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101Jonylah Forever - Lupe Fiasco

Just listen, then decide.

102Accept My Flaws - Dizzy Wright
103Six Feet Deep - Geto Boys
104Ballad of Worms - Cage

The only song in the top 10 that deserves to be there is dance with the devil. I guarantee Ballad of Worms is sadder than any of the songs on this list.

105The Way I Am - Eminem
106Hold On - Rich Homie Quan

This songs about rich homie quans best friend and also mentor who was killed 2 weeks before his album came out, it's from his album I promise I will never stop going in

107Don't Play This Song - Kid Cudi

This song expresses emotions of humans never told before in such exquisite detail and painstaking reality, this song goes to the depths of cudis mind and brings out his true sorrows within him

108Bad Guy - Eminem
109Fear - Tech N9ne

I have listened to nearly every song here, and I personally think this is way sadder than any Eminem song on this list.

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110Fallin - Macklemore

From Macklemore, discussing falling back into depression over and over, struggling to fight through it, and being unable to defeat the overwhelming sadness.

I'm not gonna lie this song is very said and talks about addiction and losing people I was thinking about it I don't know it's really good

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111Bastard - Tyler the Creator

Very sad song. His storytelling at its finest and he is expressing all his emotion. I personally think this is top 10 material for this list. Give it a listen. Really sad

I'm confused why this it not here

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112A Little More - Machine Gun Kelly

Sad song and sad video. Amazing song though

Such an emotional song I love it

113A Wonderful Life - T.I
114Blessed - Schoolboy QV1 Comment
115Nikki - Logic

This song is highly relateable to any situation whether it be cigarettes, drugs or a break up. its one of the most amazing songs about an addiction but it's a little to short

116Fragile - Tech N9ne

Fragile is a deep song which includes Kendrick Lamar,! MayDay! , and Kendall Morgan. It's a deep song - WhoaaBeJaay

117Poor Georgie - MC Lyte

MC Lyte used details to help us visualize what emotions each character was feeling. At the end, she shows that there is a lesson to be learned, "No one on Earth is promised tomorrow."

118Runaway Love - Ludacris

This song hurts my feels. I cried the first time I listened to it

119Better Dayz - 2PacV1 Comment
120Last Chance - ABK
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