Top 10 Scariest Things About Five Nights at Freddy's


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21The Secrets
22Fredbear caused Bite of 87.V2 Comments
23Creepy "Power Outage" Music

When I hear the noise I have to exit the game

I wait for the impact as I'm used to it

24West Hall

It's creepy because you see Bonnie's silhouette flashing down the hallway!

25You're Completely Helpless

In Five Nights at Freddy's one you have doors to save you, but they take up a lot of power. In 2 though, no doors, only a mask and flashlight to protect yourself. - aarond9010

26Animatronic HeadsV1 Comment
27The Fanbase

Too many fan-made games, a bunch of copycats. T he Five Nights at Thomas's sucks badly. All you do is put coal in a furnace, and nothing else. That's it. It's pretty dumb, also I hate Thomas.

Its filled with 8 year olds who can't take opinions and steal art - MinecraftHater

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28Purple GuyV2 Comments
29The Minigames
30The Restroom

Really? I'm surprised the night guard can hold it in for six hours.

If I worked there I'd pee my pants

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31Freddy's jingle

Even if it really was a kids thing and not for horror the jingle Freddy plays wold still freak me out

32The Old Animatronics

They scare the crap out of me with there broken bodies

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