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81Tales from the Borderlands
82The Order: 1886

The ending of this made me cry, and I don't even cry at the usual real-life sad things! It's just so sad, seeing a valued party member die (not to mention he's everyone's favorite). The ending really gets you, more so because they reference what the ending might be at nearly the beginning of the game! Of the few video game endings I've cried at, this one takes the cake. (P.S. Even the spoilers don't prepare you for that moment! )

I was crying for days because of the ending

The ending is truly heart-wrenching.

84Xenoblade Chronicles
85Emily is Away

Jesus Christ,this game puts you in the shoes of a teenage boy trying to win the heart of Emily over windows I'm and despite any choices you make to change the outcome, you always lose, there is no happy ending, it's simple but hits those feels...

This is the game I was hoping to see, how is it 100th?

Damn,this game was really depressing.Took me a while just to get over the fact that I lost a girl who wasn't even real... But,you can play it if you want that 2000's feel.

87OkamiV1 Comment
88Left 4 Dead 2
89Kirby: Planet RobobotV1 Comment

This squenix game for the PS2 was so controversial in its overseas undertaking. Many of the games dialog scenes had to be changed to keep the subject matter from violating certain precepts. While the gameplay is so nonspecific, the story has an all-round dark fantasy tone. With multiple endings and not one of them prefix "happy". The story itself will slam you with tragedy after tragedy and even the central characters, the protagonist and his entourage, will be seen differently by you the farther you delve into the story.

91Dead Island

Star wars for the win

92Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

You kill harmless, innocent animals if you want. And you get FOOD for killing it! - Mariomaster63

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94God of War III

The ending is sad

95Echo Night

You wake up in an abandoned space shuttle on the outskirts of a moon base, you find that the station is home to several distraught spirits and you have to ease their pain and you also find some of their dead bodies

96Tomb Raider (2013)
97Sonic Adventure 2 Battle
98Assassin's Creed: Revelations
99L.A. Noire
100The Darkness 2
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