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21 Innuendo Innuendo

This song is amazing and really tugs at my emotional side.

The lyrics mix hopefulness with sadness in the best way.

This song really makes you doubt your whole existence

22 In the Lap of the Gods In the Lap of the Gods
23 Friends Will Be Friends Friends Will Be Friends

Co-written by John and Freddie, two friends. A song about friendship. When the one friend died, the other friend was heartbroken. This song makes me think of John and Freddie and their friendship.

We love you John!

24 All Dead, All Dead All Dead, All Dead

Though it may have been inspired by the death of Brian's cat, the emotions of loss are clear and vivid. The thing is, when you feel the emotions and think the thoughts associated with the loss of a pet, like his cat, you can feel the direct connection between that and the song. But also, you can connect the song and its emotions with loss in general and the vague lonely feeling accompanying you throughout your life.

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25 I'm Going Slightly Mad I'm Going Slightly Mad

I know, its supposed to be funny and bright, but it feels like Freddie was talking about him having aids/hiv him not feeling right

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26 Say It's Not True Say It's Not True
27 Spread Your Wings Spread Your Wings

This song is beautiful yet sad. I'm yet to meet someone queen fan or not who does not like this song.

28 It's a Hard Life It's a Hard Life

So much power and emotion in this song. I love it

29 Another One Bites the Dust Another One Bites the Dust
30 Was It All Worth It Was It All Worth It
31 How Can I Go On How Can I Go On

I am sure this was referring to Freddie when he knew his life was doomed now that he knew he had aides. He makes reference to the judgement many will make about him, when he talks about a 'finger pointing so savagely... '. This makes this such a tragic song, R.I.P. freddie.

32 Dear Friends Dear Friends

So dear friends your love has gone
Only tears to dwell upon
I dare not say as the wind must blow
So a love is lost, a love is won

Go to sleep and dream again
Soon your hopes will rise and then
From all this gloom life can start anew
And there'll be no crying soon

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33 Dont Stop Me Now Dont Stop Me Now

Its weird. The lyrics of the song are upbeat and happy, but the piano part and the way the notes sound all ways makes me feel emotional. Like something great is coming to an end. I don't know why this song just make me feel sad on the inside.

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34 Sail Away Sweet Sister Sail Away Sweet Sister

The chorus is breathtakingly beautiful and sad... I love this song.

35 The Miracle The Miracle
36 My Melancholy Blues My Melancholy Blues
37 Don't Try So Hard Don't Try So Hard

A sad song, by a man with the unbelievable talent. It is quite melancholic (except for the end). My second guess would be Bijou

38 I Want to Break Free I Want to Break Free V 1 Comment
39 Life is Real (Song for Lennon) Life is Real (Song for Lennon)
40 Father to Son Father to Son

Every time I listen to this song I think of my father who is no longer with us. The words you won't understand a word that's in it but you'll write it all again before you die classic.

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