Top 10 Scariest Creepypastas

These are creepypastas that scared me the most. Its almost Halloween so lets bring some nightmares out. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

Honestly Slendy is the strongest creepypasta besides The Doctor. The Doctor is the one who creates them and Slendy hates him. Slendy is the best cause he can control your body, teleport, has tenticals that comes out of his back, makes you lose your memory, can drive you too insanity, can make little kids comes in the woods, can form a mouth that goes from one side of his blank head to the other and take a giant bite out of you, he can rip your heart out by sticking his long fingers down your throat and he has the power to make the Slender Portal to take his victims to the CreepyPasta world, and he can make you paranoid and attach him even though it is easier to kill you that way. All of this is true about Slenderman. So he should number one or The Doctor should be cause he knows how to kill every CreepyPasta and can create them. The Doctor can even kill them by just a drop of his blood landing on their skin and them will disintegrate painfully.
That is the truth and Slenderman does not eat kids souls.
Team Slender. Hands down. He's dah best :3
A faceless guy who has tenticales and kills you buy staring at him and eats kids souls. FREAKY!
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2Jeff the Killer
The thing which scares me the most about him is, HIS FACE! That face always haunts me... I don't even think he has a nose... I just hope I never, ever see his face ever again...
Ah if you don't know who he is than you r lucky and if you wanna know who he is go on Google images and type in jeff the killer
This dude has the scariest face EVER. Ever since I couldn't sleep well and when I closed my eyes his face comes up! And also, read his story it end so scary!
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3BEN Drowns
Ben is a creepy creepypasta and when playing the game are on
A possed game brought by an old creepy man. AHH!

4Abandoned by Disney
This was TERRIFYING. Oh my gosh... The nightmares of that costume. And that Mickey Mouse voice, "Hey, wanna see my head come off? " OH my gosh.
Oh my gosh. This gave me SO. MANY. NIGHTMARES. The costumes were horrifying.
It is very scary I can't believe that Mickey appears and scares the heck out of me
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5The Doctor
Okay, let me get this simple. This is nightmares in a story.

6Smile Dog
Smile dog by a lot. The image is really horrifying to look at. Unlike Jeff the killer, smile dog had a better well written story.
Smile Dog...he haves a way scary face than Jeff does. I seen images of him, But I just need to know what breed of dogs he is!
I read it, scrolled down a little, saw the dog's eyes and scrolled back up. no way I was going to look at that picture.
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7Jane the Killer

Who wants to play sonic after playing that game?
Sonic is wah scary tails doll just as scary but sonic has a better story to it
I AM GOD! That's all I have to say. 😣
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9The Rake
What's up with this dude? He's terrifying! Hands down creepiest creepypasta other than slender
The rake is straight up horrific. He looks like he got hit by a car, then got incinerated, then he got laminated.
I read this for my friend and red mist... Like a year ago... Still can't sleep
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10Red Mist
Squidward creeps me out on this one. The only thing that creeps me out on this creepypasta is the BIG BLOOD SHOT RED EYES! And the ending were HE POINTS A GUN INTO A MOUTH AND SHOOT! That's just creepy.
Remembering flashbacks of spongebob and patrick and squid ward all happy content neighbors, that episode is like getting brick to the forehead. I'm just sitting there thinking, "WH-WHY!? WHAT HAPPENED HERE?! " I can't even explain the toll this takes on your childhood happiness.

The Contenders

11Tails Doll
This doll makes me wanna run away.
Can You Feel The Sunshine?

12Suicide Mouse
This is nightmare indusing, this is childhood ruining, this makes you want to watch Micky Mouse club house. GOD DANG REALISTIC SCREAMS!

13Ronald McDonald House
Holy hell. This was definitely the scariest one yet. Really well written too. I was seriously hoping he got out of there alive.
I like the big mac pleas
This pasta nearly gave me a heart attack
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14Lavender Town Syndrome
Pokemon can be scary and suicide making. Well that's it. If I'm missing something please add it on here. Well bye and good luck sleeping tonight after reading these Creepypastas. And happy halloween.
Haha, this is my favorite, no offense but Sonic.exe sucks laugh out loud


15The Russian Sleep Experiment
Picture is the scary part.

I find this story creepy! It's definitely in my top tens.
It's is just so well writen

17The Portraits

18The Dating Game
It was scary because the girl wasn't possessed as far as I know.

19The Expressionless
Definitely beats out any other creepypasta!

This one is a little long but it's worth reading

21Super Mario 64: Damned

22Fuzzy (as performed by CreepsMcPasta)

23The Cell Phone Game
This is a well written Creepypasta and the ending is pretty shocking. It's just amazing.
I have to stand by it.

24Mr. Widemouth
It's decently scary (freaked my 11-year-old brother out).
But more than scary it's the best-written creepypasta ever.

How isn't this on here?

26Laughing Jack


28Mr. Fuzzy
This story is long, but well-worth the read! Very creepy and disturbing.

29Luna Game 0
How is this NOT on here? Pinkamena is CREEPY!

30Mother's Call

Just creepy even though I kill him all the time on Minecraft

32The Strangest Security Tape I've Ever Seen
You can't have a list without a disturbing security tape being in it, I like the concept of the time loops and also Jeremy is a freak

33Rap Rat

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