Best SEC Football Teams

The SEC dominates most of the conferences in college football, but which SEC team do you think is the strongest.

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1AlabamaV2 Comments

The Best of them all


Every body thought Georgia would loose without Todd Gurley but as they showed vs. Missouri that nick can be just as productive

Up and coming program...close over last 3 years...very good recruiting starting to show on field. Top notch coordinators with a head coach that has learned to strike the delicate balance of maintaining control while allowing them to make decisions.

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5Texas A&M

Alburn is spelled AUBURN! War Eagle, you can't spell but you can rate football teams?

8South Carolina

Love the Razorbacks they just make miricles almost everyday!

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10Ole Miss

I'd say Ole Miss should be #3 and Mississippi State should be #2

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11Tennessee V2 Comments
14Mississippi State

Mississippi State is won of the best teams in the sec besides Alabama lost to Oklahoma in the Sugar bowl. Mississippi State won the Liberty Bowl against Rice 44-7

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