Best Screamo/Death Metal/Metalcore Bands


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The Top Ten

Bullet For My Valentine
YEAA Bullet For My Valentine is the best metalcore band ever!
Just listen to Waking the demon, Suffocating under words of sorrow, Scream aim fire.
They are the best!
Waking the demon. That one really does it. Nothing else is required to show why BFMV is at the top of this list. If you haven't heard it, I pity you.
Bullet For My Valentine have the best songs ever like waking the demon and scream aim fire, your betrayal...
[Newest]Whats the singers name

2As I Lay Dying
All that remains as I lay7 dying and parkway drive are the best by far they have awesome guitar parts and singing!
They are the best... Why? They got the best lyrics overall. Just listen to anodyne sea, parallels, repeating yesterday, darkest nights
these guys are so SICK! probably one of the only metalcore bands out there to even have one song nominated for a grammy award. the devil wears prada is ok but seriously these guys kik their @ss. just listen to nothing left or confined and youll probably be amazed.
[Newest]Their songs are just awesome!

3Bring Me the Horizon
ok heres the deal here bullet for my v isn't a screamo band I like them but there metal and deathmetalish and I like devil wears prada and they are a screamo band so thats cool but this is my favirote band every even with their new album and I love braile and they have no reflection
I love the hell outta this band laugh out loud this band is probably of of the best, if not the BEST band I've ever heard, and I've heard a lot of screamo. This band has amazing vocals and is just downright amazing! Heck yea
this is the best band I can't wait for their new album!
[Newest]I love this band they are awesome
More comments about Bring Me the Horizon

4August Burns Red
They are just brilliant. They just ooze talent in every conceivable way. Unmatched instrumental talent, and Jake Luhrs, the screamer is second only to Mike Hranica of The Devil Wears Prada. The Lyrics are genius and very inspired. Also, they are very very good people. They constantly go out of their way to help others in need, and their organization called Heart Support is something you should all check out.
Amazing guitar and meaningful lyrics
To the guy who voted Killswitch Engage, they have tons of terrible songs. As a matter of fact they only have a few good ones. But august burns red has been one of my favorite bands for years. In my opinion one of the best drummers out there, and I can't describe their stuff other than "magnificent. " Especially constellations.
[Newest]A band that completely stands out in the metalcore genre, in the best possible ways.

5The Devil Wears Prada
TDWP <- From roots and branches below is the most badass album I've heard. The zombie EP is sick. TDWP <3333
These guys are just incredible. They get better after each album, they put on great shows, and they have an original sound.
You simply can't beat the devil wears Prada. From dear love, to dead throne they have mastered the style of pure American metalcore and being one of the first metalcore bands to top the billboard 200 charts at number 4. These guys know what there doing and are spreading the word of god one song at a time. In my opinion they are the greatest metalcore band that will ever live
[Newest]Favorite song by me is born to lose and danger wildman so cool so down so damn fantastic!

Trivium was the band that brought me into screamo. I like a lot of other bands on this list but Trivium will always be number 1. Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr enough said.
They have been at this since Matt was 17. They. Deserve. Better. They really care about their fans. Check them out. NOW!
Master of the puppets

7Asking Alexandria
Love them. If you don't like them at first keep listening because I learned to love them.

Listen to; A Candlelit dinner with Inamorta. The final episode
Asking Alexandria should be number one on this list! :D They're so AMAZING! :D <333
BEST EVER Saw them at warped tour... Their First CD was AWESOME. GO AA
[Newest]This band should be at least number five on this list!

8Parkway Drive
Hands down one of the best heavy metal bands around. Their instrumentals are amazing along with perfect vocals that flow with the killer music!
Really? 23rd for probably the best band in the world! Breakdowns awesome, guitar that rivals anybody and a drummer that just does it to hang out with his mates. No metal band is better.
[Newest]The best band to come from Australia hands down.
Most brutal breakdowns, most laid back lads you'll ever meet. needs to be higher!

9Killswitch Engage
Killswitch Engage Didn't have any bad songs so why is it the 8th. I think it should be at least 3rd. Or 4th.
Top of the great list is on the album As Daylight Dies.
Then when they redone Holy Diver it was so so so awesome.
so why 8th. I ask you?
Killswitch Engage is great! Doesn't really matter who their vocalist is (Jesse Leach or Howard Jones). Their songs have awesome lyrics and music. They strike a balance between screaming and melody.
End of my heartache! Awesome song the guitar riffs are awesome jesse leach and howard jones
[Newest]Bullet for my valentine? Really? Really? Really?... killswitch engage will kick their teeth down their throats with songs like this fire burns, this is absolution, in due time, etc.

10Black Veil Brides
Bvb is the best band ever... Hands down. I can't wait for their new album. 2 more days.
I love black veil brides so much! they are the best! but I also love those other bands up there & :) also why is dead by april last? WHAT IS THIS? lol... BVB ROCKS YOUR SOCKS! <3 #BVBarmy
Together we will Set this World on Fire... This is the new Religion, AMEN!

We are the BVB Army and we will support BVB whenever with their meaningful songs!
[Newest]I want to marry andy biersack

The Contenders

11Of Mice & Men
Seriously? Of Mice and Men is the band that got me into metalcore etc! Shayley Bourget is the best clean vocalist ever, and his voice always makes me want to cry. Austin Carlile is boss, enough said, and all the instrument playing dudes are pretty awesome too!
This Is my favorite band. Their cover of "Blame It" is incredible. I have no clue why these guys are so far down on this list. Bands such as, "A Day To Remember, " can not touch these guys.
Of Mice and Men are epic! Their cover of Jamie Foxx's song "Blame It" is awesome and I truly hope that they come out with a new song in 2013 because most bands don't meet the qualifications that Of Mice and Men meet. For that Of Mice and Men should be number one
[Newest]One of my favourite bands! So many different songs to other bands, very creative and amazing voice!

12All That Remains
this needs to be waaaay higher on the list. they should be in the top three. have you heard phil's screams?


Yeah aATR needs to be higher. And atreyu should at least be on here somewhere.
What seriously? At Least top 3 along with killswitch engage. Lame ass voters that don't know good music
[Newest]Sick band! Definitely worthy of a top 5!

Simply great...
Writing on the walls is also awesome... Paper lung... Reinventing your exit... Great piece of work..
Best band ever!
Just purely amazing Christan scream ever!
Can't get any better then Underoath!
[Newest]I very brilliant band ever! I have no doubts

14Cannibal Corpse
First true metal band on this list so far... The rest is Emo material for teen girls that wants to be rebel.
The pioneers, most widely recognized death metal band, and for a good reason. Musicianship is increadable and they are far superior to any other lame band in the top 10 list here.
The melodic is good
[Newest]Metalcore sucks death metal rules!

15Sleeping With Sirens
Sleeping With Sirens use creativity for their music videos, it's more than them just rocking out. They express their thoughts and words in a way that correctly portrays how anyone could feel at that moment. Kellin Quinn has amazing vocals, and this helps them very much to their advantage of conveying their ideals. Not only that, they're amazing when they preform live, and are kind to their fans overall. When Kellin screams... It's quite amazing
Sleeping With Sirens is the BEST BAND EVER! They are true to writing REAL lyrics with actual MEANING. They don't fail to please fans, when they produce the best songs ever. Also, just know that when Kellin sings, SHUT THE HELL UP! He also screams beautifully. (Imagine That) SWS IS THE BEST BAND EVER!
Kellin's high voice is perfect and I love them. Kellin's screams are amazing and the whole band truly loves their fans.
[Newest]Dude this should be at least in the top 15!

16Motionless In White
I love Motionless In White! I think that they really are a great band and that their music is to reach out to their fans like it says in their song Immaculate Misconception; they just want to reach out and change someone's life forever. Go Motionless In White!
I LOVE motionless in white! I didn't know what real music actually sounded like till I stumbled upon a Bryan Stars interview with MIW. Ever since then I can't find any other band that makes me feel so safe and not alone. I've never been put into any life threatening moments but this band has changed my perspective on life. In the most positive way it can.
LOVE LOVE LOVE Motionless In White. Great band. Great sound. Great lyrics. City Lights, Immaculate Misconception, Abagail, etc. Are the SEXX. They wanna reach out and change someone's life... MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!
[Newest]Love, listen, and respect motionless in white

I'm in LOVE with Alesana's music! Best Screamo band ever! THE MOST AWESOME BAND EVER.. the band is EPIC.. Rock on alesana fans m/ :D
What! Why is this "11" don't you people have taste?! How can you people live with yourself! Well I'm done now next time this better be in the top ten...
I love Alesana! (:
it's all ABOUT screamo
best heavy metal screamo band out better than the new screamo bands
[Newest]I'm love alesana..! Best screamo...

18Avenged Sevenfold
Avenged Sevenfold are the most musically talented band. Their old stuff is just insane! Listen to Unholy Confessions and you'll be hooked, for sure.
They should be in the top 5!
Not stupid bring me the horizon or asking alexandria whoever made this list is stupid!
"this band is EPIC M. Shadows sings a lot Exemple: after the solo of Synyster Gates in A7x live in LBC Shadows scream for 10 seconds INSANE!
[Newest]Definitely should be in the top 5. they have like the best guitar duo in metal

Amazing melodic death metal band! You could even class it as art, especially with the tight musicianship this band has to offer. If you're after metalcore/screamo/post hardcore. This ain't the band for you. But if you're after death metal (as the title says), this is a legit band to listen. This band should be at the top!

20Dark Tranquility

21Children of Bodom
Way too below... Heavily underrated band... Should have easily made its way to the top 5.
They are one of those bands whose live performances are better than the studio versions
Best scream of all heavy metal band! They are like the gods of scream. death metal at its best with a tinge of melody yaa

22Lamb of God
What?! Lamb of God deserves 1st position! Vote for the band please!
Bunch of pussies who don't vote 4 this band
All I'm gonna say is... How the fuq?

Everyone here is super generic and has no taste in music.
[Newest]Doesn't belong on this list. It's not "screamo" it's not metalcore and it isn't death metal. It's groove metal. I love metalcore and I love death metal but the top ten is pretty much metalcore or post hardcore. Screamo would be Blood On The Dance Floor or BrokenCYDE

Not some much core, but it's still metal, check first albums for screamo, last for melodic metal, and some awesome chorus.. All in all, after Bullet For My Valentine and ATR, this band is on my list
Worth listening 2. Love sum other bands 2 but this one every screamo fans dream. Try the song your private war, when two are one. THE BEST. Guarantee satisfaction. Totally rad
ORSUM. Tottally could loisten to 4 hours

24A Day to Remember
Best band ever..

Music genius, melodic masterpieces, lyrics inventive, awesome breakdowns, and hardcore-to-the-bones screaming.

They ought to be in the top ten.
I love a day to remember, saw them live last year, their not as heavy but I still think their songs are brilliant, and a good band to listen to when being introduced into the world of metal.
The best melodies, the best lyrics, the best guitar riffs, just an all around kick ass band, perfect mix of pop punk and metal.

25Five Finger Death Punch
This band is nuts why wouldn't they be at the top they're not really screamo but they are still amazing
This band shouldn't be in this list. This band is not screamo/metalcore or even death metal. This is groove metal band with their own sound. These guys used to be my favourite, but I've found other bands. This band, however, is a really good band to check out though
This band is amazing! IT NEEDS TO BE PUSHED UP MORE!

26Pierce the Veil
Lots of clean vocals, but listen to the album selfish machines and it'll get you hooked
Great instrumentals. That guitarist can really play!
Their lyrics are awesome. And NO doubt for their music!
[Newest]This should be higher on the list I'm telling you.

27In Flames
In Flames Changed My Life. THEY ARE THE GREATEST METAL BAND OF ALL TIME! IT KILLS ME TO SEE SLEEPING WITH SiRENS IN FRONT OF THEM. I went to my bathroom tied a noose and tried to Jump but than the rope broke. So I decided to bitch on here. Sleeping with Sirens is equivalent to the back street boys. Anyone who considers them metal is a moron. Simply In Flames Deserves more credit in this world and if you don't think so go DIE>
There talented, and have endless catchy songs with a great lead vocalist. Even if your not into this particular style of music there songs will still get you. Trust me
You guys should listen in flames
You will like in flames for sure


Why the hell is this band not at the top! Chuck is an amazing musician, and an incredibly nice guy. This band is beautiful in a musical sense. How this is lower than that joke of a band named asking Alexandra Is beyond a joke and absurd! This band created death metal, and, in my opinion the greatest death metal band, second being a band called revocation. If you're looking for death metal, you have found it, and must check them out immediately!
These guys created Death Metal. Hence the me the DEATH Metal. They laid down the foundation for all of the bands above. They need to be in the top 10 at the very least. They're like the Sex Pistols or Korn of Death Metal... You guys suck. Especially since ADTR isn't in the top as well... Have you heard Jeremy's death growls? They're the bomb-diggety.
Death n23 what is, this a joke they are death metal ok they should be n1 they are like nirvana for grunge or metallica for thrash or chuck berry for rock n roll by the way r I p Chuck Schuldiner
[Newest]Another true metal band over taken by metalcore and non true metal

29I, The Breather
Amazing lyrics that have much meaning to the Christian religion. Drops are insane! Head bang approved!
This band has some real talent, if only the world realized it.

30Amon Amarth
They're the only actual METAL band here,
My best death metal band ever
Best screamo band ever!

They absolutely rock off the billboard charts... From the roots of my heroine, to the melody of burning hearts and a punk driven and one of my favorite song the artist... God job guys! 1 I can't wait for short songs
What on earth is this band doing in 26th? This is one of the best post harcore bands around! And their lyrics are deep... Put this up further!
Best screamo/metal band there is

32Greeley Estates


- Absolutly Amazing band, very talented and every album is excellent, needs to be in at least top 10!

35Born of Osiris

36Chelsea Grin
... These guys need to be at the WAY top... They are better than most of the bands on here! My Damnation? Yeah, it was sick! Not only that, but they happen to have instrumental skill too. They need more votes!
Best band ever. Their screaming is amazing, they deserve to be higher than all of these posers.
Actually prove they can do more than scream in the song don't ask don't tell
[Newest]Alex Koehler is much harder than the bands at the top. They should be #1

37We Came As Romans
Seriously? This band should at least be in the top ten... Best. Band. Ever.
This Should Be Above Five Finger Death Punch.

38Attack Attack
Best Screamo Band I have ever Heard, Smokahontas & Sexual Man Chocolate, Best songs of all time, Listen to them! Definitely worth number 1 I can't believe Dead By April aren't up here either! What is this!
Awesome I really love this band! My friend jimmy introduced me to them. They are like one of my favorite screamo bands!

39Dead By April
Dead by April is a awesome band! People just don't understand them, because they're Pop Metal? Come on man, they are trying to bring something new and you reject it. At least try to listen to them and maybe, who knows, you'll become a fan. By the way, Dead by April is not that much Pop for me, it's mostly Melodic Metalcore so don't get affraid that you'll get to listen something like Backstreet Boys. The only reason people say it's Pop is because of Santiago's vocal style, but... it still rocks! The guitar work on every album is great and especially the bass will make you wanna headbang. The drums on the tracks like "Same Star" and "As a Butterfly" simply kick ass. Vocals are just too good, both Santiago and Andersson are goo vocalists, Jimmie was great too, but he left... Anyways, this band should be above bands like Bullet for my Valentine. Dead by April is simply amazing, that's why. DBA rocks!
Dead By April is an awesome metal band. After listening 'Losing You', 'What Can I Say', 'Erased', 'Trapped', 'Promise me', 'Angels of Clarity' etc. I want to see this band after Bullet For My Valentine.
Best of Luck Dead By April.
Dead by April is the best band in the world! How aren't they on one number one, come on everybody vote for this band please. Just listen to the song 'Painting Shadows' and you'll know why I'am suggesting you to vote for this band. Completely awesome screamo combined with synths and pop. Never seen a better band than Dead by April, the other bands are good but Dead by April is incomparable (as their album also says). Dead by April are the kings of music. Everyone should respect this band.
[Newest]Best band along with Sonic Syndicate.


41The Black Dahlia Murder
Black dahlia murder they are awesome because their songs have great vocals and guitars. people under rate them. they should definitely be higher up
I'm not gonna even ask why black dahlia is not in the top 5 because it makes not sense
One of he greatest Death Metal bands out there. They have great skill and potential, look up Into the Everblack if you want to hear a great song by them.

42Upon a Burning Body
They're a pretty new band... Ish. But they rock!

43Breakdown Of Sanity

BTF IS THIS LOW?! No way, look at "Guys Like You Make Us Look Bad" that song alone should put them in the top 20 at least!

And #1 had to and always will be "Woe, Is Me"

45The Amity Affliction
This Band honestly needs to be number one. They have amazing vocalists, amazing lyrical content, their music has a good beat, they are amazing live. They have amazing qualities to their music and they need recognition.
Such a great band. Each song has its own individual feel to it. You'll be hooked no matter what song you listen to. Needs to be higher on the list for sure!
I think this band needs to be number two. lean on me best song ever!

They have awesome vocals. Both Craig and Brandon are amazing. Their voice so good that they even don't need instrument to back their up. That's my opinion
Chiodos kicks ass even without Craig. Brandon Bolmer is beast.


simple fact. they kick ass when craig was there anyways
[Newest]One does not forget to vote for chiodos

47Falling In Reverse
FALLING IN REVERSE 26!? More like number 1! They are so awesome. They made warped tour 2012 this year.. They are going to be Beast. Ronnie Radke is my hero an d many more others. Number 1 over all
2 words, Ronnie Radke. He wrote all the songs from The Drug In Me Is You album in jail.
Why is fir. Not. Number one
[Newest]I love falling in reverse. One of the best bands

48Heaven Shall Burn
This and parkway drive with the first 2 all that remains albums are about all I can tolerate from the metal core genre

49Miss May I
This band has it down. Period. While Levi's versatile screams and hearty backup vocals give the music some depth and meaning; the guitar and bass play well together and keep the rhythm going with catchy melodies that break up the drums, I feel the drums are what really stand out and make them shine. For a well put together, well balanced, technical but still very human sound give them a listen I suggest "forgive and forget"
My favorite band! So cool and so fantastic. damn!

Beyond coma and despair album' check this out!
This is my music engine full of thrill if I hear the burgerkill!
This is Indonesian Best Metal.
[Newest]Indonesian metalcore yeah! So damn!


52The Word Alive
I DO NOT KNOW HOW BLOOD ON THE DANCEFLOOR GOT HIGHER THAN THIS... I MEAN, COME ON! The Word Alive easily deserves to be top 20, they are so underrated and it bothers me that people don't like them because they try and be more creative, with keyboard and such. Also, Tyler Smith has a better Tenor and screaming vocal than Matty Mullins, I mean, The Word Alive is undderated.
Not many people have heard of this band but it is honestly one of the best out there. They have amazing music and lyrics. They need to be put out there as they deserve the spotlight.
I have seen The Word Alive twice now and they have never managed to disappoint! I first heard of them in May when they supported SWS and since have bought everything they've ever released! No way they should be this low down!
[Newest]Amazing band.. Far from generic.. Epic musicians!

53Escape the Fate
What the hell! Why is Escape the fate down here they should be number one if not they should be at lest number two on this list they are AWESOME!
Give them a try
Escape The Fate has signs of the "scene" stereotype if you will, but I can definitely say there is not one song by them that I don't like, especially with their new album out, 'Ungrateful' great meanings and awesome vocals. A personal favorite.
Damn! Why escape the fate down? They've should be in top 10 for the best screamo. because their songs have a meaning like "ungrateful"


ATTILA IS THE BEST BAND EVER. Rage? Soundtrack TO a Party? Come on now people the fronz is the best human being ever and live they are simply perfect why the hell is BVB and pierce the veil ahead> they're NOT EVEN HEAVY I'm very disappointed in this list ATTILA ROCKS MY SOCKS... Bitch
Why is attila so far down on this? 93? What. Party metal all the way. #1
73? That's crazy they're way better than most above them I've only heard of like 20 above them laugh out loud

56Sky Eats Airplane
22?!?! These guys are at least in the top 5! There style of music is incomparable because none of their songs sound the same, and they all kick ass

57Dying Fetus



60Arch Enemy
I love the song nemesis and we will rise
And its guiatr freestyles

61A Static Lullaby

62Rise to Remain

63Blood On the Dance Floor
Blood on the dance floor may have some nasty songs but there still cool
Blood on the dance floor have special style, not anyone can discover it, they are 1#
A lot of their songs are inappropriate, bit obscene, dirty songs but I think Unforgiven is the best and that's their only song that is decent. THE REST JUST SUCK! SUUUCK!
[Newest]I will always love this band

64Memphis May Fire
I fell in love the first time I listened, they're great! (: not number 1 but they should definitely be higher on the list!
These guys need to be much higher on the list. Their original EP had a ground breaking new sound where they incorporated a southern style into their growls. Everything about these guys is unique and amazing.
Way way what WAY NEED TO BE HIGHER! There songs are fantastic and they are the best live band
[Newest]Yes definitely. They should be higher on the list

65Capture the Crown
Best band ever needs to be at the top
Good bunch of guys - great band
This band is the new future
[Newest]Needs to be top ten!

66Crown the Empire
I agree! Crown the Empire should be at least in the top ten, so should Sleeping With Sirens! And The Amity Affliction! I completely DISAGREE with this list!
Crown the empire is seriously this far down? There songs are really good, especially on their album The Fallout. Such rage.
Oh come on really? Crown the Empire is better than majority of the bands that have been listed!

67Eyes Set to Kill
Epic girl band... Screamo/metal. Fell in love with them from the first time I heard them, Violent Kiss & Darling = my favourite
Really great band! "Reach" is my favorite song

68A Skylit Drive
Unbelievable vocals and lyrics <3 obsessed with these guys :')
Such an underrated band - too amazing!

69The Blackout

70With Blood Comes Cleansing

71Six Feet Under

This is one screwed up list. Death metal is death metal. Screamo isn't a genre, and metalcore is its own genre. Its like making a list called, best football player/baseball player/atlhlete
Very good music to be honest
Agreed. To many sub genres


73A City Serene
You have to give these guys a chance.
Well, I should say girl.
speaking for myself, I idolize this group. If you havnt heard, look up these songs and you will understand compeltely why you should vote this to be in the top ten. thankyou!
-Between Lions and Men
-Walk The Plank
-Don't Disturb the Witch
-I guess it's curtains for You


They r super good I think

74The Agonist

They are really good eve thought they only have one song and most people don't know about them but there line up include the screamer/death growler from The Devil Wears Prada


76Drop Dead Gorgeous
Love them so much

77Dir en grey
Dir En Grey is a really good J-Metal band, the first time I heard their music it made me fall in love. That was the band that got me into metal. I say this band needs to be well know and it needs to be in the top five.

78Cradle of Filth
This band should be way higher some of the bands on here are not really metal or anything close to it. Cradle of Filth have some pretty disgusting songs but that does not make it bad. I mean come on Falling in Reverse is higher really.

79Get Scared
I am seriously going to kill this list these guys are awesome! There is something wrong with whoever made this list, their music sense is messed up.
They are really great and they don't get enough credit give their son 'sarcasm' a listen and you will be hooked! Their album 'Best Kind of Mess' is awesome!
I love these guys!

80I Set My Friends On Fire

81Woe, Is Me
Such a good band desire to be higher!


83Bleed From Within

Been my favorite band for years!

85Antim Grahan


87For All Those Sleeping
Mark my words made my life!


89In Hearts Wake
Authentic and not generic Metalcore. The scene has gone too far with those Asking Alexandria-like bands that every record label is signing everyday, this band has a lot of future.
Thankyou somebody gets it!
I don't even know how botdf and bvb are be ranked higher, or even be on this list.


90Eris is My Homegirl

91Etienne Sin
Amazing vocals, starts out soft but ends hardcore listen to these songs
- Carved By Ships, Built For Hearts- Monster Under Your Bed - Cutthroat Masterpiece
This guy deserves more attention, no one really knows him but he screams like a beast! Probably one of the best newest artists of the metalcore scene
He's a good artist and a really sick screamer. He's also the one who created sin circle records

92Senses Fail
What How Is This Band Down Here Best Song By Them Is The Irony Of Dying On Your Birthday Which Puts Most The Bands In The Top Ten To Shame -. -
Senses Fail is one if THE best bands ever! Why the hell are they down here? Senses Fail is WAY better than ETF! Enough said

Best band ever
<3 joel

I absolutely LOVE Christofer Drew for his work with Nevershoutnever! But this is just amazing!

95Breath Carolina


97The Bunny the Bear

98I Killed the Prom Queen


100Snow White's Poison Bite
Why is Snow White's Poison Bite all the way down here?!
These guys don't deserve to be down they should be number 1

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