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41Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3

The ending was so bittersweet. Not to mention several parts before the ending that made me cry. Overall, a very dark, but beautiful game. Memento Mori... - Zeebs

42Mario Party 7

The big twist at the end where peach kills Mario gets me every time...

Who put this on here? I don't understand...

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43Yume Nikki
44Bioshock Infinite

Once you understand the ending, you realize that even though it is happy, at the same time it is sad. Since no world exists where Comstock takes Anna away, Elizabeth never exists and never becomes the girl you get to know throughout the story. In essence she "dies", which was quite sad for me.

45Kingdom Hearts

The only sad part of the game was when Sora killed himself to save Kairi, but that moment only lasted like 15 minutes. Awesome game though. - Alpha101

Soras sacrifice, the ENTIRE ENDING, and not to mention the numerous sequels...
For a Disney series its really depressing.

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46Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter

I could literally not stop crying after the ending. It was crushing. All of the terrified Raposa characters we come to know from the series disappear forever when Max wakes up from his coma. To further rub it in, they play sad music while revealing that Max's parents died in the car crash, and that him and Heather were brother and sister. And then the credits end on showing Mari and Jowee as dolls won from the carnival. I am so surprised that this series isn't more well known, and it's cheerful cover art is probably the biggest facade of all. I've played Shadow of The Colossus, and wasn't remotely upset. I shed a few tears at the end of The Walking Dead, sure, but I honestly have never been so moved by a video game before. I truly see this as a masterpiece.

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47Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster

How is this not here?! I cried for hours at this game's ending. - PlatinumTheHitgirl

Still the only game to make me cry

48Metal Gear Solid 2
49Mortal Kombat (2011)

It's so sad that everybody dies

50Portal 2

What is more sad than a mother letting her child go and sining a really sad song about it, PLUS having the only friend you'll ever know try to kill you, gets pulled into space and then you get abandoned in the middle of a wheat field. Well gets my vote.

Nobody is happy except the space core.

This is so sad. GLaDOS deletes Caroline and Wheatley gets suck into space and GLados says she will delete Chell and 3 innocent personality cores get sucked into space. The only thing happy about it was when the space sphere gets to live his dream in space. When Whealey desperately ye
Los grab me makes it even worse

51Final Fantasy VII
52Super Mario Galaxy

The storybook. HOW IS THAT NOT SAD. I Don't normally tear up but I got emotional and when I said something to my mom about it I broke down. Absolutely sad. Rosalina doesn't Want to accept the fact that he mother is dead and says she wasn't out there I the stars all along, because she's sleeping under the tree on the hill. The music also ups the sad factior.

. It's heartbreaking! When Rosalinas mom and family is dead... it's so sad. Everybody says "Super Paper Mario made me cry ". How is that sadder than a young girl realized her family is dead? The music that plays adds the sadness. Then when Rosalina is talking to Mario about how she never expected all the trouble to happen when she was looking forward to travel with the Lumas. I started crying at that part. Then at the end when (SPOILER ALERT) the lumas put themselves in the black hole it's so sad. Especially when the young luma in Mario/Luigis hat comes out and waves goodbye with the sad music from Rosalinas storybook... So sad. I started crying. I'm not emotional during movies or games or anything. I don't start crying at sad moments (except I cried at the song The Moment I Knew by Taylor Swift). If you make a video game that makes me cry multiple times you made a sad game. It's so sad, but it's so good. Great but sad sad game.

Why is this not at least in the twenties that storybook literally involves a little girl coming to terms with the fact that her family died while she was gone

That moment when you got feels from an alive star being sucked in a black hole

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53Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

The Kingdom Hearts Series is overall one with sad moments, and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days has some of the saddest scenes of all, one of them when Xion chooses to sacrifice herself to save Sora over being with her best friends. And it is also depressing that Roxas and Axel don't even remember her.

/What really made me sad is that he doesn't even get to remember her.

This game was so sad when it reached the end. Having to see Roxas fight off Xion in the end and seeing her sacrifice herself. If you saw this and you didn't at the very least want to cry you're a soulless person.

54One Chance

All the ending to this one are sad. Either you die, your family dies, your wife always dies, not sure about the daughter... And, like the title, its almost impossible to replay the game, so you have one chance.

This game is so sad when I saw markiplier play it to the end I also started crying

Such a sad game. Even sadder seeing Markiplier's reaction to the end.

How is this not higher up?

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55The Binding of Isaac

Not necessarily the saddest game out there, but definitely more so than "paper Mario" or "sonic". This game is dark... Your mother receives revelation from god that her son Isacc (you) is corrupt and must be sacrificed. Forced to escape into a basement full of nightmares, Isaac becomes deformed and scarred as he surpasses evil beasts and eventually must kill his own mother. Dark and slightly disturbing, this game's atmosphere is full of sadness. Nothing to be happy about here

This game is literally about child abuse. Isaac still loves his mother who is possibly schizophrenic and wants to murder him! He is always haunted by monsters and the only way to get rid of them is to cry! That poor five year old! He never even has any reason to be happy!

Isaac is just a little boy who means no harm and wants love from his mother, but even that is turned down. He is not a crybaby, he is just ignored and abused.

56Fallout 4

Two sad things: 1. The fact of living in that world and having a stolen baby. 2.One ending. (2 sad 4 me)

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57Dark Souls

Save from the salty tears from your rage, this game has a pretty dark and depressing tone. Everyone is eventually cursed with a mark that turns them into mindless Hollows, the light in this world is slowly but inevitably dying, and at the end of it all, you fight the former shell of a heroic god who's gone mad after kindling the First Flame. - MKBeast

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58That Dragon, Cancer

The game is based on the creator and his son, in other words real events and I can't imagine what the creator of this game would have gone through emotionally during the development of this game. I have never experienced anything like this before, and it fills me with nostalgia and grief I didn't know existed.

The entire game is sad. You read the description on Steam and it says that it's about the creators expierience with cancer. And then it reveals that it was actually the creators son who had cancer and the game is about real people. Saddest thing ever - Username123

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60Corpse Party

This should way higher than it is right now I played this got into it so much I cried at most of the deaths

So emotional I will always remember this game, the feels hit hard

Mayu got rammed into the wall and exploded like a pul

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