Scariest Songs Ever Written


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141Disfigured - Cannibal Corpse
142Exorcist - Possessed

This song deserves to be way higher on the list. It is a masterpiece from the very first Death Metal band ever.

143Fiction - Avenged SevenfoldV1 Comment
144The Reflecting God - Marilyn Manson
145Hell Awaits - Slayer

Creepiest song I have ever heard in my entire life.

146Freezing Moon - Mayhem

How is this not higher? This song was written to make people wanna kill themselves. It's an amazing song though. - Oliwally

147Death, Pierce Me - Silencer
148Seasons In the Abyss - Slayer
149Animals - Maroon 5V1 Comment
150Jeremy - Pearl Jam
151Morning Bell - Radiohead
152Black Hole Sun - SoundgardenV2 Comments
153Ancient Queen - Emperor

The lyrics not scary but the quality production makes this song sound spoopy - countnightdark13

154Man-Size Sextet - PJ Harvey
155Hurt - Nine Inch Nails

His voice just sends chills down your spine, totally creepy. The lyrics too

156Bastard - Tyler the CreatorV1 Comment
157Night Prowler - AC/DC

Never realized how scary this song actually is. Angus's bluesy guitar is what really sends the shivers up my spine. This is also, in my opinion, Bon Scott's most unnerving performance as well. You feel like he actually means what he's saying in this song, unlike other crime related AC/DC songs like "Jailbreak" or "Problem Child". This is just a terrifying, as well as awesome, song.

V1 Comment
158These are Our Children - I Monster

Little kids just creep me out plain and simple. Plus the mood created by the music doesn't help at all. Oh and I forgot the eerie chorus. - fireinside96

159Old House On the Hill - Carpathian Forest

This song is effed up beyond belief. The lyrics are creepy let alone the voice of the frontman. - fireinside96

160Crank Dat Holy Ghost - Young Jules

This song and Soulja Boy's Crank that sound similar to the point where it's scary. O__O

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