard loves, and shows us that there is always someone there. Their music touches our souls, and our hearts. They thank us for making their music a success, and in turn we thank them. Tokio Hotel surly is the best rock band ever.

wow they're so gorgeous! *w* his music are so amazing! they really rocks! & I think you should give it a try and listen his music, because some people don't worry to hear so clear the lyrics, the melody, and the harmony between them and they just judge! that's no fair :( that guys have so much to give us, they're really god and we just need to keep your mind open, I really love them & I support Tokio Hotel till my last breath!

my most happiest moment in life is when I met TOKIO HOTEL..
they have the best songs I ever heard meaningful lyrics, heart melting voice of bill kaulitz and my first album collection...
i love everything about them...
i really don't care what other people thinks about them...
all I know is.. I love them...
i love you guys!
make some noise aliens!

They changed my life :D

Maybe aren't the best band of the world.. but they have a talent and humility that will help them to go far.
have proven to be very good people, the truth, I am very touched by the appreciation they have for animals.
so... good luck guys!
and Don't forget! your fans will always be with you .


They are the most humble, generous and compassionate people you'll ever find. Tokio Hotel has changed so many lives including mine with just their songs alone and don't plan on stopping for as long as Aliens keep screaming their name! Their music is from the heart and the chemistry in their performances between them, their lyrics and fans is intoxicating. These guys are irresistible! From their love and devotion for great causes like PETA for animal rights and Amnesty International to name a few to the love and devotion for their fans, by far I feel TH deserve to win.

Bacause Tokio Hotel, it's this : Bill Kaulitz, Tom Kaulitz, Gustav Schfer and Georg Listing. Four guys, four persons that they have changed my life forever. Because I miss them now. Because their song are just incredible, nice, awesome and all that you want. Bacause TOKIO HOTEl = T(alented), O(utstanding), K(ind), I(nteresting), O(utgoing), H(ot), O(verwhlming), T(errific), E(xtraordinary), L(ovable). They are an ALIENS!

They really deserve it to win, they worked so hard to be there where they are now. I mean they come from a small village in Germany and that they are so successful is the madness. Whenever I feel bad I have to hear their music and already I feel better. I don't care what other people say, that's their opinion. They look how they look like and not on what they can. It is sad. But I will always love them for me they are the best band on the world.