10 Scariest Bugs

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1Giant Tiger Centipede

If they are the ones I have seen, they're harmless. However, the mere site of them is enough to make one jump.

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2Emperor Hawk Moth
3Atlas Moth
4Hercules Beetle
5Goliath Beetle
6Giant Cockroach
7Giant Stick Insect
8Goliath Bird Eating Spider
9Black Widow
10Giant Isopod

It's the largest insect alive! This really should be added to the list. It is terrifying, it also does really thick bites into skin.

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11Thorn Bug
12Crane Fly
13Camel Spider
14Daddy Long Leg Spider

Why are spiders considered scary? They kill other insects you don't like, they have eight legs, they're adorable, and typically fuzzy! I don't understand. But, I do find flies scary, and freak out whenever I'm in the same room as one...what is there to like about flies?

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