Saddest Anime Series

Anime series have been divided into several categories - comedic, romantic, mystery, science-fiction ... but what has caught my attention are tragedies, or animes not necessarily tragedies but emotional ones that have caused people's eyes to water.

The saddest anime series should be dependent on the content of the anime, the character backgrounds and just anything that has made them such emotional masterpieces sending people to tears.
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The Top Ten

Clannad After Story
SPOILERS! The main character's (Tomoya's) wife (Nagisa) dies giving birth to their daughter Ushio, who he then gives up to Nagisa's parents and falls into a deep depression for five years. Then, he makes up with Ushio after he decides that he wants to try his hardest to take care of her in probably the most powerful scene in anime history, and then Ushio dies months later. Is there really any question as to why this is the saddest anime ever made?

Ok ok ok *Breathes In* this anime is DEPRESSING

While the first series is more let say 'Aimed at a younger audience' the second series played with my heart strings... PROFESSIONALLY 0_0 lols

Eh lets start with something no one really talks about shall we: The fact that Okazaki Tomoya was showing the cold shoulder to his dad to finally realize as an adult that he himself is going though a similar phase; not to mention when seeing his dad off, he bursted into tears to what all these family drama and loneliness has caused his dad to become. he even burst into tears when Uschio (his daughter) accepted him knowing that she could have put Tomoya through the same Predicament. :'( Although this is not what highlights the anime, I thought it may be great to mention. :'(

I definitely caught the feels for many reasons which I can go on and on and on about but one thing that really got me; is how everyone just disappears in life and how life changes. you don't realize it but everyone changes from primary school (elementary) to high school and university/college onwards, who knows 10 years from now I might not even watch anime and I might look back on this comment like HELL NO laugh out loud. heck some of us may be living on the streets thinking about all those special times we spent in high school, watching anime and so on...

It really got me depressed because the 'slice of life' genre is no joke, it really emphasizes on real life situations and maybe, JUST MAYBE, reminds some of us of many misfortunes we have felt in the past. but still, I can really relate to tomoya because I'm pretty lonely myself I can see people disappearing one by one (special people as well, those I loved and so on... )

ONE THINGS FOR SURE, I have become a person, a person of more honesty, and respect and I have also become way more mature after watching such a beautifully scripted anime. CAN I GET A AMEN!
Absolutely beautiful. This anime does an amazing job at making you connect with the characters, and then to see what they go through, you can't help but to experience the pain that they are feeling. One of my favorites.
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2Angel Beats!
This anime really told us "that life is worth living"... It's just kind of sad when all of them dissapear one by one because they have fullfilled the regretness they have in their real life.. And I really like the last song.. Ichiban no takaramono ~
Angel Beats is the saddest anime I've watched so far. It's beautiful, sad, hilarious, heartbreaking and the music and emotions are amazing. You just get so attached to the characters and the last episode just left me there absolutely crushed. The way he screamed Kanade in the end literally broke my heart. And I just had to watch it to the very last second to see if he disappears too. It left me in such a sad awe that I didn't even think of watching another series for a couple of days. I felt that it would ruin the moment. It leaves you sad and crush but at the same time your happy and feel kinda free and fulfilled. If you haven't seen this then you should type it in right now. It's just breath taking. Must see!
Angel Beats is the best/saddest show ever the saddest episodes were 10 and 13 but 10 is the saddest it made me tear up for days
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3Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day
This is one of my favorite anime's, such a masterfully developed story that shows lot's of meaning and tugs quite a bit at the heart strings. The protagonist's are all quite admirable and all have a strong, but sad background story of how they could've changed Menma's life that day showing how many regrets you can have. Emotions of characters are really shown strongly and the Opening and Ending are amazing songs! The final scene will have you crying like a little girl so be forewarned! :Make sure to bring some buckets and have tissues at the ready. Overall, this is an anime that is quite unique and amazing, can't wait for the movie this august!
The story in Anohana is too pure and emotional. A cheerful and lively girl dies before the story starts and departs in the end of the episode when finally everyone finally made-up to each other. Menma brought everyone together and before she leaves them, she hands them letters that she loved each and every one of them including she wanted to marry Jintan. Menma should've just stayed with them instead of leaving them... Then again that would make the anime happiest ending rather than sadedst ending...
I think that the story of this anime is the saddest anime ever. Can be that inicial is not too sad, but the final, is very very sad! If you don't still watch, WATCH! I recommend for everybody! And too if you don't like much, don't mind, is only 11 episodes!
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4Fullmetal Alchemist
Their mom dies, their dad leaves, their teacher's baby dies, their best friend's parents died from the same person they saved from dying... Enough said...
Some spoilers! )). It really tugged on my strings and was the first anime that really got me. I love FullMetal and cherish it, as well as the story line, with Trisha and Hoeinheim and them... Very good. Plus Edward and Alphonse are the two that really made me cry... With Nina and alaxander...
Lost count how many times I cried watching this series. Same can be said for Brotherhood.
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The birth of a innocent child naruto... The death of his teacher jiyara... The death of itachi are the saddest moment in the anime
The birth of naruto is just so sad and when grief starts to play I always end up crying :'(
Sadness moments of Naruto's life...
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6Elfen Lied
The anime was sad but no where near as depressing as the manga. After I finished reading the manga I sat in a corner in total shock of what happened and I just started crying.
I watched it like 4 times and still cried on the last episode so much it's so beautiful Anime in its own way, I love it! And I recommend it to every mental disorders fan!
I've seen a lot of sad anime and have experienced lots of depressing moments, specifically in Naruto where every character has a sad past. The anime wasn't even a 1/4 a sad as the manga. People I finished reading it a while ago but every time I think about I drown in tears. SPOILERS: lucy's heart-wrenching death!
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7Death Note
All three main characters and other supporting characters have really sad deaths. L is killed by Rem to protect Misa (Rem dies as a result of this. ) Light's dreams are shattered and then he's killed. Misa commits suicide (although not shown) because Light is dead..
Lots of people die in this one, it's a very dark and intense story, and it'll have you hooked almost instantly. I recommend anyone watch this.
This is the saddest anime I've ever seen! Never cried as hard as I did on this one :< L's death is so emotional, because of the flashbacks he has as a child, and his look when he died.. And the way he closed his eyes.. Just... Just...
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8Code Geass R2
So sad... I nearly cried in the end when Nanaly finds out that her brother had tried to create a peaceful world just as she wished. The death of Lelouch was so sad
This show had us so attached to the characters,
And to show a brilliant student who made the world hate him and resent him just so that the world would cease to fight against each other and work towards world peace. The ending was just so sad
How IRONIC! Lelouch dies for the world.. But the world still hates him..
The ending is really sad and unexpected... I mean killing your own father and brothers ans sisters and in the end you sacrifice yourself.. That's really tough!
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Most people who pick Clannad over Kanon for the saddest, probably haven't seen Kanon. It's far more depressing, even more so than Angel Beats.


This has got to be the most underrated show of all time. Of over 60 anime shows I've watched, this is my number one pick. I personally think Clannad and Clannad After Story is sadder, but Kanon overall has a much MUCH better story.
People really need to watch this series, I personally found it more sad than Clannad.
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A lot of people seem to forget about the original Clannad because the after story was so sad. But the original Clannad had a lot of tearjerking moments in it and is easily one of the greatest anime for storyline and likable characters. Also is a must see if you plan on watching Clannad Afterstory

The Contenders

11Attack on Titan
This anime will literally turn you inside out and question what you have done with your life. Everything you watch from this show will just struck you. It tore me apart to the point that I was choking in amazement; I couldn't even cry. Good luck with this show.
Every character has a personality. And it's incredibly easy to find something to like about all of them. But the world that they live in, there's so much risk involved in simple living. Each moment could be the death of someone else we love.
I cried when watching every single episode.
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I found this Kanon level depressing... I cried several times during this and the story line is so sad! I found it was a lot like Clannad with the arcs, but it was shorter and took a lot less time to get through. I would recommend it to people that can keep track as it is a lot of story in 12 episodes.
Hysterical crying by the end of this anime. Really one of the saddest I've watched in a very long time. I would definitely recommend it.
This is a very beautiful anime, it is definitely worth watching if you are a fan of clannad, angel beats and kanon, although the middle episodes don't link in very well, it is definitely worth sticking with it! A great and emotional anime
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13Dragon Ball Z
So many characters whom you may not feel they're worth crying for because of previous deeds but they change and your feeligs for them as well. Probly the saddest part was having to cry for buu when bee died
Nice anime with sad ending
Every one dies in this :"(

14Sword Art Online
I balled for days after the whole series ended, The saddest anime is sao, I cried ALLOT after Kirito said sorry to Asuna about not getting her back to the real world and she tells him about how she enjoyed every Moment with Kirito, and then tells him she loves him and what I thought was their last time together.
Every episode someone dies. When Sachi dies she says slowly "Thank You. " Plus the game creator trapped 10,000 people in a game that kills you if you die in the game.
Cried so hard when Sachi died ;_; *sniffle*
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15Puella Magi Madoka Magica
The dynamic between Homura and Madoka in this series is staggering. It is quite essentially the signature highlight of the anime and one of the major reasons why it is so depressing.

It is first revealed that Homura is much akin to an ice queen with seemingly no desire to make any sort of friends at her new school (being a transfer student) but looks can be deceiving, but when it is revealed that she is a time traveler with a hardened desire to protect Madoka, her seemingly calm disposition is torn apart instantly and outlines her true nature as a once shy and frail girl.

Her previous failures to protect Madoka in alternate timelines proved costly for her once soft-spoken demeanor. Many times she had failed to protect Madoka from becoming a magical girl, and every time has she had to see her friend suffer the deadly fate that comes with her bestowed power. Being pitted endlessly against time, only because she had no other choice but to fight, for if she were to give up she too would face the same fate as the rest of the other Puella Magi.

Homura's situation is utterly pitiful. Mixed with the opening theme song of the anime, it becomes even more bittersweet. It is one of the few anime that symbolizes what it was like for fighters in the real world, such as World War II soldiers. That was the deadliest conflict in human history, and countless of lives perished either due to despair or combat, and they had to fight in the defense of their loved ones.

The depth of PM's dark themes is entirely up to the viewer to dig deep into. The more allusions (such as this WWII one, for example) and analogies they muster up, the sadder it becomes. That being said, it is without a doubt one of the saddest animes out there.
It is so sad! I find it sad because you see pictures of madoka ( the main character) and the others and they look cute and you don't expect the dark turn the story takes. Another reason I find it sad is because almost every character has a sad ending ( unless you count the last movie, then the ending is different).
The story was so sad! Especially Homura's desire to keep Madoka from becoming a Magical Girl. The fate of Magical Girls is also very upseting. Enough to make you cry. Whenever I watch something from this, I cry on the inside. Mostly on the inside.
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16Fairy Tail
Fairy Tail is by far one of the most saddest animes ever. It teaches the lessons of never giving up on your own life, living it to the fullest, and sharing it with your comrades. I cried in nearly every arc...especially the one with Erza and Jellal
Fairytail is a must watch anime. Enough said. You won't regret. Just try it.
:/ sad, really sad
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The story, the characters, the art, and the music; everything is just so sad and beautiful. It's a funny thing when (SPOILER) Mikage died in the manga, I didn't cry, but after I watched the anime, suddenly I just realized how sad it was and found myself cried uncontrollably in front of my computer screen. A definitely worth watching!
It's the most beautiful tragedy ever!

18Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom
This anime was one of the most tragic I have ever seen.. The characters were beautifully presented and you could really become attached to them. The ending was so unexpected that I couldn't even cry from the shock..
The ending crushes all the feeling you had for all the characters.
Nearly made me cry at the end.

19Full Moon o Sagashite
I still cry every time I watch the part where she finds out Eichi had died two years ago. To think about all the times she's struggled, she thought of him and worked so hard to become famous just to see him again and it's so heart breaking to know that the person you have loved for so long had passed away without you knowing and you were way too late...
This anime was the saddest Anime I ever saw! I'm happy it was voted as one of the saddest animes because it really touches your heart. It shows life and death and how death brings apart sadly. :(( I still want a season two badly!
This anime is the saddest I've watched- the constant struggle Mitsuki faces throughout the entire show just to find out that the person she loves is... I rate the anime so much higher than the manga!
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20Future Diary
THE ABSOLUTE SADDEST ENDING EVER T^T the story builds up all this emotion between you and the two main characters and then it just destroys you. It left me empty and dead for a couple days after finishing it.
I will agree that this is one of the saddest anime EVER! If not the saddest, then at least in the top 5. My anime watched list is over a hundred, so when I say in the top five, I mean REALLY SAD! Though this is just my opinion, I've learned to respect the opinion of others through the watching of anime. All in all, very SAD anime. I would not suggest watching if you have a weak heart :P. Also that these particular anime, in my opinion, are better watched alone in a dark room.
Twisted, yet endearing in its own way. BE WARNED IF YOUR ARE NOT INTO EXTREMELY SAD BACKSTORIES THEN DO NOT WATCH THIS! I am shamed to say that I cried out many manly tears during the last few episodes :C
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21One Piece
Saddest show ever! I mean, it makes you so happy with how upbeat and funny it is, just to depress you the next moment. Every Straw Hat has about the most depressing past ever, and then it shows how happy they can be and how they got over it. And then stuff like "I want to live, " the Going Merry's final moment, and the Whitebeard War arc just to make you sadder. And THEN they're all happy again, like yeah, stuff happens but we got over it! It's an emotional roller coaster!
Even though, One Piece is always having really funny scene and amazing scene of adventure. It still has it sad moments such as the past of the character, the slavery, the tswited justice, the sterotype of pirates etc..


When Portgas D Ace died sacrfice his own life to his younger brother. It was heart breaking moment as he gave his final speech.
It should be number one, are you guys serious, I mean death note is in top 10, I know that its a good anime but definitely not the sad one, on exception of misa's fate and L's and kira's death but what about attack on titan and dragon ball z, the only saddest episode in dbz is the final episode and in attack on titan you get used to its plot of people getting killed. Nothing can be compared to one piece's sorrow, past lives of robin, chopper, luffy. Nami, brook r especially touching and ace's death, hilluk's speech while dying and many more, ONE PIECE IS EPIC IN EVERY WAY.
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Really sad maybe not the saddest but do you remember the episodes: bye bye butterfree, charizard's burning ambitions, the fir-ing squad, bulbasaur the ambassador, gotta catch ya latter, do I hear a ralts, the whole togepi and mirage stuff, and sweet baby dreams.
Too emotional at some episodes

23Ai Yori Aoshi

245 Centimeters Per Second
It's very sad anime. The story between Takaki and Akari who love each others. Maybe the setting took on 90's, Takaki trying to find Akari but he cannot find her because the technology in 90's. He's so stressed out. But finally he trying to move on to another girl but failed. Go watch by yourself
They are not meant for each other :-(
Sad anime always make me cry, 5 Centimeters Per Second is the one who make me cry


25Gakuen Alice
Gakuen Alice is awesome my favorite are Natsume And Mikan
The manga was so heartbreaking (if you read it entirely) it made me cry so much when...
-mikans parents died
-natsume died
-hotaru sacrificed her life for Mikan to be happy
-mikan was kicked out and had her memory wiped away
-mikan and natsume reunite


26Hell Girl

27Little Busters
This anime is more emotional than sad, but every moments made my cry out of happiness or sadness. by the way second season was really hard to get by because the sadness progresses higher with each episode
This anime is very emotional and depressing how they ended up telling their life stories :/
Yeah, some things in this make you get very emotional, I cried at some points :(
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This may not be this sad. But this anime is one of the few anime's the made me cry.
This was one those sad animes because you know the in the end he is dead but you want to believe he is alive
Maybe not the saddest, but one of the most awesome animes


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29Deadman Wonderland
The anime wasn't that sad but the manga is so depressing. One of my favourites

30Chrono Crusade
It's very sad in the end, Rosette and Chrono died. Also... In the end, Aion didn't (or maybe can't) die. It means that this story will bound to happen again in the future just for delaying Aion's true purpose.
Actually have the bad ending with the death of Rosette Christopher and Chrono. The main evil Aion does not death at the ending is the meaning the god does not let him death?
It's sad every time I watch it's truly beatuiful, deserves love

31Black Butler
I loved this show so much, but it pulled at my heart strings. When Ciel died, I started bawling because it was so sad and beautiful...
I can't explain it it's just making me cry
The last episode makes me cry
This is the saddest anime, I ever seen...

32Guilty Crown
This is so far the saddest anime I have ever watched... Guilty crown is about a boy named Shu Ouma who one day meets a girl named Inori Yuzuriha a vocalist from an Internet group called Egoist... She is also a member of a resistance group called Funeral Parlor whose goal is to defeat a government funded organization called the GHQ who prior to the story contained a deadly virus at the cost of Japans Independence... And from Inori, Shu obtains an ability called "The Power of the Kings"... Which he uses to draw out weapons called voids by touching other peoples hearts... Shu later falls in love Inori... The leader of the funeral parlor Gai Tsutsugami soon turns against his friends to help the girl he loves who just so happens to be Shu's forgotten older sister Manna who just so happens to be the person to spread the virus during a time called the lost christmas... Because of finding the virus manna goes insane and believes that she is to wipe out the entire human race and with Gai start over as Adam and Eve... During these events Inoi gets stolen and her body used by manna... While injured Shu try's to save the woman he loves... I'll leave the ending for you to watch
It made me cry when inori and hare died
Really sad anime but also fantastic. Cried a lot ;(
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33Fruits Basket
Everyone's story is just so sad! Momiji's was sad for me only because I was adopted. It's just a beautiful series though.
This anime had to be one of the saddest of all. It was the first one I have ever watched and at the end I couldn't help it.. It was just so sad!
It was just really emotional for me... I read th manga with teary eyes almost every chapter
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34D. Gray Man
This anime really has its sad moments. Gah, cried so much when Tyki broke Allen's innocence D:
Although this anime has plenty of laughs and times where you just giggle, it also has its tear jerking moments and absolutely heart-wrenching twists. Some examples (*ahem* heavy spoilers alert) in the anime are Eliade and Krory's tragic love story, when Lulu attacks and destroys May-Lings innocence just after she resolves to become an exorcist, the ENTIRE Noahs Ark story arc, Suman's ordeal of his innocence rejecting him and turning him into a destructive monster whilst it slowly killed him from the inside-out, when Tyki destroys Allens innocence and leaves him for dead, when Allen all but gives up hope and is frustrated when he can't regain the use of his innocence, and Lenalee and Komui's backstory as to how they ended up working in the Order. There are plenty more in the anime, and it just gets sadder in the manga. Kanda and Alma's story really just cut me up inside, and that's not even getting into the whole Noah awakening in Allen ordeal. It's just... It's a real tear-jerker, and deserves to be on this list.

Probably the absolute biggest shock I ever got out of an anime, ever. (SPOILERS AHEAD! ) at first its a sorta happy-go-lucky series, with memes and 4chan references, but still some creepy parts. But there are no words in this world to describe how dead serious this series got about halfway through. It goes directly from soul-eater happy to Nina-Tucker's-death serious- and keeps hitting you with emotional bombshells the rest of the series before having an absolutely amazing ending.

The part that hit me the hardest was when Okabe realizes that he was the one who stabbed and killed the girl he loved- and it was caused by him going back in time trying to save her in the first place. Her looking at him and whispering "i'm so scared... I don't wanna die...I.. Don't want to die" then bleeding to death in his arms made me cry my eyes out
This really ought to be a lot higher. Though it can be slow at the beginning, it pays off like hell at the end and makes you cry rivers.

36Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi
I really believe this one is entirely underrated. It had the first instance where I teared up for a character's death and the first time I absolutely bawled at the end of a series. It had so much heart and sadness, it's a shame it went unnoticed.
THIS. It can make you cry in a lot. Besides the good story and wonderful art, the first arc can make you cry. And so does the lonely girl travels the world.
Truly a modern classic that has unfortunately gone by unnoticed by so many people. The ending of the first arc really bought a tear to my eye.
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The ending is just... I don't know what to say. Had me crying for hours.

Survive... To revenge.
It's very sad to know your precious person was killed right before your eyes.. TT.TT

39Soul Eater
Just a good anime sad it's over
I feel so bad for Crona :(

40Kimi ga Nozomu Eien
Definitely one of the saddest, if not the saddest I saw, I think with more views, it could be the top 10 easily
Emotionally potent through and through, not just at the ending. Everybody loses in this story.

41No. 6
I CRIED SO FEAKIN HARD. It doesn't compare to Clannad, but it is so... BLERG.

42Ef: A Tale of Melodies
The things that girl went through, being forgotten by the one she loved, and there, at the end. Just heartbreaking.

43Tokyo Magnitude 8.0
One part wanted to make me cry, but the it felt as though it told me to just wait a little until one part where it went all out and I started bawling my eyes out. This anime is awesome because it was showed in the year 2009 based on what might happen to 2 siblings in an massive 8.0 earthquake in Tokyo 2 years before the actual Tokyo earthquake had happen, but I know the 2011 Tokyo earthquake was a 9.0
Any parent would cry at this series. I as a sibling also cried thinking that what if my sib was in this situation as well. Really glad it was released in the US after such a long time so I could cry again.
This was the saddest anime ever... The story moved my heart... And it made me think about how much I should appreciate my brother!
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44Wolf's Rain
If you love wolves, you may wanna stay away from this anime. It's a heart-warming, not to mention heart-wrenching tale about a pack of wolves who can take the form if humans in order to reach what they call "Paradise." All of the characters are likable and memorable, from the strong willed warrior Kiba, to innocent little Toboe.

All characters die gruesome deaths. The entire Earth freezes over a dies at the end. Yet, life seems to start over. Only problem is, no one knows each other.

This anime will leave you in tears and feeling depressed for who knows how long.
I started watching this not knowing what to expect biting was hooked after the first episode. Throughout the series I grew so attached to all of the characters then the end of the series killed me inside. I was crying for the entire last four episodes. I decided to watch the series again a year later and I still cried like a baby.
Normally we say the men never cry but I was watching the end with some tear in my eyes and my wife next to me crying a river... Beautifull anime
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45Hakuoki: Shinsengumi Kitan
This one was so sad.. When hijikata died fighting that oni. I really didn't see this one coming. I cried so much.. He died fighting protecting the girl he loved. It also has a lot of important deaths as well. It definitely worth watching.

A lot of the episodes were very sad, such as the story with Nozomi, and the fillers where kids in Soul Society meet unfortunate ends. Can't really explain it properly. All the others weren't all that emotionally racking, but it was those few I did see that counted.
Definitely was one of the best anime series that I have ever watched, especially the movies, they always surprised me and most of them had feels at the end of them so in my opinion, I think this should be a little higher in the list.

This anime is not near as sad as the other anime but the last episode was kind of sad
This is easily one of the saddest animes created. Inuyasha and Kikyo were seperated and they loved each other. Inuyasha loved her to death, and suffered whenever Kikyo 'redied', which happened a lot. Kagome loves Inuyasha, and Kikyo's already dead, but Inuyasha still chases after Kikyo, sinse Kikyo was his first love. Kagome is filled with saddness and agony. Many good characters die, some after just gaining your love and appreciation. The part when Kagome and the others were near death, Inuyasha cried for the first time, causing me to cry as well. The series is heartwarming, and filled me with happiness; the very first time I've ever liked a romantic show.

48Golden Time
I think it was so sad
I'm crying watching this anime T. T
It's getting end soon T. T
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49Kyoukai no Kanata
I just finished watching this and let me tell you, I cried harder than I did when I watched Angel Beats. This is heart-breaking, heart-warming, and it makes me want to rip my hair out sometimes. I'm so happy I came across this anime
It has a lot of beautifully written moments and each friendship that the characters have with each other have such strong bonds. Really easy to get emotionally invested in this show.
This is real sad.
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50Romeo X Juliet
Such a breathtaking twist on William Shakespeare's beloved tragedy. I fell in love with the characters and its the only version of the story that has ever made me cry
A love made in heaven. When something complicated becomes awesome!

51Saikano: The Last Love Song on This Little Planet
The ending is tragic, it totally made me cry. It definitely has its good moments. The sacrifice and the love is intense
Man that was so depressing that I couldn't get out of my bed for a week :D

52School Days
This anime kept me up for 2 nights feeling miserable and torn... Never has a show had such a mental effect on me

53Cowboy Bebop
I was able to vote for this twice? COWBOY BEBOP FOREVER!
Increadibly sad just for its amazing ending

54Ao No Exorcist
It makes me sad to think that they try to kill Rin in most of the episodes.

This anime shows the adventures and mishaps of Ryuji and Taiga, along with their friends. Throughout the anime you will meet confusing problems relationships, until the end which the confessions are made and tears start flowing. This anime holds a special place in my heart.
It deserves a great place on this list, sometimes its sad but, you would like to be part of that story

56Mirai Nikki
Everyone just dies. The anime first shows the person's past then kills them off. Even if they are minor characters and only appear for a short period of time. The backgrounds are quite teary.

57Little Busters! Refrain
Its getting dark and dramatic, second season of little busters the truth unveil and a tragedy happen. It's really sad.
This is pretty much like Clannad After Story is to Clannad. The final plot and 200x sadder.

The ending is really really sad. No words to describe it.
Spoilers - No matter how many times I watch this, I can't help but get emotional. Guts' abuse as a child, Griffith's fall from grace, the sacrifice of the Band of the Hawk and Casca's rape. These are just a few events that come to mind and of course there's much more. So many emotions involved; love, friendship, sadness, confidence, bravery, confusion, anger, betrayal, lust and aspiration.

59Sonic X
It has anime-like features, so it counts for me. The ending is a tearjerker

60Dusk Maiden of Amnesia
The actual ending was sad, but the lead up to it made me weep, and I mean a lot...for the first time in all the animes I've seen. Though the ending completely retcons the other thing
One of the saddest animes I've ever watched. The ending+ost was so sad and the manga made me cried

61The World God Only Knows
Although it is still on going, this anime had the greatest and comical scenes which made me smile. It also had really deep moments which will make you wonder about the main character's position (Katsuragi). It made me feel depressed several times. :(

62Rurouni Kenshin
This one is quite melancholic throughout the whole series. Two people who are forced to live with each other despite their background and even manage to fall in love, only to be torn apart by their past catching up.

63Mawaru Penguindrum

Very sad, nobody likes it.

65Shaman King

The end was so SADD oh my god! No Hakuro!

67Haibane Renmei
Angels aren't always happy.
And the latter part of this anime certainly isn't.

68H20 Footprints In The Sand
This anime tells us that we must accept death no matter what and If you accept it good things will happen.
Okay, this is REALLY REALLY sad, I just finished it :'(
But it has a really happy ending!

69Darker Than Black Season 2

70Rainbow: Nisha Rokubou no shichinin
This is the saddest and warmest feeling of an anime you'll ever get
The group of boys who join together in a delinquent reformatory camp and protect themselves from the harsh abuse. the tragedy of each and every single one of their lives. their close bonds and the murder of the brother. WILL LEAVE YOU CRYING, NO DOUBT


72Sunday Without God

Beats you over the head with a sad-bat. I've never seen a more depressing story.
Oh god, the whole thing is just so sad.

74Kids On the Slope
Such a well made anime and has so many emotional nuances. Just an absolute must watch. Very real and relatable characters. It's hands down my favorite anime for music score and just all around goodness. Great ending that's a lot more realistic than anime you often see. It's not a happy ending, but a GOOD one.

75Boku no Pico
So beautiful and heartbreaking, I'm a man and I cried all times
It's just that good. You SHOULD watch this anime! It's an absolute must watch for any anime fan out there!
The struggles of a kid trying to find his place in the world his friend being the only 1 by his side
More comments about Boku no Pico

76Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni Kai
I found it way more sad than Clannad ;n;

The last episode made me cry like a baby... So damn sad.

78Serial Experiments Lain
I seriously just saw the first episode but the theme tells most of it, and the story of lain is that people in a school get emails from a girl WHO KILLED HERSELF by jumping of a tall building because of bullies

The intro to the series was very sad, as it moves on it begins to get funny, but once all of the character development between family and friends get together you will cry

SPOILERS! It's very sad at the ending when the main character Rin chooses to be with a girl named Asa instead of the girl Kaede that loved him all her life but was too afraid to tell him. Kaede took care of Rin and did everything to make him happy, but he never noticed how much she cared about him and that she actually loved him. It's very sad.

81Dangan Ronpa
Dangan Ronpa is an extremely good anime (though it's very rushed) and it's easy to become attached to the characters, making everything 10x harder.

82Lucky Star

83Eden of the East

84Hetalia: Axis Powers

85The Song of Tentomushi

86Kirai x Suki
Rima's twin brother dies in that cursed house because he wanted her to be happy with Kei, how sad isn't that? And then she committed suicide leaving Kei alone ;-; I died so many times


Rima and Ren started in a new school, really deep into a forest. When Rima wanders off she sees this boy Kei and he is next to a dead body. She gets scared and runs off but then she meets Kei at her school and he tells her a secret...

Basically it's drama, fantasy and romance it's so beautiful there are 24 episodes and a movie plus 3 Ova's and they might be making a new season about Kei called "Kirai x Suki: Hajimete no kisu" which will be about a few years before :o watch KxS!

87Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch

88Looking Up at the Half-moon
This anime may not be the most popular ever, but it's the only one EVER that had made me cry. Elfin lied, Clannad, Kanon, Mirai Nikki... None of these have made me cry. If your looking for a tragety, this is your anime.

89Heaven's Memo Pad

90Skip Beat!

91Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT

92The Familiar of Zero


94Xam'd: Lost Memories

95Ga-Rei: Zero

96Listen to Me, Girls. I Am Your Father!

97The Rose of Versailles

98The Sky Crawlers
A group of eternally young fighter pilots known as Kildren experience the sudden loss of innocence as they battle the enemy in astonishing dogfights above the clouds. (synopsis taken form IMDB) but It is more than just that, the things that Suito went thought in this film. Hart braking, I have no idea how she stayed sane.

99Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions

100Cat Planet Cuties

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