Adrian Peterson


Peterson has averaged 1,445.2 rushing yards and 13.5 touchdowns per season in his first four years in the league.

Peterson's power and speed are evident to everyone who has seen him play. Three other factors weigh in favor of his continued greatness. First is his vision. Those cuts as he bursts into the second level result in Peterson's "running where they ain't". Second, Peterson has an amazing 5% body fat, maintaining an overall fitness level that will continue to serve him well. Finally, Peterson's work ethic is legendary. His work schedule after the knee surgery and leading up to the 2012 season resulted in arguably the finest season any running has experienced in football.

Adrian Peterson deserves to be ranked higher than LaDainian Tomlinson. Tomlinson was a good running back, but he will never be great. Since Peterson's rookie year people have known that he will be a hall of famer. Although he doesn't have a ring he doesn't need one. For all of you who judge him because he doesn't have a ring, you could never do anything he has done.

It's a bird. It's a plane. No it's Adrian Peterson. Fast as a speeding bullet. Strong as a locomotive. He is unstoppable look at the numbers. No one does it like him. Adrian Peterson rushed for 4,000 yards 40 Touch Downs in for years.

No other running back has show the shear power, agility and speed in a single player the way Peterson has. If he remains healthy the rest of his career he will shatter all the records.

Adrian is phenomenal, no one can deny that people are astounded by everything he has accomplished. Hands up to AP for being the quintessential running back of a passing league.

The guy is all around pound for pound the badest running back ever. His vision and presents and sheer will to stay on his feet is amazing. All day

Best ever. Only time will tell. He is such a violent runner and if he can stay healthy, watch out Emmitt!

More speed than Barry Sanders and more elusiveness than Emmit Smith (compare highlights). His stats are phenomenal at this point in his career and he plays for my Minnesota Vikings (I must confess they are struggling quite a bit). If he continues to play, he will be the best!

He the greatest no question he's got the second most rushing yards in one season and his body weight is only 3 percent fat

He is by far the best player in the NFL and once he gets done with his punishment he will blow the earth's mind!

He's unexplainable! 11
He's a bos... No body can stop that man he is the best in the national football league

Hands down best in the business so far. Runs harder then any one in the game and is extremely explosive.

Maybe others will consider him great once he's older, but you are witnessing greatness right now..

dude unstopabble oncehe learns to hold on to the bal better its a warap - tjda1

He is a beast.. Even when minny has had NO QB since he was drafted. ALL DAY. PURPLE JESUS, AD, THE BEAST... Whatever... Hands down.

Hes in the majors when every one else is in the little league.

Adrian Peterson ran for over 1000 yards his rookie year and even made it to the pro bowl not only that but he got rookie MVP of the year so there is obviously no contest that Adrian Peterson should be on this list that fact that he is so amazing and you know what this is just the beging of a great carrear for the guy

If Peterson was used better in minnesota he would be better than what he already is

lets have a competition now shall we? all your dead people vs a living guy - myopinionactaulycounts

By the end of his career he will have surpassed all of the ones ahead of him

He started the bests is the best and will still be the best in the future - theTwister

Potential that now is becoming 'the best'

I'm not even a Viking fan and I still think he tops everyone

I went to school with him and always did his homework