Scariest Songs Ever Written

Halloween is still many months away but any time during the year is close enough to Halloween to do a list like this. These are some of the scariest songs I have ever heard. Try to listen to these songs in the pitch black room.

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1 Daddy - Korn Daddy - Korn

A song about a little boy getting constantly raped by his parents. How could you get any worse than that its just terrible

This song caused lots of people to believe that Rick Davis (Jonathan Davis's father) is a child molester. Although his son has stated many times that this song was written about a family friend who sexually abused him. When a 12-year old Jonathan tried to turn to his family, he said, they ignored him. Neither Jonathan or Rick will say who the person was, though both say it was a woman.

This really shows how metal and rock really speaks and is truly a musical art. While mainstream ass artists talk about their meaningless crap, Jonathan Davis sang about this. It's not something fake. It's something that really happened and it's a shame but I'm positive more and more people know about this. This is why I love metal because it has real music words. Praise to Jonathan Davis!

I looked it up and man it is so messed up. Their are f bombs and it is brutal. The father is an ass hat for doing this.

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2 Kim - Eminem Kim - Eminem

This is basically Eminem screaming at his ex wife the entire song. This is arguably Slim's scariest song ever made, and quite possibly the scariest rap song.

He raps about forcing his wife into his car, driving into a secluded spot, and then chasing after her when she tried to run, and catches her and slits her throat. A favorite of feminist. You'll have a new appreciation of this song if you get cheated on.

Revolution 9 didn't scare me in the slightest. THIS WILL! The whole time you're listening to it you really feel like there's domestic violence going on right now.

Who Would Someone Make a Song Like this

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3 Revolution 9 - The Beatles Revolution 9 - The Beatles

Has anyone heard this song backwards? Holy crap, is it scary! Near the beginning it has a little girl saying, 'Satan, look at me please'... HOLY-- I couldn't sleep without a light for a week! I am scarred for life.

The freakiest thing is that this is the Beatles, not Korn, Oceano, or any thrash metal band. It's the Beatles for gods sake. I don't even thing it's considered a song, I thing it's just noise, white noise.

This song scares me so much! And, if you look it up, this song has MORE lyrics than "Number 9, number 9, number 9". Look it up, its really creepy. But, if you listen to it backwards, is where the "Paul is Dead" theory is put in a little. It scare the living daylights out of me every time I listen to it backwards! What's creepy is when its backwards and you hear "Satan, look at me please". HOLY SMOKES. I know this is an 'experimental' song, but it would be better if it wasn't released. Plus, I wonder if John had taken a little much drugs before recording.. - kaitlynrad11

I don't think the normal version of it is so scary, but the backward version scares me to death, I mean I could only listen to the first 30 seconds and after that my fingers automatically shut the song..Don't think its funny, listen it yourself

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4 Baby - Justin Bieber Baby - Justin Bieber

This is the scariest thing ever just watch it or don't you'll have to have sleep with the lights on nightmares for life from this agh help me.

I know we all hate Justin Bieber but his songs are not scary. They are HORRIBLE. But it does not mean they are scary. Even if you are just kidding its NOT SCARY. the only scary part is that he sounds like a girl. And I am serious.

I really don't know if I can listen to this song again

Lol, I had too. This list is boring anyway so why not?

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5 A Little Piece of Heaven - Avenged Sevenfold A Little Piece of Heaven - Avenged Sevenfold

Than scared the yellow jeans out of me

Revolution 9 is just a bunch of creepy white noise but it isn't necessarily scary. This song tells one of the most messed up stories, but it is an awesome song - Tylerlangford1234

This is without a doubt the most horrifying plot a song could have.

Oh Come On It's Not Really That Scary. - Epicsauce45

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6 The Beautiful People - Marilyn Manson The Beautiful People - Marilyn Manson

Not at all scary, the video is disturbing but not scary at all

Scary song with a disturbingly creepy video that would perfect for Halloween

The cover is starting to scare me.

This is an anti-bullying message from Manson. Scary? No.

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7 Inside the Fire - Disturbed Inside the Fire - Disturbed

Scary? It's pretty badass, to be honest.

Not scary at all. The story is a bit creepy, the singer having nightmares and such. Satan telling him to kill himself to be with the girl he lost to suicide, but the song itself? The lyrics? The sound? No. Not at all scary

This song isn't really that scary. David wrote it because his girlfriend committed suicide. It's a really depressing song if you tell me.

It's about committing suicide and see your younger self going to hell with her

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8 Stalaggh - Projekt Misanthropia

The fact that it's made up of real screams of terror by real mental patients is enough to make this song/album so much more disturbing! If this doesn't scare you I don't think anything will!

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9 Hamburger Lady - Throbbing Gristle Hamburger Lady - Throbbing Gristle

Scarier than any of the other songs on here.

Yeah, this is just insanely creepy. Song about a burn victim who looks like hamburger... Delicious.

Hamburger Lady combines cold, mechanical electronics and thoroughly effects-fed vocals, with lyrics taken from a medical letter involving a severe burn-ward victim.

Listened to this song a week ago. Barley slept since.

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10 Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath

First and best heavy metal song ever written, and the creepiest too. You can't make a guitar sound more scary than this. Tony Iommi is just the best!

Even rab halford praises the song saying it's the most evil song ever written, if you think this is not the scariest song then actually you don't get the lyrics into your head - amitcornelius1

How is this so far down. This was probably the first genuinely scary song and remains the best.

Not the first heavy metal song ever written. Born To Be Wild was

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? Dead Skin Mask - Slayer Dead Skin Mask - Slayer

This song is based on the real life story of body snatcher Ed Gein. Gein would always go to graveyards and dig up the dead bodies of people so that he can use their skin and bones as decorations for his house.

Gein was also the inspiration for the norman bates, buffalo bill, and leatherface.

I love this song, but I definitely will admit that those moans of suffering at the end were pretty damn freaky!

Dance with the dead in my dreams! - SirSkeletorThe3rd

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? A Dying God Coming Into Human Flesh - Celtic Frost A Dying God Coming Into Human Flesh - Celtic Frost

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11 Down With the Sickness - Disturbed Down With the Sickness - Disturbed

I love rocking out to this song, but I'll admit that the child abuse lyrics that David screams are disturbing.

It's like the Heavy Metal version of Kim by Eminem. But instead focuses on Child Abuse rather than Domestic Abuse.

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12 Vorkuta - Gulaggh Vorkuta - Gulaggh

It's true that Gulaggh used mental patients for the screams of agony but luckily none of the insane were harmed! The asylums gave Gulaggh permission to use them. Many of the patients say that it was fun which means that either they are too insane to know what fun is or they were sworn into secrecy with Gulaggh or they would be sacrificed by the great Goat. - SirSkeletorThe3rd

God, this is not a song! Its real children and elderly woman whoa are patients at an insane asylum scream therapy! GOD DAMN! Still the rumors about the kidnapping of said patients are fake, the band members asked for permition to take 15 patients for an hour or so to record this abomination. They used an abandoned chapel to record it! If this doesn't make number 1 then people who vote for other songs know nothing!

Too damn eerie! Scream Therapy by real mental patients. To top it all this was recorded at an abandoned chapel!

13 Tip Toe Through the Tulips - Tiny Tim Tip Toe Through the Tulips - Tiny Tim

So creepy it makes me think about Insidious

This song isn't scary at all its just weird.

This song is so creepy it give me nightmares!

Sounds like that song off of SpongeBob

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14 Curtain - Portal Curtain - Portal

The fact that I had to add this myself is just ridiculous, I thought it was top 10 scariest songs not your top 10 favourite songs. Songs like Dead Skin Mask by Slayer are quite creepy but this is genuinely terrifying. - ROOOAARIMAPOTATO

Sounds like the entrance to hell.

This is from another dimension.

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15 Fireal - Deftones Fireal - Deftones

This really isn't scary at all. There are random deftones songs where Chino would let out a high pitch scream. This is definitely one of my favorites from their debut. - Metalmaniakkk

I have to admit it is a pretty creepy song. Especially when he screams like he possessed.

So scary when a strange voice start to sing and the worst, is it that we don't know when! So creep! - Lflogomen

The scream makes me smile every time

16 Shoots and Ladders - Korn Shoots and Ladders - Korn

It's a song about the nursery rhymes we used to sing as kids. Although we didn't know what they originally meant. The nursery rhymes we sand had evil stories behind them.

For example, Everyone is so happy singing 'Ring Around the Rosie' but it's really about the Black Plague.

After listening to this song, I'm now starting to think how messed up our childhoods were back then.

I thought those rhymes were joy but when I turned 9 I heard about it I said wow I why was my teachers forcing us to sing it

This was the first Korn song I'd ever heard and if FREAKED ME OUT! Now, I'm a huge Korn fan and this is my favorite song

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17 '97 Bonnie and Clyde - Eminem '97 Bonnie and Clyde - Eminem

It's creepy Eminem takes his daughter to the beach with his ex wife Kim's dead body in the trunk and when they get there Eminem disposes her body in the ocean and making up excuses to make sure his daughter doesn't find out that her mom is dead.

Basically the sequel to Kim. Eminem takes his daughter with him to dispose Kim's dead body into the ocean. Trying his hardest to no let his daughter know that she's dead.

Talking about rolling his wife off a bridge after killing her.
Love Eminem's music but this song, NOT one of my favorites!

This came before kim - Spiral_stairs

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18 Dance With the Devil - Immortal Technique Dance With the Devil - Immortal Technique

It is about a teenager named billy, who gives up on his life to join a gang, sell and do drugs, and commit other crimes. Then, one day he meets his gang, the bring in a woman, billy takes her upstairs and stomps on her face til he breaks her jaw. His gang later comes up and they all kick her til they break her ribs then beat her up even more. After that they each take turns raping her. Billy takes a new.22 gun and points it at her head, and then finds out it was his mom. He shoots her in the head;killing her, and then is horrified that it was his mother so he commits suicide. After that, Immortal Technique tells a very creepy yet short story about devils, but anyway, amazing rapping.

I'm not the biggest rap fan but this song is horrifying The ultimate fall from grace And a warning to beware evil. Its all fun and games until you are staring into the eyes of a loved one

Scariest song in the world... I have literally never heard any scarier song than this. Nothing else on this list even comes close to this...

More just plain disturbing and disgusting than scary but there's no list for that so...

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19 Verboten Genesis - Impetuous Ritual Verboten Genesis - Impetuous Ritual

This song is awesome and so is curtain

20 Mr. Crowley - Ozzy Osbourne Mr. Crowley - Ozzy Osbourne

Alestor Crowleys ghost comes and brings you to hell... 'nuff said. -

I personally love this song, and my mother said it sounded like graveyard music

This song is amazng, to be honest. Not scary. But I do remember waking u from a nightmare related to it the night I heard it.

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