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481The Deep Blue Sea

Sad throughout the entire movie! Rachel Weisz and Tom Hiddleston make it amazing and so real. I can't sit through this movie without crying. I'm crying by the first 20 minutes!

482Dear Frankie

Wonderful film.. The child actor is awesome. Beautiful display of understated emotions.


This movie is the MOST saddest movies in life! All of the main character's friends and family got their lives taken away by some green light monster! This movie scares me. When you see the end, you may never want to see this movie AGAIN.

484A Home of our Own
486Lost and Delirious

Not a well known film but if you can relate to the situation the characters are in, especially Paulie, it is heart wrenching

I love this movie, and I cried a lot...
The actors play their roles really good, I think :)
The end is so sad :(
You really have to watch this film

487Where the Heart Is

Just saw this again today and cried.


First movie I saw where I literally couldn't breathe from crying so much!
It literally gutted me. I was very young when I saw it and have only seen it one other time as I got older and it still ripped me apart. James Stewart is wonderful!

489The Earthling

A dying man and a lost kid teach each other about life? Great acting and beautiful landscape as a backdrop? How did it not make this list...

490Wendy and Lucy
491Men Behind The Sun
492Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Seeing James Potter and Lily Potter in the mirror is a real tear jerker

! The part where Harry sees his parents in the mirror of esrild made me cry the first time I have ever watched Harry Potter!

493The Soloist

I cried when it showed the homeless man going crazy

494Safe Haven

Like all Nicholas Sparks movies, I cry like a little baby. Especially at the end, it's such a tearjerker.

495The Last Stand
496Days of Wine and Roses

Outstanding sad movie can't believe its not in your top 5

497Out of Africa
498The Killing Fields

An amazingly true and sad story of a man who faced incredible odds on a journey to freedom from the Khmer Rouge government of Cambodia.


One of Heath Ledger's best performances. 'The Joker' is highly overrated.

500A Serbian Film

Oh it's sad alright. Sad that it even exists!

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