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101Don't Take the Girl - Tim McGraw

This song brings my mom and me to tears every time that we watch it. It starts off with a boy named Johnny and his dad going on a fishing trip. They are going to take a little girl with them but he doesn't want to. He says to his dad " Don't take the girl. " It then goes to the same girl and boy ten years later and they are on a date when a man pulls a gun on them and tries to take the girl. The boy gives him his wallet and says "Don't take the girl. " The saddest part is five years later they're married and she is giving birth to their first daughter when the doctor says "the baby's fine but the mother is slipping away. " The boy drops to his knees and starts praying. He tells God to take him instead and he says once again "Don't take the girl. "

102Teardrops On My Guitar - Taylor Swift

I kinda stopped listening to this song, because it took me time to realize what Taylor Swift was talking about.

This song is just awesome. I like the video very much love you taylor...

It's not my favorite song, and it doesn't make me wanna cry.

103Mad - Ne-Yo
104Viva Forever - Spice Girls

At first, I thought the video made no sense, but after I watched the whole thing, I was in tears. What a beautiful song.

105Legacy (Save My Life) - Nicky Romero ft KrewellaV2 Comments
106Never Forget You - Zara Larsson
107The Winner Takes It All - ABBA

Although it's one of the saddest breakup songs ever, the music video is just as painful to watch. Agnetha who is the lead vocal barely smiled as it was a song about her divorce to Bjorn. The other members were having fun and laughing, Agnetha was mainly left out. I nearly cry every time I watch the music video, feeling the sadness Agnetha was feeling. Anyway, I love this song!

So sad to watch. Agnetha barely smiled and was mainly alone. But I love the song. - ivylee

108Don't Worry About Me - Frances
109Don't Cry For Me Argentina - Madonna

No, I don't think the song is too emotional to me.

110Love Can't Lie - Sarah GeronimoV1 Comment
111Vanilla Twilight - Owl City

The song is quite sad (in a way) but the video is actually really happy, not sad. It gives you a nostalgic "winter-y" feeling.

112Skimming Stones - Sleepthief

What begins as a cute puppy love story takes an incredibly dark turn about halfway through. A lot of beautiful symbolism, and the video manages not to be cheesy at all. I sobbed for a good hour after watching it the first time and I STILL cry whenever I watch it.

113Bronte - Gotye

Trust me. Watch this video, understand the deep meaning, and cry.

114The Vision of Love - Kris Allen
115In This World - Moby

Really gets to you when you watch this. You don't know the true significance and meaning of this song until you see this highly emotional 4 minute video. I just love it and feel for it at the same time.

I love this video. It's so sad, but it's a great video. It means a lot. Watch it and think. - PositronWildhawk

116Temporary Home - Carrie UnderwoodV1 Comment
117Small Hands - Keaton Henson

You really need to see this great song but you will cry

V1 Comment
118Oh Father - Madonna

The scene with the mother's lips sewn shut and the little girl looking down at the casket is one of the most troubling scenes ever, especially in a pop video. Starts off like a happy innocent song, what follows is heartache and despair. Never cracked the US top 5, but a moving song and video.

Madonna made amazing and really touching ballads in the past. I miss that-time Madonna

119Last Kiss - Pearl Jam

How is this just NOT the saddest song ever?

120Finer Feelings - Kylie Minogue
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