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1My Amnesia Girl

I love this movie because not only miss toni gonzaga is in it but also because its explaining a simple way to try and forget the past but don't forget that it will always find a way to go back into your life

d movie was so fantastic n 8 s very humurous.. the emotions of the actors and actresses are truly inspiring.. heheheheh


toni and JLC can really act

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2Till My Heartaches EndV1 Comment
3Miss You Like Crazy

It's so nice movie with a lot of funny

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4You Changed My Life
5When Love Begins
6You Are the One
7Sayo Lamang

The best movie of the year, The movie involves the best actresses and actors, and no wonder, A successful movie. It is the BEST

8You Got Me
9She's Dating the Gangster

This was really touching and inspiring. Made me cry like a baby. It's definitely better than Fault in Our Stars movie. :D

This is one of my best love story movie ever and touch me a lot, I can watch it every day when I fill along and bored

This is one of the best movie that I have ever watched. The role that which athena Dixon played was so touching that a tears rolled down from my eye. And I'm looking for more movies about Athena dizon.. I really love you. I wish I could meet you one fine day... Umuah. Saobrang na mahal

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10I Do

it is so beautiful... so romantic, funny and you will fill the love of enchong and erich for each other - cheRie4rever

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11One More ChanceV1 Comment
12Talk Back and You're Dead

This story is awesome love story. made me cry when they got away. casting is James Reid and Nadine Lustre. also known as Jadine

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13Unofficially Yours
14Nandito Ako Umiibig Sayo
15Crazy Beautiful You
16Won't Last a Day Without You
17Diary NG Panget

I like the movie funny and romantic...Perfect and nice couple

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18It Takes a Man and a Woman

Funniest, Crush, Love, Romantic, Made me cries - onlyway

19Just the 3 of UsV1 Comment
20The Mistress
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1. Till My Heartaches End
2. My Amnesia Girl
3. Miss You Like Crazy



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