Grave of the Fireflies

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Grave of the Fireflies


I've watched Titanic, the Note book, My Sister's keeper, and all those other films which are supposed to make you cry, but they don't affect me. This film, however, had me in tears by the end of it, I was still crying long after the end of the credits. There is something so brutal in the matter-of-fact way death is treated and shown in this film, the way it is accepted. Most sad films tend to ere towards melodramatic, but this simple, understated way of dealing with death shows how many thousands of others went through the exact same thing as the two protagonist, which doesn't help when you're already bawling your eyes out. The artwork is beautiful and subtle, everything about this film is perfect, and it's the only film I've ever watched that has made me cry, so in my opinion, it is by far the saddest movie ever. Number 1, biggest tear-jerker.
Only the thought about this movie is enough to make you cry. And I have to mention that there's something more than just a tragedy and mourning the loss of a loved one. Actually here the characters don't even got the time to do it, for there every minute there can be another bombing attack, another loss.. And just the way the two poor orphans are left with no one in life, but each other, is enough to make the difference. The way the brother realizes that he's the only one who can prevent her from the threats outside, and the heart-breaking ending when he sees that he could do nothing to save her, neglecting his own pain and fear, and forgetting he's a child left all-alone too.. It's really depressing as hell with all the people dying out there..
The fact that all the movies that seem to have beaten this are far less depressing then this movie show's how many people haven't seen this movie. The Note Book? Titanic? Bridge to Terabithia? All of these movies pale in comparison to watching the true gritty horror's of world war two. Not on the solders but on the innocent civilians more importantly on CHILDREN. This movie need's to be seen once by everyone, and you will probably only want to watch it once, a movie so depressing and heart wrenching that a lot of people I know can't even make it to the end in one sitting.
I totally agree... these other movies are sad... Titanic just doesn't faze me. Now if you really want to be affected here's my annotation for how this film affected me... Now I'm a HARDCORE film lover... and I love violence, Raw films, the gritty, and the powerfull. And most of all I am completely un affected by all soppy/sad film (this does not make them bad, I'm meerley stating they have no emotional affect on me) but this film hit atleast 100 nerves in my body. By the end I was hugging a pillow and stomping my foot while weeping into a tissue... and that's me.
I rate this film number one of all time tear jerkers or sad films... 3.8? sod off...
This film brings out the bigot in me, since I find myself declaring, telling, or stating, but not proposing, this as the saddest film ever. It's fact, not an opinion.

The most honest conveyance of sorrow and pain in cinema; this story cuts you deep, whilst the rest of the world walks by, both inside and outside the film.

You can trust this is the only top film that has it's entire audience behind it in the voting, for there are none sadder.
This movie is all about despair. Not one thing in this movie can be called completely happy. There are a few times were the have a moment but its an illusion to cover the death and hopelessness all around them. One of the saddest movies, only watch if you don't want to feel any kind of happy while watching, yet still an amazing work because of just how real all of it really is. The truth behind this story and the reason to watch it is to understand that it's real and it's what happens during wars. I believe it should be higher up on the list. Because in some of the others there is hope, if even just a glimmer of it, however in this movie there can be no hope.
I just watched this movie today, I knew beforehand that it was going to be sad, but nothing could have ever prepared me for the deep sorrow I felt during the majority of the movie. An unhappy beginning and end, along with the rest of the depressing middle, I was left sobbing for at least an hour after the movie was over, not to mention during the movie. An amazing yet sorrowful movie, I'm not sure I will ever have the courage to watch it a second time. Still an amazing movie nonetheless.
I'm not the kind of person the usually cries at when watching movies. The notebook and titanic didn't phase me at all. Bridge to Terabithia got me a little teary but that's it. But this movie had me pouring. I can't even describe how sad this story is and as a teenage boy with a younger sister this movie really hit me hard. It's amazing how human this film is.
Spectacular movie! So real, with deep feeling about family, love and comprehension about war, the war at the eyes of little children, like the girl in this movie. I cried with deep sadness. Kids alone, without parents in the most terrible moment in the history, when the wars touch the most fragile... the children
Watching this movie will change your life. At the very least, it will move you beyond tears. The story, the cinematic, the heart-wrenching moments, the music - all elements are so well orchestrated, it does not only deliver as a highly entertaining, but moving film, which leaves us with a very powerful message, open to each person's interpretation on the tragedies of war and how far is human nature tested during trialing times.
I have never cryed so hard in all my life than I did watching this movie. I cried nonstop for at least an hour and spent about a week feeling rather depressed. I don't think I could ever bear to watch this movie again; it was amazing, but I don't think I could handle that emotional pain again if I can avoid it. I definitely recommend it for people to watch at least once.
There is no movie that is as devastating as this one! No movie on Earth! It would be number one if it was more known. I've seen every one on this list and this is the only one that brings legit DEPRESSION to everyone who watches it and also manages to avoid cheesiness. If you watch this make sure you have something to distract you entirely for a few weeks to avoid serious depression. It's a beautiful movie but extremely devastating and should come with a warning!
This film is so powerful, tear-jerking and heartbreaking. I remember crying a river when I first saw this film. It remains on my top films of all time. Animation or not, a film is a film. If it's good it's good. I would recommend this film to anyone and everyone. Seriously, give it a go and I assure you, you will cry.
It's sudden execution of the "prime tear-jerker", that single moment/line is outstanding in it's effect on the viewer! (Of course the whole film is very powerful). Shudders, eye burns & a strange sensation when you finish watching the film (and possibly throughout it too).
I can't say that I have seen every movie listed here, but this is hands down the saddest movie I have ever seen. I saw it about 20 years ago for the first time and I watched it again years later with the same effect on me. I am almost at the point of tears just thinking about the movie. I don't really recall seeing any other movie close to this sad. I remember the Green Mile was a good movie, but not close to this film. Just watch the movie, you won't regret it.
I watched the Anime version of this and still cannot believe how just a cartoon can impress that much. It's the most heart-wrenching, tear-jerking anime I've ever seen. I'm not very sure if the anime version of any other sad movie like Titanic can make sb feel so miserable and sad.
This movie made me cry in 5 minutes of the start and I kept on crying totally engaged in the movie, you want to help you want to tell them it's okay you want to tell them no that's not going to help. This movie kept me crying afterwards thinking about the movie now is driving my tear to swell I recommend this movie but remember it is a hard movie to watch but harder stop when you started watching...
It as got to be the saddest movie I've ever watched... You keep thinking, "I can't believe this happened! What if it happended to me? " And the terrible thing is, this really DID happen to a lot of people. There is no movie more depressing than this. A four year old baby dies... A baby! I still can't find myself to watch this again, it's just too sad.
I like to think of myself as a guy who is not (easily) affected by tearjerking movies. But this movie will strike the right, touching note with anyone who is a mother, father, sister, brother or child. In other words: with everyone... Just thinking about it makes me tear up. No other movie in this list, and I've seen them all, comes even close to making me feel like that.
This film will make you wonder why you were born and wish you were dead. It's the kind of movie that is so depressing that 10 years after you see it, it's the movie you think of when you need to stop laughing! So sad, so depressing, so 'what's the point of life'!
The first time I watched this film couldn, t watch it all at ounce. I myself have no heart when it comes to films like this, however this film made my soul wrench. At the end of the film I was in tears even though the charecter are mear animations. This is the most emotionally touching and practical films that if people watch this film they would see war and it's effects in a whole different contrast, it is the sadest and heart touching film of all time truley a number 1 classic.
Titanic is an action romance film compared to this heart-wrenching and utterly depressing film. Tiny, intermittent glimpses into the possibility of happiness in human life, smothered by the grim truths none of us can escape: death, loss, sorrow.
Anyone who considers Titanic to be the saddest film has clearly never experienced this film. Harrowing is a good word to describe it. And the shot near the end, with images of Setsuko running in circles around the shelter... Oh my God. I don't think I've ever been hit harder by a movie.
I bawled my eyes out after the first ten minutes. And then cried some more ten minutes after it was done. Titanic is nothing compared to this. Looking for something that's achingly sad? Here it is, and not only is it sad, it has a good message behind it. Don't believe me? You'll find it on YouTube.
I always thought Titanic was the saddest film I've ever seen, it's one of the only three films to ever make me cry. But when I saw this list and I wondered how a cartoon could make you cry... So I watched and I have a young sister that age, and my God... Some of the thickest tears I've ever shed. Such a fantastic film, if you haven't watch it!

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