Top Ten Saddest Anime Songs

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181Nothing Can Be Explained - Bleach
182So Ist Es Immer - Attack On Titan

Oh my god I cry ever single time I listen to this song... This moment made me cry so much, watching the OVA episode... When Isabel and Farlan died, I cried so hard no joke... then they played this song... OH MY GOD! THE FEELS! LEVI! T-T

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183Sad Brothers - Saint Seiya

Almost all songs from Saint seiya are beautiful, sad and inspired

184Remember Sadness - Saint Seiya
185Under the Wood of the World Tree - Saint Seiya
186Kimimaro's Unreleased Theme

Played when Kimimaro describes the failure of a life he's lived, unable to fathom his Master's will, now in a dying state, he admits full loyalty towards Orochimaru, saying how Orochimaru truly cared for him, even though Kimimaro wasn't able to fully accomplish his ambition. Moments after Kimimaro laments his disgraceful life, he truly believes that his Master will remember him for all eternity, he dies, and Orochimaru is shown to admit that he was nothing more than a pawn, and that Kimimaro's death would only serve to make his plans come to fruition quicker

187Forever Love - X
188Let Me Sleep Like a Star - Legend of Lyon: Flare

Definitely one of the most powerful and tear-jerking ending themes I have ever heard in my entire life. This song could make even the manliest person on earth burst into tears.

189The Time Has Come (Pikachu's Goodbye) - Pokemon
190Misty Goodbye - Pokemon

Sad song of Pokemon anime it makes you cry. A 1min song with all the friendship between ash and misty and all the moment they travel together.

191Hyori Ittai - Hunter x Hunter
192Orange - Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso / Your Lie In April

It's definitely one of the saddest songs I've ever heard, and it goes so well with the story... The feels :'(

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193Tabi No Tochuu - Spice and Wolf

Most romantic anime opening theme in the market, 10/10 for the feels

194White Flame - Hetalia
195Einsamkeit - Hetalia
196Sasori's Theme - Naruto
197Shissou - Ouran High School Host Club
198Blue - Cowboy Bebop
199Ultear and Gray - Fairy Tail
200Recollection III - Bleach Diamond Dust Rebellion
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