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361End of Watch

What this is one of the saddest movies top ten easily - bugger

362Rise of the Guardians

I cried really had when jack frost fell in the lake by trying to save his sister and not scaring her by saying theyd have some fun. And when he realized his family was dead I like totally freaked out and cried reall hard again.

363The Vow
364Reservation Road

I can't believe this movie isn't even on this list. Joaquin Phoenix did such a great job in this movie!

365Tuck Everlasting

Every time I watch it, I cry my eyes out. It's a story about a family who live deep in the woods and have a fountain of youth. The characters will get through to your heart, and the ending will break it.

366You Are the Apple of My Eye

The Best Romance Asia Movie

367Kramer vs. Kramer

Sure, the topic of divorce is not a new one, especially in movies, but for the time this was a heavily significant movie. The reason I believe it deserves to be much higher is the little boy. He received an Oscar nomination for the role and puts on the performance of a lifetime. Devastating to see what he has to go through. - BKAllmighty

368Finding Nemo
369Habibie & Ainun
370Barefoot Gen

This should seriously be in the top 20 it was so depressing I swear I cried like 10 times - ameiicchi

371The Search for Santa Paws
372Miracle In Cell No. 7

This movie made me bawl my eyes out. It's a mixture of Everything, comedy, drama, and mystery. This film is amazing and very realistic, and the acting is splendid.

Guys! If you want a very touching movie, here I recommend you Miracle In Cell no.7...
Miracle in Cell no. 7 is a Korean Movie about a father accused of raping and murdering the daughter of a Police comissioner... You be the Judge...

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373The Great Gatsby
374The Crow
375The RescuersV1 Comment
377Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

This movie became so emotional that I had difficulty to prevent myself from crying.

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380Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

I just love this movie it should be at least in top 20 lovely movie

What, this movie should be in the top 10

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