Top 10 Most Sensitive Music Fanbases

Some music fanbases are quite good and not a pain to deal with. Other fanbases are so sensitive to criticism that they can't handle their favorite artist or genre being criticized.

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1Pop's fanbaseV1 Comment
2Linkin Park's fanbase

I hate to be the guy but Linkin Park's fanbase is sensitive. If you give out any criticism towards Linkin Park, they'll just go crazy. Not all of Linkin Park's fanbase is like this but quite of them are. - BoredJeff02

That's kinda true. Don't even try to say stuff they made after Meteora was good or better than Hybrid Theory or Meteora, they'll go nuts! - NikBrusk

3Disco's fanbase
4Meghan Trainor's fanbase
5Rap's fanbase

Rap fans mostly argue with metal fans. - zxm

6Katy Perry's fanbase
7Nickelback's fanbase

Just as bad as Linkin Park's fanbase when it comes to handling with criticism. It's like if you even criticize Nickelback, Nickelback fans will go apes**** - BoredJeff02

8Drake's fanbase
9Nicki Minaj's fanbaseV1 Comment
10Taylor Swift's fanbaseV2 Comments

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11Freddie Mercury's fanbase

I think that's kinda true freddie's fans can't tolerate his insults,but I am a freddie fan (not that big) but I ain't that sensitive - zxm

V1 Comment
12Green Day's fanbase

This is a filler entry. I'm a Green Day fan and I'm not sensitive I can handle Green Day criticism whoever added this must've been a pissed Linkin Park fan that's my only explanation. - BoredJeff02

Now why green day's here.I am a green day fan but I ain't that sensitive. - zxm

13Michael Jackson's fanbaseV1 Comment
14Miley Cyrus' Fanbase
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