Top 10 Scariest Movies of 2000-2010


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41The Human Centipede
42Saw IV
43Hollow Man

He shouldn't have died! I hated that girl - Ananya

44The Exorcism of Emily RoseV1 Comment
45Final Destination 3
46Halloween II (2009)
47Saw V
48Saw VI
49The Final Destination
50Saw II
51The Last Exorcism
52The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning
53The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
54The Descent: Part 2
55Silent Hill
56Exorcist: The Beginning
57The Descent

The Decent has so many ways to scare you, it builds suspense and you don't see the monster for a good 45 mins, this gives time to build character, and seeing them climb through tunnels is very claustrophobic and scary, there are many great moments to make you jump in fear. It is so dark, claustrophobic and all around scary! That is why it takes #1 The fight scenes are great and I think on a scariest movies of all time list it would be very close to the top!


Rob Zombie is one of my favorite directors of all time, bringing back horror icon Michael Myers was a riskey move but in my opinion he pulled it off great! Not a lot of people share this opinion but it is my opinion it is the best horror reboot ever!

59The Devils Rejects

This also may not be the most scary but, it has a great story line, again made by Rob Zombie, it is his master peice, it is my FAVORITE MOVIE OF ALL TIME! Great characters too.


Cloverfeild brings back the post 9/11 feeling in with a Godzilla sort of theme to it, it is very scary!

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