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1Golden Freddy Plushie

The reason he is on here is because of his meanings. Why does he always follow you? Why does he help you? Why is his main phrase "Tomorrow is another day."? - seminolesinger2003

You people really think plushie is scary? Nightmare chica is the scariest.

I feel like he follows me because he wants to kill me

So much teeth

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2Nightmare Cupcake

She is scary but people think no

When you don't look at the door where Nightmare Chica is, she will go in your room and send her cupcake or pumpkin if you are playing in the halloween update in fnaf 4. you are sooo screwed.

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3Nightmare Bonnie

Oh yes he's like oh sweet Jesus kill it with fire like every Bonnie except for the pink eyes that is nice

Avoid Bonnie's door if you keep encountering him.

Ask me to see this guy again Me: SO MUCH NOPE

The eyes and whiskers though

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4Nightmare Fredbear

Creepy how he just comes at the last minute for the last night

Hi. I am not what you think I am. I am obsessed with fnaf. Let me tell you a Fredbear theory, also known as theory 10. The fnaf 4 child did not get bitten by Fredbear's mouth, but from his endoskeleton teeth inside him. When you think about, how could his frontal lobe be the only thing that was damaged? His whole head would have been ripped off, but it didn't. At the end we could hear a heart monitor flat line, which means that yes he in fact did lose his frontal lobe.

I clicked this but I meant nightmare

Alone but powerful. Super scary

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5Tiny Freddy

The Freddles do form Nightmare Freddy and they are scary but they do not form a jumpscare so eh

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He isn't that scary when not lightened. But when he is, YOU CAN SEE A HUMAN BRAIN! He also shows his endoskeleton.

It's really creepy how you can see his endoskeleton when you brighten him up. And his endoskeleton head's a REAL HUMAN BRAIN! His jumpscare isn't loud but it lives up to his name...

One thing wrong higher placement please

Human Brain! What could cause that

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7Nightmare Foxy

Nightmare foxy is my favorite because to me he's friendly but he can be annoying but give him credit he still has heart inside him

No he's not scary he's annoying and overrated

Hi is the scariest from all of them

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I don't find plushtrap scary at all I think he is adorable!

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9Nightmare Chica

The fact that she is below a plush doll is a god damn disgrace!

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10Spring Trap

He is scary the way you see him then you don't then jump scares you like nothing

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11Nightmare Marionette

Well she is scary because she is bloody and slinky

That is something you don't want to meet in a dark alley, or a bad day or in your bedroom he is SPOOKAY

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12Nightmare Mangle

Honestly, Mangle it pretty scary. She always gets me with the closet! Plus, I can't hear breathing with her radio! But still Mangle is best character!

Nightmare Mangle is annoying, not scary.

I want Nightmare Foxy back! At least he remained silent! - KennyRulz244444

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13Nightmare FreddyV1 Comment
14Nightmare Balloon Boy

Not scary at all, Scott sadly won't change him so he will never be terrifying.

He's Plushtrap, he's shiny and pristine and doesn't look like a Nightmare animatronic at all. - KennyRulz244444

15Nightmare Moon

I can't anymore with my little pony oh god

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This guy is mad scary. If you finish watching the T.V. after completing night 5 you will walk up to you. By the way he walks very scary. Anyway he is also a fusion of all of the other animatronic's endoskeletons. And his clown mask just freaks me out A LOT!

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17Spring Freddy

He always just pops out of nowhere for me... It's creepy.

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18Big Brother

He is probably the scariest thing about the game how he treats that little kid who by the way is HIS BROTHER

This is actually the host of big brother

Can I just say "who is Big brother? "

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This one is from an Easter egg I think, but this creeps me out, I mean look at his face. It looks like he wants to haunt you till the day you die. But his voice just wants me to turn off the computer and call 911.

Nightmarionette and Nightmare Marionette are the same thing

20Spring Bonnie
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