Top Ten Scariest Things Ever

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Being Buried Alive
The scariest thing ever.
your trapped, lonley, and hungry.
and then later on you will die from hunger really scary.
I'm quite claustrophobic so being disabled from moving would be the most uncomfortable feeling for me.
Cause it's so difficult being buried alive, you will feel you are lonely inside, hopeless, nothing to eat, there's no one there, and the most of it you will become hopeless
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2Justin Bieber's Singing
HE can't sing he sound like this boy in my class named Shatanya. He always trying to get selena Gomez and I don't think she like him! I mean when is he gonna him puberty.
This should be number 1! My brain has a sezure when listening to the vile screaming.
Maybe he's a good guy in private - I don't want to pass judgment without ever having met him - but I really don't like his style or his voice or anything else when it comes to his public image.
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"What you fear most of all, is fear itself" which is (according to Professor Lupin), very wise.


Proffered Lupin has a point. If fear is just an idea, then shouldn't we be scared of it? We can try to, maybe, just forget that fear even exists. But we can't because we're scared if what will happen or failure.
Well its... Scary OKAY!
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hahaha its weird to see spiders and being buried alive the first 2, because the scariest things I have thought of is being buried alive with a dozen of the creepiest spiders on earth... anyway, I choose spiders because of my arachnophobia, stranded in an ocean is hella scary 2...
I live in the country and if I see a spider I will freak out if someone put it on me first I will scream bloody murderer then I will kill them
I have a deathly fear of spiders and after seeing Arachniphobia I was scared of them even more.

p. s. Death you can eventually cope with so its not such a big deal... Im not afraid of dying.


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5Being Stranded in the Open Ocean
This is one of the most horrifying things I can imagine. It's slow and hopeless. You're in a life raft watching your supplies decline and waiting for someone to save you when each day your doubt increases that it will ever come. It's worse than instant death because you have time to think about all the people you never said goodbye to, and that is the most horrible thing I could wish on anyone.
you're pretty much screwed here. Should be higher. Like... number 2.
It would be so scary, not knowing whats beneath you while your resources slowly run out... And also, whoever put slenderman, according to the documentary he goes for those that fear him, so watch out
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6Being stranded on an island with Justin Beiber
This is most horrifying thing in the world, and I can't even sprll wrihte. Should definitely be #1 because he'll probably be practicing "singing" and he's bad enough when he's doing a concert.
I don't like him anymore. But being stranded on an island with him would be nice, you would love his company since you two are alone. I'm A BOY OKAY
I will kill myslef then be here with him
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7Lost In Space
Being lost in outer space is the most horrifing thing I can think of, should be higher on the list, maybe even at nÂș1, because there is nothing you can do in space, you KNOW you're dead when you get lost in space.
Why is this not higher? This is my all-time biggest fear. Right before the movie gravity came out, I was telling someone my biggest fear was to be floating in outer space knowing no one can help you. Then BAM the movie came, which I had no desire to see. Whew, it gives me goosebumps thinking about it.
Being lost in space is probably the worst way to die! You have no food, oxygen, company, or chance of survival.
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You can't breathe the whole time and it's just... Freaky.
It's my worst fear and I'm a pro swimmer, dying because your suffocating. T^T
Imagine just screaming the breathing in the water and dying
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9Camping Out In the Woods After Hearing About Slenderman.
This will scare you, I guarantee it. Especially if you are a young child. Without torches. And no adult to look after you. Imagine waking up outside, lost because you we're sleepwalking at night. Slender could have got you...dun dun dun
I was gonna go with Justin but this is way scarier considering that you can't do anything about it. Whereas you can just pummel that idiot of a singer
If I went out camping just as I
Played slender I wouldn't go camping
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Snakes are the greatest creature on this planet I have my own as pets, people who are scared or don't like snakes have either never held a snake or only ever seen bad things happen that have included a snake for example, snake biting person or eating a person or other creature
I think snakes are scary for 3 reasons just like somebody said it w
Ould hurt being squeezed or bit and being poisoned would be scary.

The Contenders

Thank you! People laugh at me for being afraid of clowns when really they are terrifying! When I was really little, like six, my aunt made me watch It by Stephen King and ever since then I have been terrified. Even masks that have characteristics of clowns scare me to death!
I think we all agree that clowns do not need any explanation for being scary and should be first place in this list.
How can you guys not be scared of clowns! Watch "Stephen King's It" the whole story is about a stupid clown that kills kids!
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12Burning Alive
anyone who votes for anything else doesn't know anything about pain.
How is this under grizzly bears? They're not worse than this!
It would be really painful to be burned alive
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13Plane Crashes
This is scary cause there's a chance you won't survive, a zombie apocalypse would be scary but it kinda sounds fun, if you have call of duty.


You know you have pretty much no chance of survival knowing you'll die that's scary
I would be scared of dieing
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14The Unknown
The only reason we fear ghosts is because we don't know what they are. Same with UFOs.

15Elf On the Shelf
Its always watching you...
My cousin had six of those little creeps, and I could not sleep all that night just due to their presence in my home.

16The Devil Inside

17Pregnant Justin Bieber
This one gave me nightmares

18Nuclear Warfare/Fallout

I can't watch creepypasta! I know I never seen it but I heard of it, there's masky, jeff the killer, the rake, ITS SCARY! BUT I don't KNOW IF THEIR REAL! They aren't but there are killers and it just reminds you of it! Plus, I'm not old enough to watch it... I'm PRETTY GLAD! Creepypasta... Creepypasta... Imagine if this were real ( but now its a happy story ) - jeff comes in breaks door - ( good thing I chose lockdown! ) - I hide underneath couch while seeing him punched and hit by mouse traps that I set up! - ( hee hee I'm also a better fighter. ) - when he's weakened turns to fight - punch - jeff tries to stab with knife - I avoid the attack - turns into kitty - bites leg - hiss - turns back - STAY AWAY CREEPYPASTA! DID YOU KNOW NOT TO MESS WITH SMART KITTIES?
It's one of those weird things that are both scary yet I seem to have weird fantasies about, you know, dirty Jeff the Killer dream, after he stbbed me I was this ghost, and then I woke up.
I once read one about a virus the night I got a virus on my computer, and I didn't realise it wasnt real, so I got terrified and couldn't sleep all night, and then the next day I had an exam so I was in a big mess!
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That is my phobia


This would really suck... if you're a horrible shot. Even then if your a bad shot how hard can a point blank shot to the head be? Still... this scenario would not be fun in the slightest.


How a zombie apocalypse isn't within the top five I don't know :-( come on people, even if you weren't eaten alive by one, the chances are you'd probably become one yourself. Just imagine it for one moment, being a mindless zombie, ripping people you once loved to shreds. Agh, it doesn't matter though I suppose; do you want to know why? ZOMBIES ARE NOT REAL! Don't get me wrong there still scary as he'll but there just not real.
Zombies are the scariest thing since zombies.
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22"The Scariest Picture On the Internet"
This is a real seeing I don't be crazy see google

Come on. This has to be number 1. It's endless torture and pain. What's worse than that?
If you think there is nothing Scariest then hell then you are not lucky person time is drawing near
Hell is endless torture, with no hope of redemption, only pain and suffering to look forward to for the rest of eternity.


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25Osama bin Laden
Why is he not on here already
He should be number 1


26Pop Ups
One of the scariest things since darkness. Most people get scared $&@: less from these loud, sudden blast of fear.
A cheap way to scare people and annoying as hell. Some people are easily scared and therefore really fear these(some even get heart attacks). But the worst WORST part are the commenters that say how wimply and pathetic we are for being scared of these. Douches


Here's something strange about me: I'm not really that afraid of death. It doesn't really scare me. And I read a book, 'Heaven is for Real', and it really got me thinking of whether I'm going to heaven or hell...
I wish there was no such thing as this thing that you can't even be scared of because you won't be there when you have the chance to experience it
Even as a Christian, I still don't know what's going to happen when I die, yet I do at the same time.
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28Being Cheated On
Not scary - just so very painful. I can honestly say that I could/would never put anyone through this agony. It's the worst feeling in the world, especially if you're prepared to commit and dedicate your life, body, heart and soul to that one person. The pain is so bad and lasts a very long time.


This is so true I lived through this experience 20 years ago and to this day still cannot truly trust

29Naked People

Tornadoes are TERRIFYING! There giant and huge, their night time assassins, and their loud and scary. I'm afraid of Tornadoes, so you should to.
Tornados can destroy everything! & there is no way to get away from them.

31Someone Reading Your Search History Out Loud
No, that's not porn!

32Going to Hell
How this different from Hell
This should be number for a lot of reasons

33Slender Man
Ferry Scarry plus kills yore children



... If that's not a joke, I don't know what is.
seriously, though, who put cthulu on the list?
Just looked it up... Pretty scary!
Look it up. Wikipedia is incredible

35Silent Hill Video Game
Play this game from number 1 to 4 then comeback here drop your comment.

36Little Girls With Long Black Hair Carrying Dolls In Corridors
Youve seen Alma and fear its just scary this is coming from a 14 year old willing to grow her hair a strike terror into mens hearts
Blond is worser, because their scarier


I remember this magic event that scared me when I was little, does anyone remember it? If you do that's great but if you don't look it up on youtube, just type in teletubbies magic event magic house. It starts off with all four teletubbies sitting on the grass in a very far distance ( Erm, did you know? They were playing it safe! Duh! ) The camera cut to the sky with a grass ground below it, then four windows faded in and then a pink house with a red door with the number 4 on it faded in afterwards, then a shadow of a person from the waist up moving and speaking gibberish, at the bottom left window, the curtains opened to reveal a creepy puppet with red-ish lips, wearing blue and a blue tam o shanter hat with a red pom pom on top, he then sang a song in gibberish while the camera slowly zoomed in on him. I think they changed the puppet to a less scary one because they probably realised it was scaring the poor kids.

38Giant Squid
No... this creature is so very big, strong and scary! I don't like Giant Squid but I like Squidward.


horrible, absolutly horrible creatures. They can break bones with that razor sharp beak, and the suckers really can pull flesh off.
Arrghhhh... I hate, I hate! I like to watch Squidward more...

39Jeff the Killer

40Maggots Under a Microscope

41Being Left to Die and Knowing You're Going To
That's what SAW's for

42Scary Movies That Say "Based On a True Story"
Creeps you out doesn't it? If it doesn't, something might be wrong with you. Just saying. Clowns are creepy too. Pale, white face, scary eye makeup. Eugh.
You can't cope with it after seeing "the conduring". It said that on it and my friends brother told me IT HAPPENED ON MY BLOCK! None of them are true!

43Grizzly Bears

44Deadly Diseases

Nothing needs that many legs

46Being Bullied
Who isn't afraid to get bullied?

47Being Stung by a Jelly Fish
That hurts! I got stung last year and I still have scars, from the multiple tentacles, on my legs!

48Scary Maze Game
This game scarred me for life. At the end of level 3, the scariest face ever pops out at you unexpectedly. SO SCARY
If you want to prank your friends, just tell your friends to PLAY THIS GAME!

Haha I died on this one. How the heck Walmart is scary


51Being Sucked Into a Black Hole
Yes, if you know what truly happens being sucked into a black hole. This is seriously something terrifying as you will be erased from the universe. You can't do anything to save yourself if you're caught in the black holes gravity well. Once the black hole has pulled you onto its "horizon" the universe "above" will appear smaller as you're deep into the hole. When the hole to the universe disappears... Your molecular structure will eradicate, making you "disappear into thin particles." Or "Nothingness."
Just think about it, you are being pulled through a vortex of nothingness that is capable of ripping you atom by atom, and then crushing you down to the size of a pea.

Whether it be an incarnation or a concept, the basis of everything evil is one scary thing

When they pop, my ears die


54Having your appendix taken out

55This List
I just laughed at this



Uh... Either the person who wrote this is an intelligent alien or scared of himself. ?


58Lady Gaga
Gaga is a mother monster,
If I hear she is not like fabulous like Katy, Xtina, J.lo, Rihanna, Britney and kesha

59The Color Yellow
It's just a gross colour. There's nothing scary about it!


60Catacombs of Paris
That movie catacombs and the doc where they really found a camera sown there and some guy gad dropped it and run off into the pitch black and the video shows him run off and then there's nothing until the battery dies.
They are dark, dark, and scary...
My Hetalia OCs name is Catacombs!

61The Exorcist
I don't want to get possesed.

62Being Alone In a Bad Place
Bad things happen when your alone in bad places
It scares me to be in my bacement alone also a forest bigfoot might be there or mabye a grave yard ghost and vampire or a old house that scares me

63Weeping Angels
Weeping angels the scariest doctor who aliens ever I've watched the episode when they first appear and have to either hide behind a pillow or try not to wet my pants

Not real just everybody's imagination so yeah do not believe


Ghost may be real if you not go to the death of him/her he or she will kill you a second


Who's afraid of cats?
Well, then. For all of you people who are scared of cats...
I have a 20 pound cat, 14 years old. He's nice-- unless you aren't on his good side... Then you're... Hittin the road. HARD.

66Riding a 5,000 Foot Roller Coaster

67Dead Birds

68Halloween Stores


70Being a Contestant On Total Blackout
Jaleel White forces you to enter a dark room being frightened that you will crap your pants using your hands, nose, foot, and one time you had to use your forearm. Even you had to fall through a black hole a million feet below ground if you failed the challenge, when I saw my first episode, I was frightened that I will never do Total Blackout because it's frightening, Trust me you will never want to be a contestant on Total Blackout.
It's Steve Urkel making you touch scary things... Ugh


72Scary Logos

73Something Unknown

74Bad Dentists

75Being Alone

76Seeing a Close Family Member Die Slowly and Painfully
I don't know what would happen if I had to see my mom or dad die in a coma or something
Ok I agree with this one.


78Cousin Dressing Up As Slenderman and Jumping at You From the Woods


80The Hell Story

81Burger King Mascot

82The Rake

It's just sad that there doesn't seem to ever be an end to war... So much suffering is horrible, and scary in a whole different way as well, it's totally out of our control and we are not able to stop it
Nothing like being shot the moment you turn around. Or witching your own friend be shot to death. CREEPY!

84Nicki Minaj

85Have Justin Beiber's Song Baby Repeat Itself Over and Over In Your Head Very Loudly

86Super Mario World: I Hate You

87Lost In the Atakama Desert In Chile

88Hail Storms


90Ghostface Mask

91Sonic Adventure 7
Scariest game on the internet, Google it!



94Wolves Howling at Night When You're Lost In a Middle of a Dark Forest
It's scary as hell, believe it or not, you'll be frightened and nobody will come to save you, you'll be all alone in the dark with scary wolves howling hoping they won't get you

95Jumping Out From Space

96Mad Piano

97Flying Through Space for the Rest of Your Life
This is scary because who would want to be flying through nothingness with no help or voice for the rest of their life or until they suffocate.

98Cart Ride Into the Underworld (Roblox)

99Being In the Shower In a Blackout After Watching a Scary Movie

100Decapitated Heads
Just gross... Check out the videos of beheading in youtube.

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