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201End of Me - A Day to Remember

The video is so so so sad and emotional... It's about a boy who is abused by his alcoholic father. The song lyrics and the video is so meant for each other. This is such an inspiration not only for others out there who are abused elsewhere but also for us all.
Truelly the saddest... :'(

202Man That You Fear - Marilyn Manson
203Mariah Carey - Through the Rain

The video is said to be about Mariah�'s childhood and the pain she felt when her family was hurt because her dad were black. :�'(

204You Lost Me - Christina Aguilera

A video full of emotion and pain. Christina looks back at what she and her ex lost.

205Bye Bye - Mariah Carey

A song about how hard it is to say "Bye Bye" to someone dear that has passed away.

206I Stay in Love - Mariah Carey

A song and video about how hard it is when someone is cheating on you :�'(

207I'm Not Yours - Angus and Julia Stone
208Afterlife - Arcadefire

This portrait of a Hispanic family's life captures the heartbreak of the loss of a wife and mother.

209Who Knew - P!Nk
210Breakeven - The Script
211When I'm Gone - Simple Plan
212Warwick Avenue - Duffy
213The A Team - Ed Sheeran
214Alive - Jennifer Lopez
215You'll See - Madonna
216Calling - Geri Halliwell
217Mutter - Rammstein
218Cryin - Aerosmith
219If You're Reading This - Tim McGraw
220My Happy Ending - Avril Lavigne

This is sad, but why isn't I'm with you here?

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