Top Ten Rock Songs of 2014


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1Guilty All the Same - Linkin Park

It's the best rock song of 2014 cause it has everything

2Invisible - U2

It's a good song, its beat is superb. - glambert

3Love Don't Die - The Fray
4Something from Nothing - Foo Fighters

I wonder why Congregation isn't on this list? But this is still one of their best songs so far.

5Gloryhole - Steel Panther
6State of Shock - Green Day

To be honest I'm surprised this song is even on the list cause it wasn't released as a single, it was just 1 random new Green Day song. But I like it and I'm glad it's on the list

Come on... the guys that went against politics, gave people something to believe in, in a post 9/11 world! These guys are way underrated!

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7My Dying Time - Black Label Society
8S.O.S. In Bel Air - Phoenix

This is one of Phoenix's best songs to date. It is one of the best rock songs of 2014 as well. "S.O. S In Bel Air" is energetic, memorable, and creative. - gothictomboy66

9Just a Ride - The Virginmarys
10The Only Way Out - Bush

The Newcomers

?I Am Machine - Three Days Grace
?Until It's Gone - Linkin Park

This is an awesome song and it should be so much higher on the list!

I love Linkin Park, also this song. - Fan_of_Good_Music

The Contenders

11Ordinary Love - U2
12Deep Six - Marilyn Manson
13Fever - The Black Keys

Shining light in a rubbish year for rock

14Not Gonna Die - Skillet

Best on the list

15Words as Weapons - Seether

I think "weak" also can be in in this list

16Magic - Coldplay

I'm looking forward to Ghost Stories. I hope it's an improvement of X&Y, Viva La Vida Or Death and All His Friends and Mylo Xyloto, but that would be almost reaching perfection! - keyson

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17Fake Your Death - My Chemical Romance

This is My Chemical Romance's last song. This band is truly amazing - Byronh

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18Take Out the Gunman - Chevelle
19My Demons - Starset
20Final Masquerade - Linkin Park
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1. Guilty All the Same - Linkin Park
2. Until It's Gone - Linkin Park
3. Hater - Korn
1. Guilty All the Same - Linkin Park
2. Rebellion - Linkin Park
3. Final Masquerade - Linkin Park
1. Invisible - U2
2. Love Don't Die - The Fray
3. Gloryhole - Steel Panther

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