The Scariest Five Nights at Freddy's 3 Characters


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He is the least scariest of the game. He gives you a big heads up of his arrival. And only gets you when you see him went the vents reduce your vision. - Coopetro

Think of this. A 150 pound animatronic suit, way stronger than you, mixed with the purple guy who is smart about his killings, and you can see his corpse.

Ahh definitely agree he's like Jeff the killer and slendy had a baby

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2Phantom Foxy

Foxy in this game is so unpredictable unlike the other characters

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3Phantom Puppet/MarionetteV1 Comment
4Phantom Chica

She looks like a watermelon, she's hilarious, not scary.

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5Phantom Balloon BoyV1 Comment
6Phantom Mangle

I jumped when she made her noise because I couldn't find her until she dove out view! - Coopetro

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7Phantom FreddyV1 Comment
8Chrome Freddy

If you mean the mysterious freddy suit that rarely appears at the leftmost area of the office in the corner, that's golden freddy. (Or possibly fredbear)

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9Phantom BonnieV1 Comment
10Phantom SpringtrapV1 Comment
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