Paranormal Activity

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Paranormal Activity


I love "The Exorcist", "The Ring" and many other classics, but that movie was scary as hell!
Now this is what I call a horror movie. After years and dozens of horror movies that amused me (kept me laughing as if watching comedy), I watch this one. Now, this is because of my beliefs about the dark world of demons and goblins, which are based on religious beliefs. I am embarrassed to say I was 29 years old, but I could not sleep for 4 days in a row... Seriously, NOT even for FIVE minutes straight! Not until the sun rises! After that, the nightmares kept at it for 3 months, but I did sleep though.

The craziest thing was that I couldn't wait for the sequel, which spared me the insomnia and gave me straight nightmares for 1 months. The third one did not bother my sleep, but got my mind thinking about my beliefs.

As for the 3rd one, it did not interest me at all. I kept seeing the teasers and trailers and said to my self "really? Are they serious now?! The story is getting so ridiculous! "
No fancy special effects. The movie lacks the typical Hollywood-style visual effects, and in doing so becomes extremely plausible. What makes this movie scary is how frighteningly believable it is. You don't see holographic looking apparitions created in a studio, you see inanimate objects moving on their own and shadows out of the corner of your eye. It's knowing that there may be something lurking behind you or looming just above you, just out of sight, that makes this movie deeply chilling.
This movie is by far the most believable supernatural movie I have ever seen. The reason this movie is as scary as it is, was because of the fact that you could theoretically see this happening in real life. Strange noises in the night, subtle movements without cause; these are things we experience in life and to give those things reason is truly terrifying. That is why this movie gets my vote, because it's not about terror during the movie; it's about the fear that follows after watching it.


This movie is so scary that people escaped from theaters!

Now when I watched it I can't sleep alone anymore... One factors that grow the scariness is probably because it is taped with regular camera (not movie camera).

For the people who don't know - it's a film about young couple which move to a new house. In that house lives a demon who is especially active in the middle of the night.

Really scary, must watch it!


If you're a gore hound who judges based on more = better, you might not like it. But it takes its simple concept and plays the suspense so relentlessly that unless you deliberately tune it out, it might leave you on edge about what could be hidden in the dark at night, just past the foot of your bed.

For a true horror movie where nothing happens, scary or otherwise, see The Grudge, inexplicably in second place right now.
My favorite horror movie of all times! ;) the second one is my favorite I liked the part when the baby comes up by itself that's the scariest part when I watched this movie! I have watched the first one and the second one but I never ever watched the third one yet so, I have watched the trailer for the third one and it isn't that bad so I am gonna get the third one on dvd!
For this series it's rather you really hate it or really like it. There are many reviews on it of how boring it is. Then there are reviews of how it's the scariest movie that person has ever seen. Something about this movie really scared. Just this new style of filming that makes it feel like you're actually there. Personally I found this movie really scary!
Poor plot. It seems like they just jammed what ever they tought would be scary into the story but didn't keep it interesting. I had to drink coffee just to keep me up watching this movie. They should focus more on the ghost then the family. Half of the movie is just the family going about their normal life. Needless to say all of the "paranormal activity" was very cheesy and predictable, something I do not like about movies. Keep it interesting. Make the unpredictable happen
No movie ever scared me at all... until this one. Who hasn't heard a "bump in the night" when home.. alone safe in your bed? It took place in the most bland normal and safe environment... and turned it into hell! Hands down the only flick to make me sleep with the lights on!
The night I watched this movie, I was scared like hell... Just couldn't go to the bathroom... I actually began to believe in ghost.. But the next morning I googled it and when I found it was all fake... I laughed at myself and appreciated the effort of the movie makers...
! THE ENDING SCARED THE PEE OUTTA ME! I THOUGHT I WOULD NEVER SLEEP AGAIN! Right after the movie, I had a sneaking suspicion that my house was haunted by d-d-d-d-demons! And, I'm a Catholic Christian, and I nearly screamed in bed from a nightmare! I've also seen the 2nd one... Can't wait to see the third one on the Web!
It was the long sequences of quietness that made it so scary, for in that quiet time your brain went nuts thinking of the scariest thing in your subconscious. The slow build up of activity and the camera work redefined the genre, no its being done to death (so to speak).
This movie was freaky as hell. They may talk a lot but after he taunts it look what happens doors slam shut, shadows move, the demon crawls through the covers, lights switch on, the footprints in the talcum powder, the house gets wrecked and the loud bangs and thuds but have you seen the ending th possesed katie when she kills micah and screams at the camera then slits her throat!


So scary, made my husband take me to the bathroom for about 2 weeks, it has been 2 years since we seen the movie and I still sleep with my feet under is legs! No ghost is going to pull me off the bed without waking my husband
Much, much better than any other horror movie. All those movies higher up on the list are nothing compared to his! Why? Because it doesn't have phony horror music, it's so damned realistic and no unnecessary screaming. The CC camera view if full out freakish!
would have to say this one. just because I woke up the next morning and my wife was all up under me, and all four of my children had piled up in one bed. wasn't that scary to me but the family doesn't lie I guess
this film scared me more han any other I have watched - and I have seen most of the good uns though the years. Thw film stayed with me for about 2 weeks - kept one eye on the bedroom door expecting it to move!
This is one of the only Horror Movies that has ever truly scared me. I laughed during the exorcist, and the Grudge sucked, but I saw this and had Nightmares for a week!
Ill just say that even after watching the trailer on full screen I couldn't sleep, I would just sit on my bed with the lights on and sweating like crazy. Expecting the shadow to come and slaughter me helpless.
This movie is very scary because spirits and demons are real. It's not like zombies, vampires, monsters... You don't want to have a ghost in your house and you really don't want a demon!
I must say Paranormal Activity was a bit jumping at places but once it was over I wasn't too scared. I like scary movies, and this one is one of them that I liked, a lot.
I don't scare easily, but after watching this I had trouble sleeping, and I was so tired. I eventually got some hours of sleep after turning on my bedroom light.
This movie is amazing. It's brilliant how the whole movie is filmed through a security camera. I watched it at age 10, and I was quite scared. I couldn't sleep for a week. Still, great movie.
Love this movie always looking for the next thing to scare me it has been quiet a while but this one did it. It even got my husband. I slept with all the lights on for about 2 weeks or so.

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