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481 Black Dog Black Dog
482 Starman Starman
483 Taking Chance Taking Chance

Why isn't this movie on the list. I guess maybe many have not seen it.

484 Thor Thor

This has to be the most tragic of all the Marvel movies, the betrayal that Loki feels when he discovers his true self. The only thing he had ever wanted was to be Thor's equal, and in a last demonstration to his father that he was worthy, he took over the throne. But it was never enough for Odin, and so he finally gave up, letting go. Now let's get this movie up in #1

485 Flowers for Algernon Flowers for Algernon
486 An American Tail An American Tail
487 Charlie St. Cloud Charlie St. Cloud

This is the saddest movie I've ever watched. This movies is just got me cry all the time, I watched it with my brother, and just like me, my brother also cried.

Seriously people? I had to add this to the list!?!
This is the saddest thing ever! Especially because zac!

488 Rain Man Rain Man
489 Red Riding Hood Red Riding Hood

It was so sad when the wolf bit the man's hand at the end

This is a great movie

490 Piranha Piranha

It was so scary that I couldn't see it again and so many people died as well

491 Champion Champion
492 Dead Man Walking Dead Man Walking

This movie has two things: Nuns and death row inmates, the last 30 minutes of the film is so powerful that it left my whole classroom quiet, the only sounds left in the room were the sounds of tissues being blown.

I honestly can't believe Titanic is all the way up there at number one, when this movie can make grown men murmur "This room is dusty is all" while trying to suck up the mucus streaming down their nose.

493 Seeking a Friend for the End of the World Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

Can't recommend enough. Absolutely broke me

This movie was so sad! I cried twice :(

494 Mulan II Mulan II
495 Ek Duuje Ke Liye Ek Duuje Ke Liye
496 Goodnight Mister Tom Goodnight Mister Tom

If this film doesn't make you cry like a baby, your heart must be made of stone

497 Buried Buried

I can agree. this movie is good. so far I like Ryan Reynolds's only this movie. - zxm

498 The Deep Blue Sea The Deep Blue Sea

Sad throughout the entire movie! Rachel Weisz and Tom Hiddleston make it amazing and so real. I can't sit through this movie without crying. I'm crying by the first 20 minutes!

499 Dear Frankie Dear Frankie

Wonderful film.. The child actor is awesome. Beautiful display of understated emotions.

500 9 9

This movie is the MOST saddest movies in life! All of the main character's friends and family got their lives taken away by some green light monster! This movie scares me. When you see the end, you may never want to see this movie AGAIN.

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