Top 10 Scariest Creepypastas

These are creepypastas that scared me the most. Its almost Halloween so lets bring some nightmares out. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

Jeff the Killer
Dang I this one is SCARY! The story is terrifying, but the face is what makes me pee my pants. No nose, no eyebrows or eyelids, bleach white skin, tiny bloodshot eyes (THEY STARE INTO YOUR SOUL AND SCAR IT! , ), and a GIANT slit smile. I warn you, don't look up the images, you'll regret it. Anyways, random fangirls pretend to be him on YouTube, and they put the ACTUAL PICTURE, so you don't know it's there. In the story, he goes up to your bed at night, smiles and stares at you without blinking and scares the living crap out of you, says "Go to Sleep", and murders you. The worst thing is that there are actual hospital documents on a kid named Jeffery Woods who was burned and bleached like in the story! Even the escaping part! AHH!
Time to sleep. I get into my bed and lie down. I close my eyes thinking about random things. Sadly, one of those random things is Jeff the Killer. Step one: Open eyes as wide as possible
Step 2: Go completely still
Step 3: Breath rapidly
Step 4: Reluctantly think of all the ways Jeff could attack you
Step 5: get something close to your bed that you use as a weapon, but won't hurt him anyways

For maximum results, sleep alone!


Jeff the Killer isn't one of the scariest, but I still think it deserves a spot on the list for being a good story. I wasn't scared when I heard it, but I still enjoyed to story all the same and it's one of my personal favorites. An innocent 13-year-old boy who turns killer after being beat up, covered with alcohol and bleach, then lit on fire. You gotta feel sorry for the guy.
[Newest]He's my fave creepypasta!

Honestly Slendy is the strongest creepypasta besides The Doctor. The Doctor is the one who creates them and Slendy hates him. Slendy is the best cause he can control your body, teleport, has tenticals that comes out of his back, makes you lose your memory, can drive you too insanity, can make little kids comes in the woods, can form a mouth that goes from one side of his blank head to the other and take a giant bite out of you, he can rip your heart out by sticking his long fingers down your throat and he has the power to make the Slender Portal to take his victims to the CreepyPasta world, and he can make you paranoid and attach him even though it is easier to kill you that way. All of this is true about Slenderman. So he should number one or The Doctor should be cause he knows how to kill every CreepyPasta and can create them. The Doctor can even kill them by just a drop of his blood landing on their skin and them will disintegrate painfully.
That is the truth and Slenderman does not eat kids souls.
Slender man is the scariest and deadliest creepy pasta. He can teleport and even trap you easily. Jeff the killer is dead but
Slender is immortal. There's a game called slender the eight pages and slender the arrival and trust me there both SCARY. But I'm not that scared of him in videos but in the game SCARY.
Team Slender. Hands down. He's dah best :3
[Newest]You know the story

3BEN Drowned
This is my favorite creepypasta just not the scariest one but I do like the fact that it is video game related... I LOVE VIDEO GAMES!
Ben is a creepy creepypasta and when playing the game are on
Only number 3? You shouldn't have done that. You're going to meet with a terrible fate, aren't you?
[Newest]Well... Needs #1 Spot.

4The Russian Sleep Experiment
Picture is the scary part.
This one is unnerving. That's why it definitely deserves a spot as one of the best and scariest Creepypastas. It's chilling and I love it!
I keep on learning more and more things that the possessed test subjects represent.


Who wants to play sonic after playing that game?
I AM GOD! That's all I have to say. 😣
Sonic is wah scary tails doll just as scary but sonic has a better story to it
[Newest]Most Awful made me hate all sonic games and devices

6Smile Dog
Smile Dog...he haves a way scary face than Jeff does. I seen images of him, But I just need to know what breed of dogs he is!
Thanks to Smile. Dog, I now cautiously scroll down every creepypasta page and shut the browser if I see the tip of any picture...
Smile dog by a lot. The image is really horrifying to look at. Unlike Jeff the killer, smile dog had a better well written story.
[Newest]He puts the creepy in creepypasta

7Squidward's Suicide
I was mentally freaked out after I finished reading this.
Go to red mist. -Alexis Thompson-Tomlinson
Not scary but sad and irritating But I watched it at a sleepover
[Newest]Ruined My Life And My Childhood -A Very Sad Person:(

8Suicide Mouse
Not only is this scary but it is extremely disturbing. It is Mickey Mouse walking down an endless street for 3 minutes before cutting to black for a couple of minutes then it returns to Mickey doing the same thing but this time it is a woman screaming for about 4 minutes with a grin on his face. At one time of the episode it shows Mickey Mouse's face indicating that it is the end of the episode. The first person to watch this episode committed suicide. The end!
This is nightmare indusing, this is childhood ruining, this makes you want to watch Micky Mouse club house. GOD DANG REALISTIC SCREAMS!

terrifying, didn't want to sleep tonight.

no wonder I am disturbed
[Newest]Mickey mouse clubhouse makes it worse

9Abandoned by Disney
This was TERRIFYING. Oh my gosh... The nightmares of that costume. And that Mickey Mouse voice, "Hey, wanna see my head come off? " OH my gosh.
Oh my gosh. This gave me SO. MANY. NIGHTMARES. The costumes were horrifying.
It is very scary I can't believe that Mickey appears and scares the heck out of me
[Newest]Honestly, this was one of the only creepypastas that kept me awake at night.

10Lavender Town Syndrome
Pokemon can be scary and suicide making. Well that's it. If I'm missing something please add it on here. Well bye and good luck sleeping tonight after reading these Creepypastas. And happy halloween.
Haha, this is my favorite, no offense but Sonic.exe sucks laugh out loud


The song oh the song make it stop. The events are actually real search it up.

The Contenders

11Ronald McDonald House
Holy hell. This was definitely the scariest one yet. Really well written too. I was seriously hoping he got out of there alive.
I have never been shaking from a creepypasta since I first read the Red Mist. This was seriously the most messed up and sickening story ever and is making me seriously want to stop reading creepypasta as a whole
I never actually started fearing of what of the character or ever had been scared of clowns until this creepy pasta.
[Newest]I've written many creepy pasta and by now I think I now whats scary or not but this one still scares me

12The Rake
Makes me close my windows and blinds and sleep with the covers over my head with only a small hole in which to stick my face out. I have actually done that since I was like 6 or 7 (because I was afraid of lots of stuff then) and I still do it. It's just unconscious routine that went from feeling scared without the covers over my head to feeling awkwardly exposed and weird.


The rake is really scary I think people always say that and I think that to the rake is a tall long thing that comes into your house and kills you will his bloody big hands and he crawls on the floor so no one can see him
I read this story really late at night I was awake for at least another 2 hours before I went to bed that night I really hope this creepypasta is fake
[Newest]Are you kidding me first of all he ain't scary 2he is not real bye

It picks the character, Pinkie pie. Who makes cupcakes. Sadly, she forgot about the ingredient. So, she takes Rainbow Dash into this so much disgusting treatment.


I just love her look and every thing!


This creepy my little pony fan written story featuring Pinkie Pie brutally murdering Rainbow dash will send chills down your spine as you read of the gory disection

14Red Mist
The story was pretty freaky, the picture was hellish, but the video? That was disappointing! The part where he was standing there with those bleeding eyes was creepy, but when he actually killed himself, it looked like someone drew a picture of him on a computer, and the animation when he put the gun to his head was so lame. In the story, he used a shot gun and blew his head apart. There was blood, brain matter, his eye was hanging out... But in the video, he puts a little revolver to his head, shoots himself, and then blood spatters on the screen. Then it shows a picture of squidward lying down with some really fake looking blood. Also, when the voice said "Do it! " It sounded like a ' 15 year old who has no experience with voice acting. LAAME!
Squidward creeps me out on this one. The only thing that creeps me out on this creepypasta is the BIG BLOOD SHOT RED EYES! And the ending were HE POINTS A GUN INTO A MOUTH AND SHOOT! That's just creepy.
The story was scary, but the episode was disappointing. In the story, he blew his head up with a shotgun. In the episode, he put a little revolver to his head, and shot himself, and there was some blood on his head... Weak! Also the animation was poor, and when the guy says "do it," it sounds like a 15 year old guy who has no experience with voice acting. LAME!

15The Doctor
Okay, let me get this simple. This is nightmares in a story.
I hate doctors because they all turn out to kill you in MOVIES LIKE THIS PEOPLE HE IS A KILLER!
Type the doctor creepypasta in Google and click the first option

16Tails Doll
Normally, creepypastas just make me scared at night. Not once have they given me nightmares. Except for the tails doll. That one gave me a nightmare. I don't remember the whole thing, but I do remember a few 2 second parts of it, all of which had the Tails Doll floating around on a colored background with red, glowing eyes. About the waking up in the middle of the night thing, that just happened because I had 1) gotten scared of a new creepypasta, the teddy bear 2) My friend told me that there is a 90% chance that if you wake up in the middle of the night for no reason, it's because you're being watched. Combine the 2, and you wake up in the middle of the night 4 times!


When I read this I was checking out of my window and waking up in the middle of the night for 4-5 weeks hoping that I will live.
This doll makes me wanna run away.
[Newest]This is the devil in a doll's body.

17Jane the Killer
I'm a bigger fan of Jeff, but Jane is a badass too! I don't totally blame her for wanting to get even with Jeff, for I would want revenge too if someone took my family from me. But still, think of what Jeff went through.

18Mereana Mordegard Glesgorv
I hope you know that is not the full video

19Annora Petrova
Hell, the scariest part of the pasta is the photo, it made me never want to sleep again

This one is a little long but it's worth reading
I've read this one 3 times, and it never gets old. Kinda sloppy at the end, but very original!
I don't even think this story's ended yet.


[Newest]This was extremely creepy and super realistic.

21Weeping Angel

22Eyeless Jack
I used to be afraid of seeing him over my face.


He eats your kidneys for God's sake!

23Laughing Jack
Easily my absolute favorite creepypasta. I told his story to all of my friends, and they were mortified. This one could easily be around the top three, but this isn't my list...
One of my favorites. I mean, think about it. A psycho monochrome clown who kills children and disappears into thin air when attacked. What's not to be scared of?
I read this one and was pretty scared. Not as scary as Jeff the Killer though.


I find this story creepy! It's definitely in my top tens.
It's is just so well writen

25Bloody Painter
Hi I love bloody painter his cute and sexy he's AMAZING 😍😍
I <3 bloody painter

26The Strangest Security Tape I've Ever Seen
I listened to this on YouTube two times already and I liked it. I was so curious as to what "Jeremy" looked like that I looked for the picture on msn. Freaky! That's all there is to it.
You can't have a list without a disturbing security tape being in it, I like the concept of the time loops and also Jeremy is a freak

27Super Mario 64: Damned
I read about it incredibly creepy and disturbing I may never be able look at Super Mario 64 the same way after reading this creepypasta.


This combines every cliche into a single Creepypasta, but does it right.
Super Mario 64 will be never ever the same when Damned comes to it


28The Expressionless
Definitely beats out any other creepypasta!

29Username 666
My friend tried to kill my computer by looking this up and trying to make it happen. I didn't let him though. All it really is, is a virus hooked up to YouTube. Nothing paranormal.


This is what happens when a devil makes a YouTube account


Trust me you don't to see the video.

30Dr. Smiley

31The Keyhole

32The Portraits

33Annabelle the Doll
The movie is coming out soon


35The Cell Phone Game
This is a well written Creepypasta and the ending is pretty shocking. It's just amazing.
That ending and the sequel...
I have to stand by it.

36My Teddy Bear
It's just scary, and the picture scares the crap out of me. Mr. Creepypasta read this on YouTube, and I listened to it. I am never sleeping without a light in my room ever again.


37The Dating Game
It was scary because the girl wasn't possessed as far as I know.

This, unlike the horribly overrated Jeff the Killer and Slenderman, is extremely thought provoking. Such a disturbing concept, and the ending is so well crafted the writer ought to get a medal. This and Candle Cove are easily my favorite Creepypastas.
This is the best written creepypasta by far. It easily squashes things like red mist and lavender town syndrome, and makes slenderman seem like a children's novel.
The author is actually a professional horror short story writer. I'm serious.

39Gateway of the Mind
One of my first pastas, but the creepiness factor remains strong as ever.

40Dead Bart
I wonder what Matt was going through when he made this.


How an innocent arcade game could kill people?!



44Fuzzy (as performed by CreepsMcPasta)

45Luna Game 0
I played it on roblox. -Alexis Thompson-Tomlinson
How is this NOT on here? Pinkamena is CREEPY!

46Mother's Call

47Hetalia Episode 23.5

An episode when Gary died, SpongeBob kept crying till he got so decayed a lot! The pic gave me nightmares...
Sorry that gary died

49The Godzilla Nes Game Hack

50Mr. Fuzzy
This story is long, but well-worth the read! Very creepy and disturbing.

51Robert the Doll
Robert the Doll is EVIL as Jeff or evil as Ronald McDonald


This and Annabelle are creepy because they actually exsist.

52The Autopsy of Cole Ryder


54The Terrible Secret of Animal Crossing
I'm Not sure if this is A creepypasta to you, but it Scared
Me a lot, The Most Gross Part Was When the Character (Billy) Has his eye pulled out, This is a very long creepypasta. It is based off of the game series Animal Crossing.

55Emma by Chris Craft
Not a creepy pasta but a good story


Creepy story. The end said something like "But nothing could explain the face that appears on my ceiling some nights." I try not to look at my ceiling anymore, and I hope beyond content that my window blinds don't randomly start banging against the window. 0_0


56Rock Motto
This Ceepypasta Is about a Guy who YouTube pooped SpongeBob and this YouTube poop is very disturbing! Do not watch!

57The Dawn is Your Enemy
I've seen this creepypasta in real life. No joke. I saw this on Adult Swim the other day and it was from a Twitter bump. I also saw this at the end of Inuyasha a few years ago.

58Radiation's Halloween Hack
Damn, this hack was disturbing... I mean, seriously, how much creepier and more depressing can you get? It's like the Majora's Mask of Earthbound, only MUCH scarier.

59Max and Ruby 0004
Where can I get a copy of the dvd? -Alexis Thompson-Tomlinson
That music gets stuck in my head at night
I love max and ruby how could you people it made meh cry

60The Sand Man
How did you forget the sand man

61Happy Appy

62Thomas and the Children
By the way there is no narrator, there are murderous messages at the end, and the children are made of wood.
It is a Thomas lost episode not scary

63Kagome Kagome
Seems to be very unknown, but it is awesome

64Candle cove
Look at the picture!

65The Ball
This will be made soon but that video screw it

66Don't Open Your Eyes

67The Doorbell

68The Mystery


70Channel 10,000

How is this not on yet? A monster living inside the wall that haunts you and tries to kill you when your bed is up against the wall. Now that's creepy. I regretted sleeping with my bed against the wall after hearing this


73The Grinning Man
Spooky yet interesting. I've listened to it on YouTube so many times and I still am. Definitely a Creepypasta.

74The Smiling Man
I've listened to it so many times before and I still do. This never seems to bore me and it's one of my personal favorites. It's somewhat chilling so I think it deserves some credit.

75Huntsville Camping Trip
Creepy, indeed. That's all there is to it. Another one I enjoy listening to.

This is one of the most unnerving Creepypastas I've ever heard. What's really unnerving- the picture of the murder victim. It should be in the top ten, without a doubt.

77Where Bad Kids Go

If you walked in on your mother being killed by your imaginary friend, you would freak.


The smile cat is he as scary as smiledog : my opinion NO SMILE DOG IS SCARER

81Normal Porn for Normal People

82Ed Edd Eddy "Lost Episode"

83He's Still Out There

One day in my Minecraft (single player) I go to the mineshaft I was mining the obsidian someone attack me when I mine that obsidian someone puts it again it creeped me out so I decided to deleted that world and go to the other world (which is my home in creative) and I decided to put some fermented spiders eye, poisonous potato, splash potion of poison, and some rotten flesh so that herobrine can be poisoned and spawned some iron golems and sleep and the next day in Minecraft all the things were gone I think he poisoned. that's I am going to say.
I heard a child just killed Herobrine in Minecraft PE and guess what he got... loads of diamonds! You can watch it in YouTube.
Just creepy even though I kill him all the time on Minecraft
[Newest]What he is just a fake troll

85Bloody Mary

86Mr. Widemouth
It's decently scary (freaked my 11-year-old brother out).
But more than scary it's the best-written creepypasta ever.

87Happy from McDonald's
Has a pasta ben made about this yet?


Happy from mcdonalds is NOT scary he is funny

88Rap Rat
This sucks laugh out loud

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