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July 31, 2015 - Here are my favorite Roman Gods and Goddesses. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

Neptune - God of the Sea
Much more strict of god all roman gods are more powerful than the Greek gods. They maybe there counter parts but just there attitude makes them more powerful.


Neptune is like just a boss, if you read the percy jackson books you see that percy is a demi god and son of neptune
Neptune is the best and the greatest god of all time, and he is the coolest
[Newest]Get your noses out of the ' Percy Jackson books, people. Mythology isn't just Poseidon/Neptune being a boss because one fictional character was his son. Admittedly, he was cool, but the Romans HATED Neptune, so he shouldn't be number one.

2Jupiter - God of Thunder and the King of Gods
I love flying. The sea is also a place I love to be but the Romans did not like Neptune.. At all; at one point they even declared war on him.. Also, despite the popularity of Neptune / Poseidon, Jupiter is the most powerful of the gods.
Most powerful god, plus he is awesome
The romans hated neptune so much, they declared war on him. plus I love rulers and jupiter is the ruler of all the gods. he also rules the weather because he is the god of thunder and thunder is caused by lightning. I know the roman gods are fake but I still love jupiter. that's just my opinion.
[Newest]Really awesome god! Using this for my test!

3Pluto - God of Death and the Underworld
Any dude that rules hell and is a god is pretty cool
I'd love to play with cerberus... All the people who vote for neptune are "The Lightning Thief" addicts
Pluto is awesome! Hope when I die I get to meet him
[Newest]I love Pluto so much!

4Apollo - God of the Sun
His Greek and Roman name are the same. Apollo

Apollo is the god of music, poetry, and the sun as well... Apollo is like the god of life but he's not he's awesome!

5Minerva - Goddess of Wisdom and War
war without wisdom is just an excuse for murder.
Wisdom, battle strategy, peace and the arts actually
Wisdom is awesome. Its what keeps this world spinning. If there was no wisdom circulating throughout the world, people like leonardo de vinchi and george washington would not have existed. Keep that in mind and heart every day.
[Newest]She is a good goddess because the two powers that she has can save humanity

6Diana - Goddess of the Hunt and Moon
She is AWESOME! Please vote for her!
She is so cool@
She should be with her twin

7Ceres - Goddess of the Earth
She gave us life you should thank her if she wasn't here years ago you would not be here today so next time I get back on here I should see more votes for ceres
I agree she should be the 1st goddess she made us ALL! Please give her more votes!
Ceres was not the one who made the earth, jesus and god did!

8Mars - God of War
God of War! Definitely gets my vote.


Uh duh its not exatley hard! Its beause he flys and every person that flys is always aawesome and also because he justs has an amazing name!
He is like the 2nd most powerful next to Jupiter and mars represents the rome and honor with out that Rome is lost. Plus he is tjier protector.
[Newest]He's the better version of Ares the Greek god of war.

9Vulcan - The Blacksmith God
he's amazing plus he can mess with fire and can make anything
Vulcan is boss. I think he has the best power of the gods.
AWESOME! I wish I wanna be a son of Vulcan :D

10Venus - Goddess of Love, Beauty and Lust
Venus is Afrodite, beautiful woman goddess, big hair super brave style to magy and good heart. Love to instinct heart.
She, inspires me to look my best and help machmake

The Contenders

11Bacchus - God of Wine
Not just wine but the God of Good Times!

12Mercury - The Messenger God
Mercury as the deity of commerce was frequently in invoked in matters of commerce (money! ) and he paid off as demonstrated by his inscriptions..
Mercury is flying angel, white colour body and good heart, he is very match power and brave face, big hair.
flying people are cool
just sayin

13Vesta - Goddess of the Hearth

14Saturn - God of Time
Imagine if you could control time? Saturn is number one on my list. He can control the cosmos like a DVR. Fastforward, Pause, Rewind and Play.

15Flora - Goddess of Flowers and the Season of Spring
I think flowers are great. :]
Great goddess ever! By the way she is persephone right?

16Faunus - God of the Forest, Plains and Fields
Faunus, is Pan, devil and great power god, in hair have horn, foot is horse style and body is devil. Pan is super intuition god.

17Juno - Queen of the gods
Juno is also very powerful, and deserves to be improved. She is the queen of gods after all.
Queen of all the gods

18Cupid - God of Love
Its cupid you need love in life
Cupid Is awesome amazing

19Hecate - Goddess of Mist and Magic

20Eris - Goddess of Strife

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