Top Ten Most Sentimental Frank Sinatra Songs

Ol' Blue Eyes... He sang the most sentimental of songs such warmth.

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1The Night We Called It a Day

Another stellar list by Britgirl.
Keep 'em coming, Sinatra is an artist everybody needs to be familiar with!

2The Girl That I Marry

His musical phrasing is by far the best of all time, he relied on the greatest songwriters of his day to provide the canvas, then took it to another level from there. Buddy Holly changed the norm, and from then on, singer-songwriters like Paul McCartney, James Taylor, and Elton John kept their best work for themselves.

He had 69 albums, 297 singles, Sinatra is a definite contender for the greatest singer ever, but as was customary during his era, he did not write most of his hits.

3The Things We Did Last Summer
4All or Nothing at All
5Five Minutes More
6They Say It's Wonderful
7I Fall In Love Too Easily
8People Will Say We're In Love
9Saturday Night (Is the Loneliest Night of the Week)
10Almost Like Being In Love

The Contenders

11Softly, As I Leave You

Talk about sentimental, as the song goes along and you realize why he is leaving the love of his life.

12It Was a Very Good Year

This is the one I was looking for...trying to think of the title. Thanks. - Billyv


Tomorrow will bring the sunshine, my anonymous friend. Thank you for voting - Britgirl

You know, it's almost funny,
But things can't get worse than now,
So I think I'll try to smile, and see what tomorrow brings...

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1. The Night We Called It a Day
2. The Girl That I Marry
3. The Things We Did Last Summer



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