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81Ben - The Walking Dead

I was so devastated when I saw Kenny go for Ben in the alley. My favorite character AND Lee's best friend both die. Unless season's 2 Kenny comeback counts which it does.

Sorry, but the game cracked me up when Ben was impaled and he kept saying "I'm fine." - DapperPickle

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82Reuben - Minecraft Story Mode

It was a surprise to me. You don't want to know how long I cried.

Reuben would of survived if jesse destroyed the command block in time, I mean, they both fell in the same hole

Rubin's death was surprising and sad at the same time. The one character who was truly a hero was the one character whose death you couldn't change R.I.P

He was awesome

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83Mike Harper - Black Ops 2

His death made me cry it was so sad, I had no choice but to do that just to get the best ending D;

Option whether to die but on the game I shot him by mistake I wish I hadnt R.I. P Harper

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84Damas - Jak 3

Damas dies just as Jak found out he was his son, and Damas never knew it. Also, Veger's a prick for rubbing it in Jak's face

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85Omid - The Walking Dead Season 2

Por guy was shot by a stranger

86Shadow - Sonic Adventure 2

I think Shadow would have rated higher if he stayed dead. Still, I was extremely saddened when he died. I care a lot about the Sonic characters and to see one die after he turned good made me cry over a video game for the first and only time.

After his death in SA2, I thought my life was over.
Luckily, some genius brought him back in Sonic Heroes!
His death was still sad.

His return to Sonic Heroes-onwards really made him lose his purpose. If Shadow stayed dead in SA2, then the later games wouldn't get suck slack and the Sonic fandom wouldn't be as bad as it is now. No offense to anyone but this is my opinion.

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87Emma Emmerich - Metal Gear Solid 2

Man I Cried So Much

It was the saddest one that I see

88Roman Bellic - Grand Theft Auto IV

Can't believe this is at 153. Roman was Niko's cousin! Watch the very ending when Roman dies on his wedding and at the very end when Niko talks to Brucie, his wife, and Kate. It made me cry - Gtaisawesome2013

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89Leah - Diablo 3
90Deckard Cain - Diablo 3

I will always love that old man - whodafuqisthisguy

91King Leoric - Diablo I

First he lost both of his sons then he wents insane kill his wife and then he got killed by lachdanan

92Ghost Rider - Battlefield: Bad Company 2

I almost cried when ghost rider died, he was a loveable and kindhearted hippie who just wanted to save his friends. It is also sad because the bad company give him a pack of cigarettes and he shouts 'thanks for the smokes, brother! ' just before his helicopter is blown up. - LarvicarioZ

Poor Flynn... I hold out hope he somehow lived and will be back in bad company 3

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93Papyrus - UndertaleProbably the second most popular character from the already insanely popular 2015 indie RPG known as Undertale, Papyrus the skeleton is Sans' taller and skinnier younger brother (much like how Luigi is to Mario in the Super Mario Bros series, except that Papyrus is physically stronger than Sans) who more.

If you kill papyrus you are a monster.

I nearly cried he's such a good person.A person who believes in you.The only one who believes in you.He only wanted to be a royal guard but he's dreams are shattered if you kill him and do the kill everyone thing don't.But it dose make more sense if you kill everyone

Well... that's not what I expected... but you can do a little better! I believe in you!

94Lirum - Lost Odyssey
95Sev - Star Wars: Republic Commando

Poor sev. So sad when you hear his struggles on your visor. The whole game seemed almost ruined when this bad-ass of a character, with a touch of compassion for his brothers is taken away from your squad.

Highly under appreciated game, favourite of all Star Wars games. You've bonded with your three 'brothers' over the course of the entire game and then boom.

From the beginning to the end, Sev

96Subject Delta - Bioshock 2

After all they went through Delta isn't able to be with his daughter

Elanor, his daughter, was the one who killed him, it happened in all 4 endings

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97Ezio Auditore da Firenze - Assassin's Creed Revelations

He was seeking for truth. But at some point he had to die. "Requiescat In Pace" Ezio

It is extremely sad! I might be someone who cries easily, but it is extremely sad. - YoMama12

After 3 games that Ezio was included in, Ezio had to die sometime. Requiscat in pace, Ezio. We will miss you.

Ezio did not die in Assassin's Creed Revelations.

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98Harry - Silent Hill 3
99Mary Read - Assassin's Creed: Black Flag

You come to feel a really strong bond with James because he's the only one who believes in you. And when he reveals himself as Mary, you're a little taken back, but respect her even more. I panicked a bit when she was to be hung, and grew hopeful when she was spared for her unborn baby. Having her die in her arms after Kenway rescues her was heart-wrenching. Then the dream/hallucination sequence Roberts puts Kenway through shows her dying/dead numerous times before she appears screaming at Kenway to actually accomplish something with his life.
When you talk to her friends and fellow assassins, you come to realize she was the only true friend Kenway had. She believed in him. I only wish she had appeared in the game even more.

It was so sad and so sudden, we just found out everything about who she really was.

Assasains creed always has a way of getting you emotionally attached to the characters.

100Scooter - Tales from the Borderlands

This was to sad,watching him fly away on a rocket left you crying for days.

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