Terrell Davis


2 super bowl wins and over 1000 yards in 7 games. Played his first super bowl with a migraine headache. Who know where he would have ended up if John Elway had continued two more years. Poor QB like Brian Greise hurts a great RB. He tore his ACL on a tackle after an interception. Same deal with Eddie Mac on 9/10/01.

To the idiot below me, he doesn't get the credit he deserves because his career was cut short by injuries, not because he played in Denver, I love TD, and he should be closer and maybe in the top ten, but not the best, I'd say number ten is perfect for him, not 15

By far one of the most talented backs of all time. The only thing that holds him baack is his injuries. If this competition was based off of pure skills in their prime, Davis easily deserves to be near the top of this list. He was just dominant in his first few years to not go recognized.

HOF-he won't make it because he played in Denver (come on, 2 guys in, 6 Super Bowls?). 2nd, even though his stats still prove it people say no longevity. Thanks Lepsis. - 144mango

T. D is ine the greatest back in the 90s, he was the adrian peterson of today no questions asked. Its a shame his career was cut short. I believe he could of been the all time best.

he has to be top ten drafted 6th round 2 time super bowl champ 1 of only 6 running back to have 2000yards rushing in 1 season 1 time supper bowl mvp all in 7 years

terrell davis is the best running back ever the only reason he doesn't have all the records is because he had to retire because damn headaches were so bad - big-al

Honestly, if he could have played for more years, we would be looking at a top ten running back, its too bad he had migraines.

Had better stats than Emmitt or Barry from 96 to 98. PUT him anywhere from 11 to 15. Should be in the Hall.

I'd take TD over any other back on this list except Jim Brown. He's simply the greatest post-season RB - hell no-one else is even in the same galaxy, let alone same league. And he and Jim are the only two RBs in history to average over 100 yards a game for their career (including postseason). If you want a highlight, Sanders; if you want to win games, TD.

If he had more seasons TD would be #1 all time in running backs. He is so overlooked.

i think that terrel davis is one of the greatest running backs ever..

Um Hello 2008 yards thats gotta count for somthing

terrell davis is the man put him higher

His numbers for his first 5 seasons are very similar to adrian peterson (and Terrell only played 4 games his fith year).