Top Ten Saddest Moments In Kids Movies

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21Goodbye Farewell (Muppets Take Manhattan)
22Death of Stoick (How to Train Your Dragon 2)

Not a good one to see that on Father's Day.
I heard that movie came out near Father's Day.
Glad we did not saw that.

Not a very good movie no way

I heard that the put that for "Zoovie Night" (Movie Night) in Oakland Zoo.
Who would want to see a sad movie at the zoo?

23Po Remembers (Kung Fu Panda)V1 Comment
24Jessie's Memory (Toy Story 2)
25Lotso's Memory (Toy Story 3)
26I'll Be Home for Christmas (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Alpha's Magical Christmas)
27Marley Dies (Marley and Me)

Why was it Marley? When the baby died (real life opinions) Hmm... OK. But when Marley dies... (run out of room, sit on toilet with lid on and bawl) I love dogs and if someone's dog dies, I just have to cry for them. Overall Marley and Me is very funny.

Sad but not as sad as Emily reveals herself on an American girl on the Home-Front!

28Skip Dies (My Dog Skip)
29Emily Reveals Herself (An American Girl On the Home Front)

! This moment made me cry SO BAD! I also cried in the movie when lutenent Davies died!

V1 Comment
30Optimus Prime Dies - Transformers: The Movie (1986)
31Bing Bong Sacrifices Himself (Inside Out)
32Something So Right (Muppets Most Wanted)

I cried at this in the theater!

33The Little Red-Haired Girl's Confession (The Peanuts Movie)

I was bawling at the end when she revealed why she loved Charlie Brown so much.

I hate this movie this was the stupidest part

34SpongeBob and Patrick Shrivel Up and Die (The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie)

I can't believe I had to be the one to put this on the list. It seems to be one of the most underrated sad movie scenes ever.

35Oh Gets Smashed (Home)
36Tip Can't Find "My Mom" (Home)
37Nigel's "Death" (Rio 2)

Now He Has To Be Tortured And Annoyed Every Day By Gabi

You legitimately thought the guy was going to die. or at least I did. I felt bad for the guy, despite his evilness. - Dman1972

38Joy Crying in the Pit (Inside Out)
39Duke's Former Owner (The Secret Life of Pets)

I Did Not See That Twist Coming At All

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