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21Wolves of Chasma: Genesis

This game was closed but its possibly closed forever now

The map is nice, and my favorite part are the camps

The wolves of Chasma has been reborn rejoice!

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22Bird Simulator

I love when you choose the owl or eagle, something big and all the birds start to follow you I rp on this times to times and more people join in

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I would honestly vote for this game as well for being an amazing role-playing game. It has a vast map, with amazing models of cars, houses, and, in general, the map. It looks stunning, for it being an island, however it gives off so much life with its areas in which you can be part of.

24The Pizzeria Roleplay: Remastered

I love it, you have to play to unlock new characters, you can create your own Five nights at Freddy's Original Character, and You can create some amazing stories. 10/10

25Corpse Party

I really like how people make up story in this Role play it has loads of characters so I recommend this Role Play world

Plenty of corpse party fans are pleased with these games

Play the real game. It's a lot better. 3/10

I'd rather just buy the real game.. - idkdan

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26The Town of Robloxia

The updated version is cool but they should swap tremity's adopt and raise a cute baby and put this one on roblox's worst maps (I mean the updated version of this town of robloxia should't go on roblox's worst maps but the old version should)

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27Roblox's Top Model

It's so cool because there is Lots of clothes And You can have this little puppy and kitty and :3

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28Dragon Ball RP: Legends

I play this game a lot, it's got a lot of moves from all the shows, and it can fit any player!

By Kaiserion. Amazing in my Opinion. tons of moves, virtually impossible to make a character without the moves you want. Highly recommended.

29Ace Attorney Chatroom

I love this one and phoenix wright fans should check it out - legomen444

A great roleplaying game, with very good scripting and excellent visuals compared to the actual game.
Any Ace Attorney fan MUST check it out.

30TPP My Little Pony Roleplay

This is a cool game! It's fun to morph. Sucks though that a lot of players on there are trollers and noobs :c

((Please don't hate. Whether you like it or not, ponies and Bronies are going to live on. Just be the bigger person and ignore it if it needlessly pisses you off.))

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This game is forever with me and my friends. It may be simple, but it's the best. It's very difficult to find at least difficult roleplayers, but the fact that it's such an old and adorable game makes it great. If I could rate it out of 10, it would get a bold 6/10.

The sad part, though, is lately it has been getting less plays. I wish people would admire and notice it more often.

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32Steven Universe Roleplay

This game has a lot of great content for Steven universe fans. Your own gemsona maker. Every character. A huge map with attention to detail and songs straight from the show. definitely great.

This game has a lot of content for SU fans alike. There is so much detail and you can find quite a lot of great RPers! 9/10

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33Ro-Force Rescue Mission 3.77V3 Comments
34Speed Run 4

I think this is a good game for the new people to roblox. When I was new to roblox I played Speed Run 4 and I loved it :-).

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35Blackhawk Rescue Mission 2

"Fun to people who like to have the most fun, I made a group, and have literally dominated everything else, the best thing anyone could have ever made. Period.

A very fun role play and every game pass is worth it

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36Sonic RP: Project Reignite

This game is awesome! I'm not a sonic fan, But its still awesome! you get to create your OWN character, from the color to what kind of ears you have. Usually there are great RPers, and then there's the other players that don't say anything and just walk around.

37Kingdom Life III

Rlly good game but should add a fake chta so u can say anything without hash tags

38Cruise RoleplayV1 Comment
39Medic (Roblox Town Back)

I think this is a simple but great game to play. You can buy a house, have a job and hang out with friends. I give this game 7/10 and I think it needs more plays. It's great for roblox films and for just role playing

40Superhero Life

I practically love this game...for me it is the BEST Roblox Super Hero Roleplay (it is probably also the only one)

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