Top Ten Sailor Moon Characters Who Should Be In the Next Sailor Moon Film


The Top Ten

1 Sailor Galaxia
2 Sailor Venus
3 Sailor Moon Sailor Moon
4 Diana
5 Queen Beryl
6 Artemis
7 Tuxedo Mask
8 Luna
9 Mimet
10 Sailor Mars

The Contenders

11 Sailor Neptune
12 Sailor Moon's dad
13 Chad
14 Sailor Saturn
15 Sailor Moon's teacher
16 Sailor Moon's mom
17 Jedite
18 Zoisite
19 Sailor Pluto
20 Andrew
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Top Remixes

1. Sailor Galaxia
2. Sailor Venus
3. Sailor Moon
1. Sailor Venus
2. Sailor Moon
3. Sailor Galaxia



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