Scariest Indie Horror Games

We all know indie horror games, monsters, gore, violence. All the good stuff!

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1Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Lots of horror games are scary, but amnesia takes the cake! You can pick up chairs, lots of objects in a very clever creepy castle enviroment, and throw them about! Seems like fun, right? But there are VERY scary monsters in the game-Grunts, brutes, and suitors (brutes and suitors are quite rare) You can get the free demo, but if you buy the full version, the game is just AMAZING! I recommend getting the full bought version!

Alone in the darkness that filled with crazy monsters that going to kill you. You cannot fight back, you must run or hide or you'll die. And also sanity and limited light source makes this game more scary. Really creepy sound especially when the monster is chasing you just really damn scary

This game rocks and it's my favourite horror game, I am 12 and half year old girl, whose playing Amnesia afternoon and around night, when I am alone or with friends! That game is really awesome, I have been seen PewDiePie, Markiplier, Smosh and Yamimash to play this game alone together or with their allies! This game is more scarier with custom stories, because there are some custom stories whose are more creepier than original story of Amnesia with Daniel! - AlexandraMoonDust

I was so scared I cried - MikaBeeWall

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2SCP: Containment Breach

Ok, I have to admit, this is one of the best indie horror games that is FREE! You are a test subject, and as you enter the chamber your are told to maintain direct eye contact with a horrible monster. I wont give away a lot. The atmosphere is EXELLENT! Its worth a try!

I believe that SCP: Containment Breach is one of the scariest, funniest games I have ever played! Just the fact that it gets your heart pumping about which monster thing your going to find next! Oh and watch out for Captain Mcderp!

3Cry of Fear

Cry of fear is a HUMOUNGOUS series that is just so BRILLIANT to play! Definitely one of THE BEST horror games!

I've seen a gameplay ny readwulfgamer and he was shocked out of every jump scar also the graphic are really detailed too

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4Imscared: A Pixelated Nightmare

That game is a virus, sure, but the game is just a screamer of this thing. White Face, is its name. Although it is pixelated, (duh! ) the face has scared me to the point of just sleeping with the lights on!

Basicly, what I'm trying to say is that imscared is haunting. I wont give away too much spoilers, but heres what it is about. You are a nameless person stuck in a scary, walls with blood on them, house. The fact that it is actually pixelated, half retro style is cool!

I'm obsessed with SCPs. I read them all the time, and I play all the games; but THIS GAME IS INGENIOUS!

DO NOT watch any Imscared videos, because it completely ruins it. It is an amazing game.

This game scares the poop out of me

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Which is a scary game that features lots of good scares and a ghost woman. There is an alternitive ending, but that's for you to find.

That game is similiar to Slender Man, because that's a woman with no head and whose teleporting in front of you and chasing you like dog and Slendy! She's very creppy while she's teleporting and she made me a few jumpscares from that! - AlexandraMoonDust

6Slender: Haunt

Slender haunt is the kind of BETTER and EVEN SCARIER version of slender! Its 3D graphics and beatiful gameplay makes it number 4 on this list!


You are a man being chased by horrifyingly scary mutated lab monster. The atmosphere is brilliant and you can spraypaint WHATEVER YOU WANT!

8Slender: The Eight Pages

This is one of the MOST popular indie horror games that is also free to download and play! Many YouTubers and people have screamed in the slender-man involved game! Are you brave enough to give it a try?

Very scary game great to play with friends!

9Five Nights at Freddy's

Five nights at Freddy's is a fun and challenging game, but it is definitely not scary. - TheGrammarPolice

This list is bias if this game doesn't get a fair rating.

It's scary when you don't expect it and you get really into it.

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Stalked is quite decent, but mostly only walking and jumscares, so it isn't very high on the list. But the jumpscares will get you going!

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?Splatterhouse 3

This game gave me nightmares every cutscene was blacj and white the whole game is hunted

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11Radiation's Halloween Hack

I'll admit, this hack is pretty disturbing.

12The 4th Wall

You can get this game on windows or Xbox 360, but sadly, you have to pay to get it. Great indie horror game if your looking for a decent scare!

13Five Nights at Freddy's 2

This is one of those "Pee your pants" games. More antagonist and more spooks than the first!

You thought the original was scary? Wait until you see this one.

14Penumbra: Overture

My friend named Israel likes this game a lot

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This game made me cry a lot

17White Noise: a Tale of Horror

How is this the least of them all? Its got super real looking monsters, with no eyes screaming at you when the monster catches you. Be warned it has a lot of flashing jumpscares that can cause epilepsy. But still, its very scary. - Ivysaur

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