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121Do Bad On My Own - Z-Ro

A song about loneliness, sadness, betrayal, and suicide.

122Beautiful Pain - Eminem

Super meaningful Eminem song. - letdot52

One of the saddest Eminem song I've heard...

123Watch How It Go Down - Termanology
124Leave Me Alone - Tech N9ne
125Where'd You Go - Fort Minor

An amazing sad song about a veteran returning home from war belongs in the top 15 songs but there are too many fans riding Eminems D_ck so his songs got top 10 even though some of them are not even sad.

126Write Your Name - Yelawolf
127Take Me Away - Big Scoob
128The Message - Nas
129I Gave You Power - Nas
130Deja Vu - Eminem

It shows how anyone has a struggle. It is very chilling.

131Stronger Than I Was - Eminem
132Chase - Tedashii

Last year in March Tedashii's one year old son died in a car accident and he wrote this song for him. It's really sad but meaningful. - letdot52

133Lead You On - MGK

Such a powerful song, describes addiction beautifully.

134Where Did I Go Wrong - Sarkodie

Just listen people. this is simpily the best of GH music ever, words can't describe this song. Strong lyric... @Yeexux

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135Open Letter (Battlefield) - KB
136I Need a Doctor - Dr. Dre

Should have been in top 20. The video always gives me chills. The Eminem verses are just awesome! And skylar's voice is tooo sad.

Bruh, does nobody realize what this song is really about? From what I've gathered it's about Dr. Dre going on hiatus from music, social life, and everything because the death of his son, Eazy-E, and Tupac have hurt him so badly. People don't realize this.

137Pills n Potions - Nicki Minaj
138Echoes of Silence - The Weeknd
13997 Bonnie & Clyde - Eminem
140Colossus - Tyler, the Creator

Better than stan because: It's realistic, Eminem acts like a white knight in stan while Tyler acts realistically and the obsession from the fan is more genuine.

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