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Marcus Allen


I am embarassed for everyone that he is ranked so low. Any student of the game knows he is one of the all-time greats. The fact that he is often overlooked by amateurs making lists is a testament to his humbleness. But if you question his greatness, just look at his accomplishments - they speak for themselves.


What made Marcus truly great was the way he demanded a lot of defensive attention freeing up other players on his team. He was always a treat running or catching out of the backfield and was a pretty good blocker to boot.
MA is definitely in the top 5. He was excellent in all aspects of the game. Run, catch, block and pass and was unstoppable at the goal line with one of the best leaps. MA was all about winning and a class act on and off the field.
Truly the greatest.He could run,catch,block,and throw.He has asuperbowl mvp and has 123 td's
One of the greatest all around Running Backs of all time... Stats don't lie and neither did his play.
Should be way higher for sure ahead of bo, bus, sayers, and faulk
He's better then a lot of the backs ahead of him
14 is about right
He is the best!

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